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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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police do dawn raid to evict squatters

23-06-2004 16:47

at 6 this morning police turned out in force evict the squatted flats on kentish town high street

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Community Theatre: Burning Issues - The Miners 1984-2004

23-06-2004 16:24

Date: Monday 5th July
Address: The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham SW12 9HD
Doors: 7.30pm for 8pm
Tickets: ₤10/₤6 from Isobel 020 8675 4744 or mcmillan28 (at)

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Open Letter from Western Shoshone

23-06-2004 15:06

June 22, 2004 Message from Hugh Stevens, Chairman Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone. For
more information call Te-Moak Tribal Office at 775-738-9251.

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Cops Evict Kentish Town Squat

23-06-2004 14:33

At 6 this morning riot cops evicted the Kentish Town Squat which has been resisting eviction for 3 months

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Israel is working in Kurdistan

23-06-2004 13:10

Current and former intelligence officials in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe confirm that "Israeli intelligence and military
operatives are now quietly at work in Kurdistan," in Iraq,

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23-06-2004 12:47

In a surprising move, last week the president of
Botswana personally visited New Xade, one of the
government sites where the 'Bushmen' were taken
after being expelled from their ancestral land.
Although it was only 3 weeks before the Bushmen
take his government to court for the right to
return to their land, President Festus Mogae was
accompanied by Sidney Pilane, the lawyer acting
for the government in the case.

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Livingstone back gay Jamaica vigil

22-06-2004 15:39

Mayor of London backs the vigil for murdered Jamaican activist Brian Williamson.

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More postal chaos for Oxford

22-06-2004 00:28

Mail backlogs growing thanks to bad management

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Londonrisingtide shuts down National Portrait Gallery

21-06-2004 21:28

Today (21/05/04) protesters gathered outside the National Portrait Gallery as it prepared to unveil this year�s winner of the BP sponsored National Portrait Awards. Four London Rising Tide activists chained themselves across the front door denying access to the exclusive event to the country�s richest & most influential culture vultures and forcing them to question their compliance to BP's actions around the world.

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Local singer publishes on the web

21-06-2004 12:26

A local political singer-songwriter has published his lyrics on the web for everyone to see and comment on.

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Vigil for murdered Jamaican gay leader

21-06-2004 09:56

Outrage is urging lesbians and gay men and their friends to join a vigil for slain Jamaican gay rights activist Brian Williamson outside the Jamican High Commission (1 Prince Consort Rd, London SW7) from 7 - 9PM, Wednesday 23 June.

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Anarchist anti-olympic demo in Athens

19-06-2004 16:06

Anarchist anti-olympic demo in Athens

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Anarchist action in Turkey

19-06-2004 15:05


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Nek Mohammad: Shalid - The Man Bush Feared the Most

18-06-2004 23:57

Outgoing, Friendly - Nek had Sincerity and Faith - Always
Nek Mohammad was the kind of man the US fears the most – more than Osama or Ayman al-Zawahri, because he was young, fearless, has strong roots in the Afghan border areas and was respected by the tribal chiefs in Pakistan. Bush and Rumsfeld feared Mohammad enough to risk the deaths of Karazi (the US Afghan puppet) and the military dictator stooge Pervez Musharraf, in Pakistan. Few in the West could compare to this 27 year old fighter.

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Class War NorthEast Update.

18-06-2004 13:50

Read It & Scream, “Guns & Roses” the Northeast’s newest Newsletter from “Class War” spreads information like a virus.

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Picket Disney's Corporate Party - Winter Gardens, Sunday 7pm

18-06-2004 13:43

Disney's record of employing sweatshop labour in countries like Haiti and China is extreme and brutal. This is your opportunity to put pressure on Disney to give their workers decent rights, decent working conditions and decent pay. In 1996, Disney's CEO Michael Eisner paid himself $200 million in salary and share options - over 300,000 times what he paid workers in Honduras for making Pocahontas t-shirts.

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Photos of 'Greenwash or Us' Street Party

17-06-2004 19:55

Banners at the street party
These are some photos of yesterday's 'Greenwash or Us' streeet party in central London, outside the National Portrait Gallery Awards ceremony sponsored by BP. This was part of a week long of events '"against BP and Big Oil". Read report here.

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Indian Land rights march in Orissa

17-06-2004 15:59

In Feb 2004 a group of European social activists joined the Indian campaigning group Ekta Parishad in a month long padyatra (foot-march) for land rights in the state of Orissa. What follows is a short account of what happened on the march and the successes that were achieved

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Photos of Squatted Exhibition Space "Greenwash or Us"

17-06-2004 15:09

50 Chalk Farm Road Squatted Space ... all welcome :-)
Here there are a couple of photos of the opening night of the squatted space for the week long Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil. This is part of a series of events that under the banner of "Greenwash or Us" are taking place in London until Monday 21st .

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Portrait Award & Big Oil protest & gallery report, 16.6.04

17-06-2004 12:38

'Exhibition of Resistance to Big Oil and the Corporate Hijacking of 'the Arts': street protest & gallery report, Wednesday June 16th 2004