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28-09-2006 21:08

The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) has learned that an evangelical Christian politician will be seeking a private prosecution of members of the Gay Police Association (GPA) following the Crown Prosecution Service’s determination last week that the group would not be prosecuted.

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Bus Users Surgery at Barry, Glamorgan - 23rd November 2006

28-09-2006 20:58

The National Federation of Bus Users (Bus Users UK) brings together passengers and representatives from Bus Companies in an informal environment to discuss services and transport issues.

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Palestine Today

28-09-2006 16:45

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre For Thursday September 28th, 2006

Israeli air forces struck a Palestinian house in Rafah, the army injures an old farmer north of Beit Lahia town in the Gaza Strip, and in the West Bank the army invades several cities and takes prisoners. These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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Another Tragedy Engulfing Afghanistan

28-09-2006 15:26

photo by Shayne Kavanagh
Afghanistan is presently suffering its worst violence since the removal of the Taliban government five years ago due to NATO´s extension of its ´peacekeeping mission´ to the South. But while the polticians are still busy with their war games, yet another tragedy is engulfing Afghanistan.

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Pilger,Ali & Terry Jones at Folkestone Lit Fest (10-19 Nov)

28-09-2006 13:26

Award winning journo John Pilger, political commentator Tariq Ali, and Python's (and not friend of Bliar etc) Terry Jones are at this years Folkestone Lit Fest

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Demonstrate at Communications House! Tuesday 3 October

28-09-2006 11:55

Support asylum seekers in London

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Homeless families in Iraq seek government action

28-09-2006 11:34

Hundreds of homeless people demonstrated in Baghdad on Monday in protest over being evicted from government buildings and schools they had been squatting in.

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Poland - government has to go!

28-09-2006 11:20

hence! the government! hence the corruption of... no for liberals of...
Around 200 people demonstrate in a front of parliment builidings in Poland asking the government for leave...

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URGENT - Witch hunt in Chile: Six anarchists arrested after police raid squat.

28-09-2006 04:01

A lot of weapons of mass destruction
This is what progressive democracy looks like.

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Rhythms of Resistance Manchester: drums not war! (27/9 action)

28-09-2006 00:12

27/09/06 at 8pm:

Young, naive but loud! A small band of Rhythms of Resistance Manchester sambistas walked right at the entrance of Midlands Hotel (where the labour conference delegates were staying) playing funky tunes and shouting antiwar chants.

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Palestine Today

27-09-2006 17:24

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre For Wednesday September 27th, 2006

One child was killed and at least fourteen residents were injured in an Israeli air strike and 20 residents were taken prisoner by the Israeli army during an invasion to areas east of Khan Younis, while the army continue to attack West Bank cities and taking prisoners. These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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Cops get heavy handed at Manchester Peace Rally

27-09-2006 15:38

Today in Manchester, a group of around 70 protesters gathered for the Rally of Resistance, an act of civil disobedience against Anti-Terror laws preventing protests close to the G-Mex conference venue of this year's Labour party conference. Manchester Police decided to act less than peacefully and several protesters were gratuitously shoved into a cordon.

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Liverpool resident halts Pathfinder programme

27-09-2006 14:55

In successfully challenging a Compulsory Purchase Order on her home a Liverpool resident may have dealt a fatal blow to the hated New Labour Pathfinder programme.

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Stop the Northern Coastal Reclamation Project in Indonesia!

27-09-2006 14:17

This is an urgent appeal from eco-activists in Indonesia. This appeal is about an environmentaly destructive development called 'Northern Coastal Reclamation Project'. Our campaign strategy will be to push the Dutch reclamation consultant to resign from this corporate-greed project, therefore we need solidarity from dutch activists (and also from all people everywhere else of course!)

The name of the consultant company is WitteveenBos. -- It is the only consultant in Indonesian for this kind of project. The plan is threatening the lives of many poor people, and will wreck an ecologically sensitive area.

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Titnore Woods: Reprieve for 210 trees?/Mass Mobilisation on 7th Oct

27-09-2006 14:12

Despite being asked, Indymedia editors has decided not to promote this story to the front page of the UK Indymedia. Considering IMC was originally borne out of RTS and the Anti-roads movement/ecological struggle, this is a poor show guys...

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Free the Five Cubans!, in Washington...

27-09-2006 10:51

"Free the Five" march in Washington...

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17 year old shot in Meadows in bright daylight

27-09-2006 10:01

A 17 year old boy was shot in bright daylight yesterday, in the Bridgeway shopping area in the Meadows. After an arguement another youth approached the 17 year old and shot him in the chest.


Shooting in The Meadows, Nottingham (police press release)

Download nationwide survey on crime,%20Reform,%20July%202006.pdf

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Shell blocked AGAIN in North West Ireland!

26-09-2006 14:31

Protesters blocking entrance in early hours
Shell were blocked once again this morning as they tried to resume work on the disputed Corrib Gas project.

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Divided City Open Forum - Sun 1st Oct, Limehouse

26-09-2006 12:52

Divided City Open Forum flyer
Just to let you know and encourage you to attend the Divided City Open
Forum on Sunday 1st October, venue - Limehouse Town Hall.
In the Main Open forum session will be the "LONDON CAMPAIGN ROUNDUP - COMMUNITIES IN RESISTANCE" with speakers from the Broadway Market campaign, the campaign to save Queens Market in Newham, people from the Dale farm travellers community, and activists from Dalston Theatre, chaired by Dave Morris from Haringey Solidarity Group. Start time, around around 4.30-5.

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Six entries for six people (Israel: Part 6)

26-09-2006 10:11

This is the sixth and final part of a series regarding my recent visit to Israel and Palestine. I went as part of an all female, religiously mixed group of 1 Jew, 4 Muslims and me, a little old nothingist (and occasional faux-Christian for balances sake).