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Venezuela: Reforms take away what is gained through the struggle

09-11-2007 18:57

El Libertario # 51, Venezuela
*This is the editorial of the latest edition of El Libertario(Venezuela, #51, November 2007, now available -in spanish- in in which this mouthpiece of Venezuelan Anarchism set outs its position with regard to the Constitutional Reforms which the current Government seeks to impose on this country.

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Reforms and the System Question

09-11-2007 17:29

According to Marxist perspectives, capitalism develops with crises and ruptures. Possibilities of revolutionary social upheavals open up in these crises. The old wisdom of the Fordist age that cars cannot buy cars has lost all value for the economic elites.

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Shell Gas Offices plagued in Derbyshire

09-11-2007 15:28

Workers at the Duckmanton office seemed somewhat surprised this morning with the demonstration and they didn’t get much support from their neighbours either who also stated “they hate them”

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False Reporting by Incompetent Social Workers

09-11-2007 15:12

Social Workers from the Irish Health Board in Waterford,Kilkenny Dublin and Drogheda combined together, and based upon their unfounded perceptions of guilt,have nearly destroyed our innocent Family.

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Declining hygiene standards lead to 90 deaths at 3 hospitals from C. difficile

08-11-2007 19:35

A report by the government-funded Healthcare Commission has revealed that 90 people died from an outbreak of the infection Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) in three hospitals in the southeast of the country between 2004 and 2006.

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Why did Crossrail hole plot-backer Tory Theresa May stay silent on C4 News?

08-11-2007 13:14

Berkshire Tory MP [and David Cameron’s sparkly-shoed ‘shadow; to Harriet Harman’ in the UK House of Commons] Theresa May appeared on C4 news to 'review' the then just delivered 'queen's speech' earlier this week. She did not even mention Crossrail as far as could be observed. Yet she has been making a lot of 'local noise' in and around Maidenhead, within hearing distance of voters, that she believes the area will be left to rot in economic wasteland unless the Crossrail line is extended to cover the rest of the country to the west of Paddington!

So why Theresa’s silence on Crossrail when appearing on Channel 4 news within hours of the formal ‘inclusion’ in the 'Queen’s Speech’ of the Crossrail Bill?

Was it to do with Channel 4 News’s belated recognition, recorded in October 2007, that Crossrail was indeed CRASS? That Gordon Brown had given the so-called go-head AGAINST the advice of Brown’s own ‘expert’ on UK transport economics, Rod Eddington?

As if that were not enough, there is now confession by ‘Dr B Ching’ in ‘Private Eye’ [dated 9 November 2007] itself, that Gordon Brown has not given any spontaneous go-ahead to Crossrail on any merit whatever but that it is a package that has been secured via the influence linked with Douglas Alexander and the employment of his former parliamentary secretary by the USA conglomerate Bechtel……..

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NIMR / MRC in bid to knock down council estates to make way for vast site.

08-11-2007 04:25

The NIMR / MRC /Wellcome Trust / Cancer Research intend to have Regents Park Estate and Somers Town estates - both council estates to be partially demolished to make way for a vast international science site.

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Examining the 2007 Royal Mail dispute

07-11-2007 20:07

Rob Ray explains the introduction of competition to the postal service, and why it will be the government, not postal workers, who the public have to thank for the loss of cheap post and the universal service.

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Media rights advocate under threat in Haiti

07-11-2007 18:33

The British solidarity organization, the Haiti Support Group, is extremely concerned about the death threats and possible assassination attempt against Guy Delva, head of SOS Journalistes, and chair of the recently-created independent committee looking into the unsolved murders of journalists in Haiti.

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National Conference of US Lawyers Approve Resolution in Favor of the Cuban Five

07-11-2007 15:57

The 70th Annual Conference of the National Lawyers Guild which took place from October 31 to November 4 in Washington, DC approved "Resolution Endorsing the Call for an International Investigation into the Failure of the United States Government to Address and Remedy the Denial of Justice in the Case of "The Cuban Five", and for Further Education and Related Actions".

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2001 Genova G8: We are history! - call to mobilization november 17th 2007

07-11-2007 15:41

2001 Genova G8: We are history! - call to mobilization november 17th 2007
We are history - a call to mobilization for november 17th 2007

It's been years we have asked everybody to take responsibility as
collectively as possible for what the mobilizations against G8 in Genoa
The arrogance of Genoa prosecutors during the final speech of their
accusation in the court case against 25 protestors accused of devastation
and sacking seems to have eventually aroused the hearts and brains of
300000 people that in Genoa opposed themselves to the politics of the G8

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Call for solidarity by social centre E15 in Helsinki

07-11-2007 14:36

On November 22nd the City of Helsinki is going to make
a decision if they will legalize our squat. It is
likely that the decision is going to be negative,
but our struggle can change that.

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Challenging the Boundaries: A Single State in Palestine/Israel - 17/18 November

07-11-2007 14:13

We would like to draw your attention to an innovative approach to the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Challenging the Boundaries: A Single State in Palestine/Israel will be explicitly addressing the fundamental causes of the conflict by examining an idea that is generating more widespread interest than ever – a single state for all in the area.

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Distribution of free food to become illegal in London

07-11-2007 13:36

London Councils, which represents the 33 local authorities in London has prepared a private bill, the tenth "London Local Authorities Bill" which will make the distribution of free food and refreshments anywhere in London an offence. The bill is to be put in front of Parliament on the 27th November 2007.

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Support Amdani Juma

07-11-2007 10:44

Amdani Juma
Amdani Juma is a Burundian refugee and worker at Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum. He came to the UK in 2003 and was granted Humanitarian Protection. He recently applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain but was refused by the Home Office.

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Reel News video: Postal Workers Dispute - Reject the Deal!

07-11-2007 01:55

21 minute video showing the recent official and unofficial strike action in the postal workers dispute.

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Face to face with Huntingdon Life Sciences

06-11-2007 22:05

This Saturday November 10th protest in Huntingdon against HLS.

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3 November Anti-Racist Demonstration

06-11-2007 20:14

Anti-Racist campaigners take to the streets in Manchester in support of the rights of Asylum Seekers in opposition to Labour racism.

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Solidarity day with Rafa, Barcelona 5 anarchist prisoner

06-11-2007 13:50

Solidarity action this Thursday 8th November with Rafa, one of five anarchists arrested in September 2003 in Barcelona.

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Defend Democratic Rights! Join the protest on 13th November!

06-11-2007 11:21

No police harassment!
Following a recent lull in police harassment of political activity in Newcastle, four activists were served summonses on 2nd November to appear in court on 13th November, charged with participating in an 'illegal collection' at Grey's Monument on 7th May. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!/ The Revolutionary Communist Group will be organising a protest outside the courts against these attacks on our democratic rights, and welcomes all groups and individuals who want grassroots political activity to continue to join us.