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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Legalized extortion in Smalltown U.S.A. (Portsmouth, Scioto, OH) - SOMC Part III

15-09-2006 17:44

U.S. law firms and attorneys may get upset when they are compared to mafia and criminal connections. In the next few paragraphs, I will demonstrate that attorneys’ tactic is often the same as the original gangster extortion technique. Physical violence may not be involved, but the attack on personal property to obtain compensation by fear is just like extortion by mobsters. While mafia is against the law, legalized extortion is protected by Courts and by the Legislative systems, which are controlled by Bar Associations. Mr.R.E.Dever (Bannon, Howland & Dever Co., L.P.A.) exemplifies the abuses of the due process perpetrated by this kind of lawyers.

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NHS accused as mental health patients die younger (in UK)

15-09-2006 16:37

The government could face a legal challenge over sub-standard treatment
given by the NHS to people with learning disabilities and long-term mental
health conditions, the Disability Rights Commission warns today.

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'I'd just like more control over my life' :- Independent Living Bill!!

15-09-2006 16:35

The government says it is committed to giving disabled people greater
independence, but in reality progress is stifled by red tape and severe
funding shortages. Andrew Cole on how a radical new bill aims to address

So they need to get on with radicially changing the laws in the UK to bring
them in line with the UN Disability Convention.

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NUS Disabled Students Campaign are backing the Disabled Peoples' and CARWB lobby

15-09-2006 16:11

Hi some very good news, the National Union Of Students (NUS) Disabled Students Campaign are backing the Disabled Peoples' and CARWB 'Welfare-Reforms' protest in Manchester, on Monday 25/9/06 and they wish to be added to the growing list of groups endorsing the Coalition:. apparently they already have policy on this.


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Cottage Social centre eviction (in pictures)

15-09-2006 15:26

Save the Cottage Social Centre!
Well our intrepid urban warriors were evicted from what will become yet another shameful fall of our only remaining local social centres. Shame on you Birmingham City Council!

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Anarchists Against the Wall UK tour - Grassroots in Israel/Palestine

15-09-2006 12:00

The infamous Anarchists Against the Wall, an Israeli direct action group which is committed to joint popular struggle with Palestinians, is sending two representatives on a speaking tour around Europe, with an extensive tour around the UK.

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Pentagon Think Tank Head Resigns Over EDO Corp Corruption Scandal

15-09-2006 08:42

Trustees of a Pentagon funded think tank, the Institute for Defence Analysis (IDA), have concluded that their own President, the disgraced former EDO Corporation director, Admiral Dennis C. Blair, was acting in 'conflict of interest' when he oversaw the writing of a report for the US government that led to the extension of the multi billion dollar F22 Raptor production programme, which financially benefitted contractor EDO Corp, and his own shares in the company.The trustees of IDA have now forced Blair to resign his position as President of the institute.

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'EDO Must Close' Says South East England MEP

15-09-2006 06:39

South-East England’s Green MEP Caroline Lucas joined Brighton protesters outside the EDO MBM factory on Wednesday and called for the closure of the arms firm.

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15-09-2006 02:26

When questioned about his stance on the 9/11 issue, Chomsky timidly regurgitates the official line by saying that the version we are force-fed by the mainstream media is "pretty much what happened. He claims that he hasn't seen any "credible evidence" to suggest otherwise

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Maghull Meeting Debates NHS Sell-Off

14-09-2006 21:04

Some 200 local people packed the public meeting in Lydiate, near Maghull
last night called by KONP Merseyside in response to the threatened privatisation of GP services in Sefton East Parishes.

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Day 11 of Mersey Fire Strike: Desperate Authority Makes False Accusations

14-09-2006 20:19

With firefighters continuing to hold firm against the Fire Authority’s media manipulation and intimidation campaigns, and a public rally supporting the FBU scheduled for tomorrow, the Fire Authority have resorted to making obviously false accusations against the union and strikers.

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International day to support 'Il Silvestre' prisoners (Italy) - Fri 15 September

14-09-2006 19:17

Four months have passed since 10 comrades of the 'Il Slvestre' group (who produce the eco-anarcho magazine 'Terra Selvaggia' ) have been arrested (5 in prison and 5 under house arrest), accused of subversive association. This is one of many Italian government attempts to destroy a group that in the course of the years has produced a lot of newspapers, pamphlets, meetings, demos, solidarity, books, etc.

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Prisons & Their Role in Social Control

14-09-2006 18:50

Ask anybody how prisons work in society and you will generally receive the same glib response: they protect society by removing 'criminal' and 'anti-social' elements, thereby making life safer for the rest of us.

Is this true? Is it the whole truth?

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OutRage!:Supporting the Prayers for Darfur event 17 Sept

14-09-2006 15:51

Gay Rights group OutRage! statement in support of the Global Day of Action for
Darfur 17 Sept. and the linked prayers event.

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'Mass Lone Protest' around Parliament

14-09-2006 11:43

Discussion of a 'Mass Lone Protest' to circumvent the idiocy of the SOCPA act

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Zimbabweans call demo against mass deportation this Saturday (16th)

14-09-2006 11:33

Blair and Mugabe are on the same side
Thando Dube, who was recently freed after 12 months detained in Yarlswood after joining a hunger strike among Zimbabwean detainees, will join a demonstration against the deportation of Zimbabweans in Leeds this Saturday 16 September.

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Civil society groups denounce Singapore government, IMF-WB for barring activists

14-09-2006 10:33

12 Sept 06 - Protest against World Bank at Makati Shangri-la
Jubilee South and the Freedom from Debt Coalition of the Philippines, two of the proponents and lead organizers of the International Peoples Forum vs the IMF and World Bank, denounce the latest move of the Singapore government to prevent the exercise of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

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Day 10 of Mersey Fire Strike: Yet More Strike Dates Promised

13-09-2006 21:18

Eight more strike dates were announced this evening, which are scheduled to take place from 20th September. Meanwhile, it seems that the solid strike has finally forced the Fire Authority back to the table.

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Revista Speak Up!! See link:- Revista Speak Up!! Non-Violent Communication

13-09-2006 11:03

Non-Violent Communication

Algo que pode ser útil tanto para civilizar a rivalidade entre israelenses e
palestinos quanto para ajudar pais a educarem seus filhos com menos
transtornos: Speak Up entrevistou com exclusividade o criador da Comunicação

Can you believe that Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Americans, and
even parents and children are learning to get along better(1)?