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european venezuela infolist

12-08-2004 15:23

on german indymedia, i found an article about an introduction to the current situation in venezuela at the pga meeting. this just a brief summery, you can read the whole article in german on

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Social housing crisis

12-08-2004 14:10

The Surrey-Hampshire border, southwest of London, is one of the most affluent areas in the country. It is currently facing a crisis in affordable housing.

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Breaking: Video:Savage Beheading Today of American CIA Hostage

11-08-2004 22:34

The four-minute long footage showed a Western-looking man sitting on a chair surrounded by armed masked men. One of the men struck the captive's neck repeatedly with a sword, severing his head amid shouts of "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest).

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a big night out

11-08-2004 19:18

Video photo before we left that night
the b4(buckhead bathtub badits brigade) had a fun time to bring this inspirational video from atlanta usa

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rampART wednesday liberation cinema

11-08-2004 12:51

Wednesday Free Cinema at the rampART

This coming Wednesday (11th August), the rampART free cinema will stick to the weeks theme of Liberation and Latin America. As usual, films start at 8pm and entry is free and this week there will also be food and drink...

Films screened will include:
* The Forth World War (Big Noise Films) 72mins
* School of the Americas
* Bolivarian Venezuela: People and Fight of the IV World War
+ various shorts and latin beats

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Disruptions in Venezuela

11-08-2004 11:27

Venezuela's Electoral Council Outlines Plans for Contingencies and Disruptions

One week before Venezuela’s presidential referendum, the country’s only officially recognized electoral authority, the National Electoral Council (CNE) is trying to anticipate possible problems prior to the election this Sunday, August 15, which includes a challenge by opposition governor Enrique Mendoza, and an investigation into CANTV, the Venezuelan telecommunications giant in charge of transmitting voter data.

- Events all week in London as part of a Venezual Week of Solidarity
- see for programme and details
- Venue for most events is the rampART centre in Whitechapel
- see for details and location

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Supporters Gather Against Referendum

11-08-2004 10:43

Chavez Supporters Gather in Venezuela's Capital for Largest Pro-Chavez Rally

Crowd estimates ranged from 100,000 (opposition) to one million (pro-Chavez)

Supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez filled Caracas’ largest public venue yesterday, packing the Avenida Bolívar for well over a mile and overflowing onto side streets all over the downtown. Clad in red—the colour that has come to represent chavismo in Venezuela—supporters bore t-shirts, hats, berets, placards, puppets, and inventive home-made signs all uniformly declaring “No!” to the recall on Chávez’ mandate scheduled for next Sunday, August 15th.

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Building Bridges Radio-Outrageous Immigration Raids, Far from the U.S. Border

11-08-2004 02:35

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Reports presents this 27.5 min radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB ADDRESS LINK BELOW

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Workshop Exihibtion at Grass Roots Global Arts Forum/ Peckham

10-08-2004 22:06

An independent artsist-led initiative faces huge bils after years of trying to conform to the rental system.

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Workshop Exihibtion at Grass Roots Global Arts Forum/ Peckham

10-08-2004 22:04

An independent artsist-led initiative faces huge bils after years of trying to conform to the rental system.

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latinamerican liberation ehibition at rampART

10-08-2004 11:52

here is a review of the opening event of the Latinamerican liberation exhibition at the rampART, part of the Venezuela Solidatrity Week.

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rightwing attacks on venezuala

10-08-2004 11:29

While the world's attention has been focused on the middle east, the inavision and occupation of Iraq and the ongoing conflict over Palestine, few people have noticed the shake up occuring in South America. Everyone knows that the latinamerican countries are generally political unstable and characterised by military rule. Many people are aware that the US has a long history of intervention, installing and supporting complient dictators or replacing those that don't tow the US line. But there has been a shift, the forth largest supplier of oil to the US has excaped the cycle and liberated themselves from the yoke of the elite. However, the odds are stacked against them. Even having survived a coup and a bosses lock out in the last couple of years, and despite every indication that the people will win the recall referendum of their democratically elected president Hugo Chavez, there may be dark clouds on the horizon. Large arms caches have been intercepted entering the country. Large amounts of explosives have gone missing from military stocks and opposition are talking openly of violence and assasination.

[to find out more, visit the rampART ( this week during Venezuela Solidarity Week for talks, films, food, and art (see for programme)]

Below is an article from a right wing american publication which gives some idea of the propaganda being released to path the way for US intervention...

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Cam Boaters' Barbeque Tonight

10-08-2004 10:45

Cam Boaters' BBQ Tonight

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Striking electricians win!

09-08-2004 14:12

Manchester striking electricians have won their case...

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Mad Chicks: 9 October 2004

09-08-2004 13:06


I found your details on the ESF proposal pages and wondered if this was of interest - or if
you could forward it to others who might want to be involved.
Mad Chicks, 9 October 2004
Mad Chicks - the girlish section of Mad Pride - is holding a day and
evening of events exploring, raging about and improving women's mental
health. The Union Chapel at London's Highbury Corner will be host to an
info-fair, creative workshops, massage, debates, video, artwork, a cafi
and, in the evening, a great gig with music, comedy, poetry, live arts
and general merriment.

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Mark Thomas presents a benefit for Colombia Solidarity Campaign

09-08-2004 12:18

Party and raise money for the oppressed workers of Colombia!

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rampART events 9th-15th August

09-08-2004 11:51

This week the rampART centre is host to 'Venezuela Week of Solidarity'...

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The heat is on Venezuela

09-08-2004 01:07

On Sunday 15th, Venezuelans are to decide if their President will remain in office during a recall referendum called by the US backed organized opposition. The stakes are hight and interior minister Lucas Rincon has expressed concerns about possible terrorist acts that sectors of the opposition could be preparing to try to trigger a "Madrid effect" that could alter the outcome of the referendum...

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George Bush exposed

08-08-2004 23:21

This is my small gift back to England, after all, they exported the best of their talent to the U.S. Here is George Bush with his pants down.

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Social progress in Hackney

08-08-2004 19:36

A clean up of the streets is now in progress.