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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Vigil outside Miliband’s home tomorrow, Friday 16 Jan at 3-4:30pm

15-01-2009 09:04

Israel is bringing death and destruction to people and homes in Gaza, but David Miliband refuses to denounce these war crimes. Please bring the plight of Yibna/Rafah and the whole of Gaza to David Miliband:

Vigil outside Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s home in Primrose Hill

tomorrow, Friday 16 Jan at 3-4:30pm

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Direct Action Germany: 24th Dec - 4th Jan

15-01-2009 00:18

04/01/2009: Again two upperclass cars burned, Berlin
01-03/01/2009: Stones against a CDU-citizen`s büro and the local courthouse, Rastatt
02/01/2009: War memorial made nicer!, Munich
02/01/2009: Again another car burned down, Berlin
01/01/2009: Up to 1000 people attacked a police station and police cars, Berlin
01/01/2009: Confrontation with the police on new year's eve, Germany
31/12/2008: 7 upperclass cars torched, Berlin
28-29/12/2008: Protests against the Mövenpick Hotel, Hamburg
25/12/2008: Five posh cars damaged in Kreuzberg, Berlin
24/12/2008: Color against police station, Bochum
24/12/2008: Action against deportation, Eutin

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Actions Report from Greece, 14 January

15-01-2009 00:13

brief translation from todays reports in Athens IMC newsire (numbers in brackets are references to articles)

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A systemic crisis in Greece

14-01-2009 22:59

The cold blooded murder of a 15 year old student ―part of a long sequence of murders and police brutalities that characterized the entire post-civil war period in Greece, including the post-junta period― acted as a catalyst for a social explosion and, at the same time, made abundantly clear the continuous worsening of the multidimensional crisis to which we have referred many times in the past.

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Zionist on the march again in London Thursday

14-01-2009 20:48

The Zionist menace is on the move again this week with another rally this time against Iran’s supposed support for Hamas. In there publicity they claim that Iran is to blame for the so-called 'terrorists' in Gaza - obviously nothing to do with Israeli repression of Palestinians!

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Direct Action; Canada, Italy, Mexico, USA & Peru

14-01-2009 19:56


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Seven Years of Guantánamo Bay: London Actions to Mark Anniversary

14-01-2009 18:47

Sunday 11 January 2009 marked seven years of lawlessness, torture, abuse, arbitrary detention and all the extralegal excesses committed by the Bush administration in the name of the “war on terror” as the detention and torture camp at Guantánamo Bay “celebrated” its seventh birthday.

With pictures at:

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VIVA PRESIDENTE MORALES - cuts diplomatic ties with Israel

14-01-2009 17:37

Taking a strong stand for international law Evo Morales, President of Bolivia not only broke diplomatic ties with Israel today, but announced his support to charge Olmert with war crimes.

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An overview about the resistance against the NATO summit in Strasbourg and Baden

14-01-2009 11:09

Smash we can!

One purpose of the meeting in Strasbourg from January 16th to 18th (see is, apart from networking and common planning, to get a mutual knowledge of powers and weaknesses of the movements in different european countries.

For this, we translated a text that was published in a german lefty monthly newspaper and gives a summary of activities. But the text does not regard the current situation of a "non-dogmatic" radical, anarchist, autonomous left in Germany. To provide that, see this brief summary.

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Around the Campaigns Wednesday 14th January 2009

14-01-2009 09:23

Deare Hamanajam has left the UK
Despite all efforts to stay the removal, Deare was removed yesterday morning with an unknown number of other Iraqi/Kurds. No one, neither solicitors or friends knew the time of removal. There is expected to be another secret removal to KRG/Iraq later this week.

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SOAS Occupation - update

14-01-2009 08:34

A message from the Brunei Gallery Suite, SOAS, London.

