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Stop the War Activist in Nottingham Magistrates Court

18-07-2008 00:40

0n Thursday afternoon, 17th July, people gathered to demonstrate outside Nottingham Magistrates Court (off Carrington Street), in support of Henry Twigger.

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Solidarity and support for VOCAL and the Oaxacan social movement

17-07-2008 17:54

Denunication of ongoing repression and call for international solidarity with VOCAL and the Oaxacan social movement.

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Communique: Perama Police Station Arson in Athens

17-07-2008 14:58

Report from mass-media ( A "red beret"-styled incendiary attack by around 20 hooded persons was realised at 5:30 in the dawn against the Police Station of Perama. The unidentified persons riding 10 motorbikes targeted the parked patrol cars outside the Police Station. The youth hurled two molotovs and a firework to provoke confusion and then threw 41 gas canisters beyond the police patrol cars and next to the police motorbikes. From the fire caused, 3 vehicles were totally wrecked, and another two seriously damaged. More than 4 motorbikes were burnt. Local residents were terrified from the loud blasts. Policemen found dozens of gas canisters near the police station. The perpetrators of the attack, on their way back, set a garbage bin on fire and set it on Irinis Avenue as a barricade, to make the police hunt after them more difficult.

A translation of the communique sent via e-mail to

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St Modwen financial crisis

17-07-2008 14:55

St Modwen non-existent yuppie flats for sale
St Modwen, St Modwen the Destroyer, otherwise known as The Developer from Hell, appears to be in financial crisis.

Massive write down of value of assets, first half losses of £20 million, shares at half their previous high. The recommendation in the business and investment pages of The Independent was to sell!

Burying cash in the sand would be a more fruitful investment!

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Local authority workers walk out over pay cut

17-07-2008 13:35

Action by the Unison and Unite unions has brought upwards of half a million council workers throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland out on a two-day strike.

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2001 G8 Genova police lost control

17-07-2008 04:49

2001 G8 Genova police lost control

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Antispeciesist Action Press Release: Carnival Against Vivisection

17-07-2008 03:43


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Manchester NO2ID Events for August 2008

17-07-2008 00:47

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Recent news and upcoming events from Manchester's campaign to stop identity cards and the Database State.

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Wembley Tent City Occupation Resistance Continues, Wednesday 16th

16-07-2008 19:53

View of the roof occupation
Wembley teachers and local people continue their occupation today despite the threats of forced eviction and possible arrests. Local teachers and supporters are determined to resist the injunction served earlier today by council bailiffs. They argue that after more than two years of campaigning to keep the community sports grounds out of the private sector that wants to build a privatised academy school, they have now exhausted all avenues to keep one of the few remaining green areas accessible to the local community for sports training. The teachers and their local supporters also state that they are not going to give in without a fight, as the building of the planned Wembley Academy is part of Brent's council drive to privatise schools, turning education into a profit making business instead of a basic human right beyond the 'logic' of the market.

This afternoon we got a sms calling for urgent support as it was expected that bailiffs with specialised equipment and police would be arriving on site by 4pm. We set off to Wembley to show our support to one of the few examples of grass roots autonomous organising and resistance we've seen in London that escapes the usual (and expected) 'activist' scenes. As soon as we got there we realised that today's alleged eviction was yet another bluff in the 'threats and wait' game the bailiffs are playing. An earlier eviction had been set for yesterday afternoon, when around 50 local people turned up to show support. That one didn't materialise neither, and so now the protestors are expecting it at any time. They have therefore now taken permanent positions on the roofs of the building next to the sports grounds, with at least one protestor already locking on to the main mast. The protestor's claims that the sports grounds are a vital resource to the local community, was reinforced whilst we were there when a local football team turned up for their usual training.

The general feeling is that most probably the eviction will happen 'by surprise' in the early morning, and quite possibly tomorrow thursday morning, and so they maintain their call for urgent solidarity and for people to go up there and show their support.

See below some pics of the occupation today:

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Teachers against Wembley Academy prepare to resist eviction

16-07-2008 19:35

On the roof at Wembley Sports Ground
Some pictures taken around noon on Wednesday 16 July as teachers and others at 'Tent City' opposing the north Wembley Academy were preparing to resist the expected eviction attempt by Brent council.
Photographs (C) 2008, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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Local Government Strike: Day One

16-07-2008 16:08

Local government workers in the Unison and Unite unions started a 48 hour strike against the 2.45% pay offer (a real terms pay cut given the current rate of inflation) on 16th July. There were picket lines across Nottinghamshire with a march from the Forest Recreation Ground to Old Market Square in the city centre for a rally.

