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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Target David Attenborough

11-12-2009 14:31

International anti-fascist climate activists have disrupted a policy briefing of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT)(1) in Copenhagen. More than 30 activists from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK occupied a conference room at the DGI-byen Hotel in the centre of town where OPT officials were due to brief anti-population campaigners and members of the press on its stance on the Copenhagen negotiations. The meeting had to be suspended.

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Israel, the Palestinians and Apartheid: The Case for Sanctions and Boycott

11-12-2009 02:59

Omar Barghouti (PACBI)
Full video, photos, mp3s and report of BRICUP conference held at SOAS on 4th Dec 2009

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Rural activists killed in Brazil (by Latuff)

11-12-2009 02:53

Elcio and Gilson, rural activists of Liga dos Camponeses Pobres
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Tar Sands Action

10-12-2009 23:57

Shut Down Tar Sands
Climate Camp Trafalgar Square
Monday 14th

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Petrol station burnt down in Copenhagen protest

10-12-2009 22:00

Andra sidan är ni klara?! (The other side, are you ready?!)

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World Human Rights Day Thursday 10th December

10-12-2009 08:48

Photo: Bellevision Media Network
Dignity and Justice to all of You from NCADC

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Solidarity in the Attack

10-12-2009 00:16

Wherever I see you mad power, without wasting too many words, I'll try to do you in !

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Indymedia Space in Copenhagen set up

09-12-2009 17:23

Indymedia has set up a space in Solidaritetshuset on Griffensegald 41, right next to lots of busy and happening venues. So, when you get into Copenhagen, be sure to look us up. Don't forget that een if you can't come to see us, then be sure to post to

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People For Ethical Treatment Of Animals Designated Terrorists

09-12-2009 15:12

US government internal anti-terror pamphlet designated PETA a special interest domestic terrorist group...

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Peter Tierney and Merseyside BNP head to court yet again...

09-12-2009 14:31

Today, Merseyside BNP "super-activist" Peter Tierney was up at the Crown Court to enter a plea on charges of assault. In response, Liverpool Antifascists turned up to distribute leaflets informing the public of exactly who Merseyside BNP has in its ranks.

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Copenhagen Farewell Lunch

09-12-2009 13:37

Friday 11th
Climate Camp -Trafalgar Square

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Justice Denied: Women victims of torture face a lifetime of suffering

09-12-2009 13:16

Medical Foundation
"Whether perpetrated in conflict or in peace, the root causes of violence against women [are] deep-seated inequalities and discrimination"

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Urgent Communique From Athens Anarchists

09-12-2009 12:22

armed greek police officer
Since police in Greece shot and killed a 15 year old libertarian named alexis grigoropoulos last december the 6th, anarchists and other activists have waged a total war of revenge and plotting to overthrow capitalist and junta rule around their neighborhoods, with bomb, gun and riot attacks on police at every available opportunity.

Below is a translation of a message urgently posted on Indymedia to highlight the after effects of that continued resistance, based on the memorial march on the 6/12/09 that police attacked and tried to stop.

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100 Ways To Undermine The Industrial Machine (collated version)

09-12-2009 11:42

This article appears in two parts on The Earth Blog, and an ongoing request is on for further ideas that can be added to the list - submissions can be made to

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Hunger Strike in Parliament Square, London

09-12-2009 11:23

Ocalan and Big Ben
On Sunday 5 December 2009 a post on the 'United States of Kurdistan' blog announced that The Kurdish Community in the UK were starting a hunger strike opposite the UK Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square, and asked for support.

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Around the Campaigns Wednesday 9th December 2009

09-12-2009 08:06

Child 'M' Campaign
Child 'M' Back in Manchester, where he belongs
Child M and his family were released from detention yesterday evening after 3 weeks in Yarl's Wood. No reason has been given for their release. They are now back in Manchester.

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Direct Action; Canada, Chile, Italy & UK

08-12-2009 23:13

3rd-7th December


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Welcome to Honduras

08-12-2009 17:09

This summer a one little talked about Central American country made big headlines. Once for the military coup that sparked mass condemnation throughout the globe and then for its national football team who qualified for the FIFA world cup. The country has a booming tourist industry catering for over a million tourists a year, but is also the third poorest state in the western hemisphere and has two of the world’s biggest gangs waging a bloody war on its streets. Welcome to Honduras.

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COP OUT CAMP OUT is staying put in Trafalgar Square

08-12-2009 15:27

At 4pm on Saturday, following The Wave of 40,000 concerned individuals, Climate Camp went further and occupied Trafalgar Square successfully for the planned 48 hours. However, with the doomed Copenhagen Climate Conference only just beginning its two week corporate sponsored farce, we're now not going anywhere.