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Urgent Communique From Athens Anarchists

translator for anarchist comrades in UK | 09.12.2009 12:22 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles

Since police in Greece shot and killed a 15 year old libertarian named alexis grigoropoulos last december the 6th, anarchists and other activists have waged a total war of revenge and plotting to overthrow capitalist and junta rule around their neighborhoods, with bomb, gun and riot attacks on police at every available opportunity.

Below is a translation of a message urgently posted on Indymedia to highlight the after effects of that continued resistance, based on the memorial march on the 6/12/09 that police attacked and tried to stop.

armed greek police officer
armed greek police officer

Have already implemented a junta AFTER the crash Fearing DEKEMVRIDES NEW!
Published here a commentary published in trying to intimintia which was shown to have understood the asfalites, just as was the tvxs:

In recent days are incredible orgies junta in Greece. LIMITED:

1) Batsi with weapons in the demonstrations
2) engine surge against protesters
3) cops march in peaceful demonstrators tracks, wild wood intrusive arrests and indiscriminate
4) staged events such as the alleged assassination attempt against the rector
5) An enormous number of unclear and even criminal prosecution and arresting young people and older
6) Close schools on the pretext of avian and merciless beating of students who wanted to get to their schools
7) Asfalites who kidnap young protesters
8) Cooperation Golden Dawn-Police in novel level
9) Secret meetings Chrysohoides kanalarchon megalodimosiografon and what and how it is on TV
10) Covert cameras and sequels helicopter flights
11) Zero tolerance makes a bitter orange and a stone against a bank in a felony and a pretext for attack atynomiki
12) BAN demonstrations and political gatherings in the conversion area in massive police intimidation and outrageous filing
13) Chakeristikes attacks on indymedia and seizure, apparently of tvxs from asfalites by deleting the comments of
14) Invasion in space and self-managed MAZIKES PREVENTIVE ARRESTS.
15) Orwellian why anarchists call the body and the rebels "fascists and Nazis!".
16) Chountiki removal of asylum


Some of them had done individually, others only in the 1967-1974 junta and others never.

MA POTE drinks have been so all together in such a short space!
It seems that the crash which happened here and hide, like the indomitable December, has the power to activate an emergency plan, a new PLASTER.

These moments are more than historical. We are witnessing for the first time since 1967 to impose fascist police coup. Those crimes if they are able to commit a parliamentary democracy, the junta is still a quality start and we all have to understand that. The anarchist slogans in the streets begin to write bluntly: "The junta DOWN"

A collusion prosecutors, rectors, megaloaston, kanalarchon and police, and still do not know what other local and foreign forces have been shuffled. It sounds to human extinction. The climate is so fluid as in the junta.

TIME NOT be silent! This is no time to relax!


Wake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

translator for anarchist comrades in UK


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