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a big night out

underground media net | 11.08.2004 19:18 | Repression | Social Struggles

the b4(buckhead bathtub badits brigade) had a fun time to bring this inspirational video from atlanta usa

Video video from the action - video/x-ms-wmv 895K

photo before we left that night
photo before we left that night

local direct action in solidarity with the comrades in boston. two weeks ago, pity the drop bannner didn't last but about three hours before it got taken down. this was taken at lindbergh just east of the train station, but it shows how easily security for the tracks can be breached.
oh the banner reads
" john kerry died for our sins
a vote for bush is a vote
for revolution.
no dnc
no rnc
boycott the lies'04
psa from the uglf b4)

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