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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Rossport Five send Shell to Hell in Mayo, Ireland....again!

07-04-2006 21:03

This is the latest twist in the fight between Shell, Stat Oil and the Irish Government, and Rossport, County Mayo, on the West Coast of Ireland, over corrupt plans to build a ludicrous gas pipeline through the area.

This is a campaign that has won significant victories. Shell was supposed to have already built the pipeline last year, the blockading by local people of the pipeline and refinery site effectively meant that no building has occurred since last summer. There is massive local, national and international opposition to this project. Shell and its partners must be stopped, and they will be stopped here, on the west coast of Ireland.

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Washington fed propaganda against Venezuela: call for action

07-04-2006 18:57

On March 27, UK's Channel 4 aired a propaganda report on Venezuela aimed at softening up the scene for a future US attack. Action is recommended, before all major corporate media follow the lead.

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Alert to the media campaign in Venezuela

07-04-2006 18:54

Warning signs in Venezuela of another coup d'etat like that of 2002.

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Council increases risk of flooding

07-04-2006 15:47

flooded golf course winter 2001/2002
The proposals by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor to waste £170,000 of taxpayers money on unwanted drainage and irrigation works at Southwood Golf Course will increase the risk of flooding in the winter for those downstream, waste precious water in the summer. £170,000 of taxpayers money to be literally poured down the drain.

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Blair's inner circle and its ferocious grab for power

07-04-2006 14:34

From forcing through ID cards to the erosion of parliamentary scrutiny, a determined clique is hijacking our democracy...

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07-04-2006 12:43

I am writing to request that people consider how Make Poverty History and attached charities are lying to the public and are not helping the millions starving or those without access to clean water to drink or clean with. Please take the time to read this and don't be made to feel guilty by another LIE 8

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Letter from Palestine - On the Right Side of the Wall

07-04-2006 06:00

Letter from a Palestinian activist from Jerusalem after they shut the gates in the Apartheid Wall near her home

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Critical resistance Survey for people in prison, and

07-04-2006 02:58

CR hopes that this survey reaches as many people most impacted by these issues as possible. We would like you to share this survey with your families, communities, faith communities, and any other people or places where those of us who have been impacted by this crisis are

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English Partnerships Invited To Support Evicted Family’s Social Justice Campaign

06-04-2006 22:34

Stamp Duty On Selected Homes Crest Nicholson A Whole New Meaning
English Partnerships has appointed John Callcutt as their new Chief Executive Officer, former Deputy Chair and Chief Executive Officer, of Crest Nicholson Plc. By way of ‘open letter’, the Shalom Family has invited English Partnerships to join with them in their Family Campaign for Social Justice.

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Palestine RESISTS! (by Latuff)

06-04-2006 16:56

Palestine RESISTS!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. funded Israeli occupation.

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Say NO to Enforced Mass Medication

06-04-2006 16:40

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) wants to have all bread compulsorily "fortified" with folic acid - this would be enforced mass medication.

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Assassination attempt on Griffin a load of BNP lies!

06-04-2006 16:10

When is an assassination attempt NOT an assassination attempt?
When there isn't one!

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Viva Zapatero! media wars tonight!

06-04-2006 15:41

In just a few more days Italy will have what some people are describing as the most important election in the history of the country. For five years the country has suffered plundering intimidation and sadness. Berlusconi, a multi billionaire media tycoon is turning the full force of his media empire to the efforts of winning a second term. Opposing him is the majority of the population and a growing alternative media movement from Indymedia, pirate TV, social centres and bloggers.

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Spodden Valley - green gateway opens for walkers, wheelchair users and cyclists

06-04-2006 08:02

Spodden Valley- 'green gateway' to Healey Dell and the Pennine Moors...
Glorious spring weather greeted dozens of well wishers to the official opening of the lower Spodden pathway improvements and community artwork at Spotland Bridge.

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struggle against the CPE - view from a french young protester

05-04-2006 22:32

the movement is rising day after day. the demo of the 04 april has been considered by everyone in France as the summit of the contestation. direct actions are now occuring every day in all important cities : road and streets blockades, train station occupations ...

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Premiere of play about Simon Jones in Liverpool, May 8th and 10th

05-04-2006 16:33

The Dingle Community Theatre will be performing the play SIMON JONES WAS SOMEONE! on May 8th and May 10th at 8pm at the Casa Club, Hope Street, Liverpool. Entrance is free. Tickets are available from the Casa Club or by phoning 0771 684 8894.

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Report: Noise Demo at North Shields Immigration Reporting Centre

05-04-2006 15:23

On 5th April 2006 Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) carried out a 'big noise' demo outside North Shields Immigration Service Reporting Centre.

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(Fresh!) Manchester Rhythms of Resistance rocked Yorkshire at an Open Workshop

05-04-2006 14:51

lovely colourful RoR banner
A fresh Rhythms of Resistance (RoR) percussion group, based in Manchester, rocked Yorkshire with an open samba workshop on 2nd April 2006.

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05-04-2006 12:53

mayday stickers
Meet 12noon Clerkenwell Green to join the Autonomous Bloc on the TUC march!

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Arts and Business Awards infiltrated & disrupted by London Rising Tide, 3.4.06

05-04-2006 11:12

The 28th Annual Arts & Business Awards gala ceremony was held at the (BP-sponsored) Barbican Centre in London on Monday April 3rd 2006. It consisted of free drinks, schmoozing, mutual pat-on-the-backs concerning the 21st Century snake oil that is 'Corporate Social Responsibility', followed by an vain attempt to raise the tone with a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO).