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SOAS Occupation - update

SOAS | 14.01.2009 08:34 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Social Struggles

A message from the Brunei Gallery Suite, SOAS, London.

I'm currently writing this message from the Brunei Gallery Suite. A group of SOASians have done this with the following aims as stated to media outlets and the general public:

1. To ensure that the director of the school, in line with motion 'a' of the most recent UGM, issues a statement of condemnation regarding the recent atrocities in Gaza, as part of the illegal 60-year occupation by the state of Israel.

2. To end the racist exhibition currently on display in the Brunei Gallery Suite. This exhibition ignores the reality of the minority experience within the British army, which was tainted by racism, forced conscription and colonialism. This is inappropriate, especially given the current colonial occupation of Palestine.

3. To draw attention to the lack of student control over student facilities. Many SOAS-owned spaces, including the Brunei Gallery, are currently subcontracted to Sodexo, which provides catering for Abu Ghraib prison, immigration detention centres in the UK, private prisons, military mess halls among other facilities.

We aim to achieve our aims by raising awareness through the organisation of an alternative series of events including public talks, teach-ins and exhibits. No damage will be inflicted upon the property - this is a peaceful operation.

So, the aim of this message is to urgently request your support. Assuming we are able to continue, we will be putting on as much as we can. Come and join in! (This won't affect lectures, in case you're worried)



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