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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Stonehenge Solsttice Gathering - Monday 20th June

19-06-2005 01:50

Stonehenge2005 flyer - can be printed 4 to an A4 sheet
I am posting the Terms and conditions published by English Heritage, so that everyone can be clearly informed of the parameters of the situation + plus a flyer

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Neath School Bus Battle Hots Up!

18-06-2005 15:44

Opposition to the school bus closure plan in Neath is growing!

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Activist Trauma Gathering

18-06-2005 15:30

Activist Trauma gathering is happening now in Oxford from the 18th till the 19th June, all welcome, working on logistics of support for anti-G8 activist, and our own support.

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Radical Theory Forum today @I4A London

18-06-2005 10:48

The Radical Theory Forum will host a series of daytime workshops/discussions followed by a party with film screenings, art, and damn good music.

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Hanging Banners

17-06-2005 22:12

banner drop
Banner drop 7:35 am Friday morning

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Asylum Profiteers 'The Angel Group' sponsor Celebrating Sanctuary in Brum

17-06-2005 14:47

The Angel Groups tent at Celebrating Sanctuary
The euphemistically titled 'Celebrating Sanctuary' event during Refugee Week in Birmingham is mostly funded by The Angel Group. The Angel Group is a corporate housing provider contracted by the Home Office's National Asylum Support Service (NASS) to house refugees. The Angel Group fund the week-long event in Birmingham's City centre to the tune of £50,000.

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Asylum seekers take stand against destitution during refugee week

17-06-2005 13:05


During last year’s refugee week over 40 people, most of them asylum seekers and refugees, took part in an all-night sleep-out in the grounds of St. Philips Cathedral in protest at the unfair treatment of asylum seekers in Birmingham and throughout the UK.

Organised by Birmingham's Anti-racist Campaign (ARC), the sleep-out was aimed at raising public awareness about the destitution and homelessness thousands of asylum seekers face in the UK because of the government’s immigration policies.

A year later the position is worse, and shows no signs of improving. That is why ARC is organising ASYLUM SLEEP-OUT 2 in the cathedral grounds during refugee week.

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Activist Training - G8 Preparation

17-06-2005 11:15

The lovely lovely people from Liverpool Social Forum have organised an activist training day in preparation for the G8 protests in Scotland. Everyone is welcome to share and learn The Crown (the pub) upstairs, Liverpool City Centre, Wednesday 22nd June from 6.30PM (don’t worry if you are forced to turn up late).

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state tries to crush radical Amsterdam

17-06-2005 10:03

At warehouse Afrika, 10/06/05
News from over the continent. The last few weeks have been very difficult for the Amsterdam radical scene. Now, the latest challenge:- the local Amsterdam government decided last night, with a snap decision, to forcibly and immediately evict (today at 6pm) arguably the most important squat/social centre in Amsterdam

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Suprise Attack from the Rebel Alliance

17-06-2005 09:16

Samba in front of the Marriott Hotel
At 7.15am a rebel alliance of Rhythms of Resistance and a squad from the clown army descended upon the entrance of the Marriott Hotel to greet arrivals for the G8 Ministerial meeting.

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G8 Sheffield :: Arrivals for dinner at Cutlers Hall

17-06-2005 02:21

G8 Sheffield :: Arrivals for dinner at Cutlers Hall.

On the other side of the security cordon, a range of VIP's arrive for the dinner. surrounded by a massive police operation, to keep, protesters, the hungry and riff-raff out of the way........

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Operation Octagon Wednesday

17-06-2005 01:22

Defences around the Marriott hotel, were the main ministers meetings are held. Then the police lines in the operation opposing the protest.

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Unofficial Protestors

17-06-2005 00:26

Banner drop at convergence centre
At around 5.30pm at the convergence centre people dropped a large banner over the street between the convergence centre and the building opposite. The banner was a drawing of a business man with his pants down holding the earth saying "the G8 is taking the world behind its back". Police turned up at the convergence centre and attempted to take down the banner. Finally people in the convergence centre agreed to take it down after police threatened to bring van loads of coppers down.

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Video from the Campaign to Save Daycare in Bristol demonstration, 9th June 2005

16-06-2005 23:07

Video title: ‘Campaign to Save Daycare in legal threat from Bristol City
A short video (dur. 4.42 mins) in quicktime (.mov) or avi formats.

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Public Forum: Only the communist revolution can make poverty history

16-06-2005 23:00

Only the communist revolution can make poverty history

Saturday 9th July

2.00pm until 5.00pm

Birmingham Friends of the Earth Warehouse

54a Allison Street, Digbeth, Birmingham

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Photos of demo at Scottish Parliament on Thursday 16th June with short report.

16-06-2005 22:06

You can't gag us!
This is a brief report of the demonstration at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 16th June 2005. 12 photos are attached.

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Mad Brighton Manifesto

16-06-2005 21:31

The manifesto of a new group of mad activists who will host a social forum in Brighton this autumn. Check out the new website and join in making this project flourish.

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Heavy fighting and imprisonments after Amsterdam squat evictions

16-06-2005 20:51

On May 31 over ten squats were being evicted in Amsterdam by a big army of riot police during the so-called eviction wave which happens every three months.

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Birmingham City Council Dictatorship

16-06-2005 19:35

What was Birminghams Central Park
Birmingham City Council otherwise known as optima on the parc central estate are dictators