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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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EU deal with Greece betrayal of OXI

16-07-2015 03:33

The die has been cast. The Geek prime minister Tsipras, who won the elections
because of his promise to make an end to Trojka austerity measures, has capitulated,
accepting the hardest EU deal with Greece ever. Shame on him and his party
Syriza, which has lost every credibility. It's a horrible betrayal of OXI, plunging
the Greek people in still worse misery. People of Greece, fight for Freedom!

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Establishment Judge heads UK abuse enquiry

14-07-2015 04:54

A New Zealand judge with the lowest ranking from NZ lawyers will be paid a package worth $1.1 million a year to investigate historic abuse cases in the UK

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Curo Housing and the 1% rent cut.

11-07-2015 19:07

George Osborne’s budget cut to social housing rents of 1% a year for the next four years is set to throw organisations such as the Curo Housing Group into their biggest financial crisis.

The announcement caught Curo Housing by surprise. Just last year the government had committed to it increasing its rents based on CPI plus 1% a year for the next decade.

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Reclaim the Fields International Action Camp 2015

10-07-2015 13:41

This year, an international gathering will be held in the UK, in Dudleston, Shropshire, on the Welsh/English border to resist the mega prison.

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Ublocks: Failed Pub Singer of Huyton #antifa @graham_downes @thechikky @bluehand

06-07-2015 02:29

Twitter's most annoying racist troll @ublocks, follows the shamed tradition of far right. Whereas Adolf Hitler was a failed artist, poor Les is renowned in the run-down hostelries of Huyton as a piss-artist, relegated to touting his services via Star Now as a tupenny-hapenny ballad singer who can sing rock and roll and country and western music for a bag full of peanuts and a half of watered-down shandy. So much for the kudos of online hatemongers #bluehand, when their leading light a failed pub singer.

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SPORT ARE DENTISTS - EDL IN SHEFFIELD #antifa @misscheeky666 @edlnews @slatedl

04-07-2015 17:06

The regurgitated dregs of Britain's far right "foot soldiers" slithered embarrassingly into Sheffield leaving a trail of slime, used beer cans everywhere, misspelt banners of hate and sweat-encrusted t-shirts announcing their unwelcome presence. Wasting their train fares for a mindless piss-up, the flotsam and jetsam of middle-age angst meandered aimlessly from pillar to post, chanting moronic racial epithets against people with darker skins.

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Tower Hamlets - the Commissioners are being steamed up!

01-07-2015 10:48

Tower Hamlets Council is not in the news at present.
Could it be that the Commissioners sent in by former Local Govt Minister (Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government) Eric Pickles have sorted out the “rotten borough”?

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"Back To Work Therapy, Is No Therapy At All"

29-06-2015 03:45

Banner drop from inside
On the 26th of June 2015, members of the Mental Health Resistance Network and Blac Banner Collective @blacbanner disrupted the launch party of the so called Living Well Hub in Streatham Job Centre. Many believe that having therapists in the JobCentre Plus will only lead to further sanctions and targeting of the most vulnerable in our society. For further background search the hashtag #NoForcedTreatment.

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International Art and Social Consciousness: Rejecting ‘Endless Lines and Squares

28-06-2015 12:11

Crisis? What Crisis? by Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin Triptych / Oil on canvas / 60cm
Despite all the contemporary global interconnectedness, the lack of an international social consciousness among artists (whose work is linked only by its sameness and market-ready designs and styles) evokes frustration in the politically conscious critic and commentator.

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Meersbrook B&M Bargains Workfare Protest #BandMDayofAction

27-06-2015 17:36

There was a protest outside B&M Bargains on Chesterfield Road, Meersbrook, Sheffield on 27th June 2015 as part of the National Day of Action organised by Boycott Workfare.

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev execution verdict - demo at US embassy this Friday

25-06-2015 08:28

Once again the US 'justice' system has shamed the word by sentencing to death Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Join us this Friday outside the US embassy to let the American authorities know we don't want their brand of justice in the modern world.

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ANTIFA: SOUTH YORKSHIRE'S KKK MARCH IN BARNSLEY @edlnews @misscheeky666 @slatedl

23-06-2015 02:52

Taking their inspiration from the lynch mobs of the Mississippi Delta, the rednecked lager swilling former football hooligans of the "South Yorkshire Casuals" emerged as Yorkshire's answer to the KKK, marching against a rape suspect just because he was reported as having a brown skin and a "big nose"....... The pre-march event post claimed "immigrants were out to destroy Barnsley".

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EDL RADICALISING LITTLE TODDLERS: #edl #antifa @edlnews @misscheeky666 @slatedl

21-06-2015 07:59

Frightening evidence has emerged that EDL parents are dressing up their children in far right merchandise. Little girls as young as three are being kitted out in clothing complete with fascist political messages designed to groom little kiddies into full-blown neo-nazi hatred which will be with them for life. Bringing up kids with the immorality of racism is totally and utterly unforgiveable. EDL parents are immoral to the extreme.

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ANTIFA: Selwyns Coaches Race Scandal @edlnews @misscheeky666 #NationalExpRacism

20-06-2015 20:15

A disgusting case of racial discrimination against Muslim passengers has been reported by National Express passengers denied access to a Manchester to Leeds coach, and is trending on Twitter. Most National Express coach routes are operated independently of NX. The driver reportedly named "Caroline", is exployed by Runcorn-based Selwyns Coaches owned by French government-owned transport company RATP.

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20-06-2015 17:40

The NorthEast Division of the EDL (AKA Alan Spence), has openly come out in support of racist hate crimes on Twitter. Once upon a time, divisional Twitter accounts would have kept their mouths shut as a PR exercise, but now, Tommy Robinson long gone, they openly laud violent Islamophobic hate crimes, proud of supporting criminal hate. This is vile beyond words....

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ANTIFA: Convicted Murderer Paul Teed Joins Bluehand @thechikky @slatfascists edl

13-06-2015 19:22

A Bradford-based mass murderer who was jailed for 23 years for killing his parents, and broke his parole last year and was jailed for a further six months for operating a cannabis factory, has come out of jai to set up and extremely racist Twitter account @teed_paul David the James Bond fanatic has welcomed him to Bluehand.

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March on Streatham Jobcentre June 26th

10-06-2015 19:06

Speaking to a BBC Journalist a DWP spokesman stated:

The government plans to place 350 psychologists in job centres by the end of the summer to help benefit claimants beat depression and get back into the jobs market.

Having learnt that Streatham Jobcentreplus is the site for a pilot of the scheme, the Mental Health Resistance Network have called a March on the Jobcentre for Friday 26th June.

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Tower Hamlets voided votes - who is 'winning'? So far, corruption heads the news

08-06-2015 09:31

Thursday's scheduled re-election of the 2014 Tower Hamlets Exec Mayor Poll is already hitting the
news in predictable manner. Already 16 allegations are under reported investigation by the Police.
But will any of these alleged offences lead to any root and branch change? Will Tower Hamlets
ever become a decently run democratic Borough? Signs today are that we may have to wait for years before that happens

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HELP AT HAND FOR #BLUEHAND #edl #antifa @begs_alixx @slatfascists @thechikky

07-06-2015 00:39

From the simmering embers of the BNP and EDL, the online-only far right pressure group who never hold real life goosestomps, Bluehand, have risen from nothing to nothing, and are such a pitiful group, posting repeated homophobia, racism and sexism online, using Twitter as a hate tool, the brainy boffins of Internetz Land have felt sorry for these fascist idiots.