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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Reports from latest East Anglia Social Forum gathering in Norwich

06-09-2004 16:19

Reports by various participants at the latest (Norwich) gathering around the East Anglia Social Forum. This gathering was held in Norwich on 4th Sept. Consultations are now underway for future gatherings proposed in Colchester and Cambridge.

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Infected rubbish council bins

06-09-2004 14:37


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Pavilion v Atlantic

06-09-2004 13:58

Pavilion Housing Association are trying to take over Atlantic Housing Group. Or is it the other way around?

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Making Indigenous Voices Heard

06-09-2004 11:54
Supporting indigenous journalists is one obvious way to strengthen indigenous cultures. Understandably, many indigenous journalists see a strong link between journalism and activism because so many of their people live in small and isolated communities. Dissemination of information and effective use of the media is thus critical to their survival as peoples.

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STILL MONDAY-PROTESTS IN GERMANY: rallies in 223 cities a. towns

05-09-2004 18:09

For several weeks, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets every Monday against drastic social cuts. On Monday, September 6, protests are planned in about 223 cities in Germany, as well as solidarity rallies in Paris and Vienna. On Monday, August 23, 120.000 to 200.000 people participated, the largest rallies being in Leipzig, Berlin, and Magdeburg.

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Mean Estates of Exclusion

05-09-2004 17:55

For fuck sake the basic fact is the only concentrated disadvantage & exclusion all of us get is from the gits that have their heads up their professional arses and the politicos self interested aggrandisement from serving again the arse end of humanity.

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Riots and Curfew in Kathmandu as residents target Manpower Companies

05-09-2004 07:05

The city of Kathmandu, NEPAL, has been under curfew for the past four days following riots which occurred in the aftermath of the killing of twelve Nepali workers taken hostage in Iraq. Both the government and the manpower company responsible for sending them have been held to severe obloquy after it was revealed that each of the twelve believed they were going to work on projects in Jordan or Oman.

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ALMO - half way privatisation, Labour government betray council tenants!

04-09-2004 12:28

ALMO ownership by 2006
Arm’s-length management organisations could take over ownership of council homes by 2006 under radical new proposals drawn up by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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Beyond ESF event update

03-09-2004 17:11

6 saturday nights of political discussion, films, exhibitions, food, live music & dj’s to lead up to the ‘Beyond ESF’ conference in October.
4th September - Precarity/Casualisation,Dole
7pm-late. Discussion & Live acoustic bands.
VENUE: ARCHWAY THEATRE, Archway roundabout, behind methodist church, opp. Archway station.

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Use Your Loaf evicted

03-09-2004 14:00

At six-thirty this morning, Friday 03/09/2004 about thirty bailiffs and police helmeted suited and booted eventually smashed their way through the front door seizing possession of the building from the use your loaf collective.

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Photos of T-mobile phone mast protest in Hackney

03-09-2004 04:53

photos from the above protest

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Who controls Bristols media? Bristle mag no.17 out now!

02-09-2004 22:36

We at Bristle Publishing Collective are delighted to unleash on you our latest print media offering – issue 17. Our print run may be small compared to the big fry, but we’ve got lots to say, and once again we dare to dream, and report on those willing to act.

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"Guantanamo on the Hudson" - police repression in New York

02-09-2004 16:03

Unofficial Protests by various groups over the last two days to protest the Republican National Congress in New York have been met with outrageous treatment by the police force. Protesters and bystanders have been trapped en masse, and around 1800 arrests have been made. Detainees have been kept in makeshift warehouse facilities, called Pier 57, packed into rooms divided up by chicken wire. There are reports of chemical burns from asbestos and other waste in these facilities. Nearly one thousand remain locked up without charge despite the ruling of a local judge that this was illegal.

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Anti Marine Quarrying Action

02-09-2004 15:05

On Friday the 27th of August, the Leeds offices of Ready Mix Concrete were vandalised as part of a national fortnight of action against the company for their involvement in marine quarrying

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Social Security is Not for Sale

02-09-2004 14:19

The market is a tool effective after fundamental political questions are answered: What kind of society do we want? Are education, health care, housing, water and land public goods available to everyone or privileges?

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MICRA march on Town Hall

01-09-2004 13:24

Local children join the protest
Marybone Inner City Residents Association march 1st September

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Anti-Marine Quarrying action

01-09-2004 10:23

On Friday the 27th of August, action was taken against Ready-Mix Concrete's Leeds Offeces as part of a fortnight of action against marine quarrying in the channel.

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Major UK NGO's Criticise ESF Organising Process + SWP / SA

01-09-2004 09:03

A coalition of 10 British NGOs including the major ones like Oxfam, Jubilee and Greenpeace have written a letter complaining about the UK European Social Forum organising process and saying it has been characterised by a lack of transparency and openness. Finaly this can officialy end the myth peddled by the authoritarian left that those who have been critical of the UK ESF process are simply wreckers, splitters or crazy anarchists who don't represent anyone!

While the NGOs don't mention them by name, they're criticising the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) and SA (Socialist Action) for dominating a meeting to decide speakers names through weight of numbers. This is a significant moment. Reports from the meeting also revealed what appeared to be willful miscounting of votes and other undemocractic behaviour. The letter has been published ahead of the european esf assembly meeting in brussels this coming weekend.

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women on waves

31-08-2004 18:08

information on the situacion lived by the boat women on waves that has been stopped from entering portueguese watters by the governement and appeal for action

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thoughts from a UK activist in New York

31-08-2004 17:52

It has been an extremely interesting week here in new york, I have never been at an event that has had such a consistent level of protests, actions, meetings and creative responses spread over more than a week. There have literally been thousands of people on the streets every day since friday protesting against the Bush agenda.