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UNISON Local Government Members Strike Over Pay

16-07-2008 15:31

UNISON members in Local Government started a national 48 hour strike on 16th July 2008 against their "final" 2.45% pay offer.

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ALB interviews the Cuban Libertarian Movement

16-07-2008 13:27

* During mid-June 2008 the Iberian counter-information collective A Las Barricadas posed several questions to the MLC, an affinity group of Cuban anarchism abroad. The complete text of this interview follows.

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Teachers against Wembley Academy resist Brent Council eviction of 'Tent City'

16-07-2008 13:19

Local teachers stand their ground against eviction (photo by Guido)
Yesturday, teachers and their supporters - part of the campaign against a proposed academy school in Wembley, NW London - defied Brent Council officials as the deadline to leave their protest camp expired without the threatened eviction. Brent Council obtained the eviction order yesturday for the removal of ‘Tent City’ on Wembley Park Sports ground, and an injunction order against Hank Roberts, one of the leaders of the campaign, who is camped on the roof of the community centre on the site.

THE LATEST: Brent Council have served all protestors on the site with an injunction to leave the site and have already received court paper for specialist baliffs. Police are threatening protestors with being chraged if they resist.

Brent Council have pushed for an immediate eviction order on the Tent City on the Wembley Sports Ground, Bridge Road, so the construction of temporary accommodation for the first 60 pupils can start for what has been termed the 'pre-academy'. (More info and background below).

Wembley Tent City Occupation, Bridge Road, Wembley:
Nearest Tube: Wembley Park (Metropolitan Line)
Turn left out the station, walk up the hill to main junction on Bridge Rd, turn left, walk 100 metres, turn left into the gate way to Wembley Park Sports Ground and you're there.

Buses: From Central London: 18 from Euston to Sudbury and then the 182 to
Wembley Park Station (the N18 runs past Sudbury. Get off at Wembley
triangle from which Bridge Road is a 15 minute walk past Wembley Arena).
Other routes: 83 from Golders Green Stn, 302 from Kensal Rise Stn, 297
from Willesden Bus Garage.

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Wembley Tent City Occupation Forced Eviction 4pm: Resist!

16-07-2008 13:09

Council balliffs have just arrived on site following the injunctions and threats of prison time, served less than two hours ago, for all involved in the campaign and have given orders for everyone on site to leave before 4pm or face for forced eviction and possible arrest.

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Smash School Privatisation: Wembley Anti-Academy Protestors Served Injunctions

16-07-2008 12:27

Following the resistance and support from across the city yesterday as the Wembley Tent City Occupation defied yesterday's 6pm eviction order, this morning Brent Council officials arrived and served a written injunction order on one Tent City member and injunction orders on every empty tent, lisitng the addressee as "unknown occupier".

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Greenwash Guerrillas Embarrass E.ON

16-07-2008 10:16

Greenwash guerillas assemble outside conference
This morning, Climate Campers and friends put a fresh dent in E.ON’s tarnished reputation with a Greenwash Guerrillas demo outside the Guardian Climate Change Summit, which E.ON are sponsoring.

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George Galloway exposed as he betrays East End over Crossrail - deal with Ken

16-07-2008 08:08

After having done a deal with Ken Livingstone, which involved selling out the East End over Crossrail in true SWP style, George Galloway has been attending the Commons plugging his reputation as a man who cares about the middle East. The man's latest concern is Pakistan while the poor and oppressed in East End continue to suffer at the hands of Tower Hamlets Council and the Respect clique which has joined forces with disreputable contingencies in the Labour, Liberal Democrat and increasingly Conservative Party. In short, George Galloway and his supporters are a fraud. Look at his record

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Second attempt to remove Alliance Ngondiop

16-07-2008 08:08

Alliance Ngondiop
Alliance Ngondiop, a Cameroon national, is currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Friday 18th July 2008 at 06:15hrs on British Airways Flight BA302 to Paris and onward to Douala, Cameroon.