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London Daily Telegraph group lying on, making Harriet Harman legitimate

14-01-2009 07:15

The TELEGRAPH group's coverage of one of Harriet Harman's electoral stunts hides the truth as usual. They are calling it a 'class war' move. The truth is the opposite

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Gaza Protest London: Police violence and media under-reporting

13-01-2009 23:07

Anti-riot cops facing the crowd
Sadly all British Media contributed to both the under-representation and misrepresentation of the Gaza protest in London last Saturday the 10th of January. Not only they failed to criticise the obvious fiasco of the metropolitan police who positioned barriers on the pavements leaving no way out to the crowd when anti-riot officers pushed in, they also refused repeatedly to publish photographs depicting the unjustified attack of anti-riot officers against protesters, freelancers and passers by.

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More Riots in Oslo / Mass arrests in Copenhagen

13-01-2009 21:25

Yesterday there were new, and bigger, riots in Oslo. It all started
with a demonstration outside parliament, called by a variety of mainly
left wing organizations.

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Ex-oil exec's luxury home burned down by molotovs

13-01-2009 18:22

Damages were estimated at $850,000
Edmonton, Canada - The luxury home of former Syncrude president and CEO Jim Carter was burned down by an arsonist Saturday night. Investigators believe that environmental concerns may have been the motive. No one was injured.

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Smashing the Israeli war machine - Starbucks, Whitechapel firebombed

13-01-2009 16:39

A branch of Starbucks in East London has been smashed and firebombed in what appears to be an anti-Israeli protest. Police are investigating the series of attacks in Whitechapel. First rocks were thrown through the store's window at 11.25pm on Monday night. Later, after midnight, a petrol bomb or similar was tossed into the zionist owned premises starting a fire which damaged the interior. No one was injured in the incident and the store was boarded up today as police examined the scene.

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Around the Campaigns Tuesday 13th January 2009

13-01-2009 13:55

"Yarl's Wood Detention Custody Officers (DCOs) came for us at 2:00am this morning, Emmanuel (aged 15 suffers from Sickle cell anaemia) was in bed sick. I told the DCOs he was too ill to fly. They brought in a male nurse from Yarl's Wood Health Care who examined Emmanuel and said he "was fit to fly".

The DCOs asked me to get Emmanuel out of bed, I refused; they said if I didn't get him up they would fetch a wheelchair, I didn't and they brought in a wheelchair. They asked me to put him in it, I refused. The DCOs lifted Emmanuel out of the bed and put him into the wheelchair and we were all taken down to reception.

There were several escorts waiting and a medical escort, the medical escort examined Emmanuel and said he was "not fit to fly", and that the removal could not go ahead. And that he was not sure that the carrier had been told they would be carrying a Sickle cell suffer and would have the right medical equipment on board and this would have to be sorted out if there was to another flight.

Why they attempted to remove us I do not know, our solicitors informed us yesterday afternoon that they had obtained an injunction and the removal was legally stayed."

Many thanks to all who faxed/emailed Airline & Home Office yesterday.

Helen Laolu-Balogun

Background: Helen Laolu-Balogun and children

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DFEY-NW :: January 18th :: Digital Freedom in Education and Youth - North West

13-01-2009 01:20

DFEY-NW (Digital Freedom in Education & Youth - North West) is a group focusing on young people and issues of freedom in the digital world, based in the Northwest of England at the moment.

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SHAC ACTION ALERT: Northern Trust Support Animal Cruelty

13-01-2009 00:01

Over the last few alerts you have been contacting shareholders in Huntingdon
Life Sciences. This next one deals with Northern Trust who have 64,181 shares
in LSR (the name HLS trade under). Although this company hold a smaller number
than those in previous alerts, they are still really important, even if you own
one share in HLS you will be put in the spotlight, so please take a few minutes
to contact them.

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Daily Israeli Embassy protest over the brutal invasion of Gaza

12-01-2009 22:32

Daily protest from 5 to 7pm outside the Israeli Embassy against the brutal invasion of Gaza.