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UG#732 - A Billion Here, A Billion There, Pretty Soon You're Talking Real Money

02-04-2016 00:24

We look at a new topic on the show - one of the largest frauds committed in the USA in the 20th Century - and why it is that the looting of hundreds of billions of dollars has for the most part not only gone unpunished but uninvestigated. Our speaker is Pete Brewton, author of The Mafia, The CIA and George Bush.

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Chios, Greece: 'hot spot' empties, 800 tear down gate and march to harbor

01-04-2016 16:45

500 refugees, followed by 300 more, broke the main gate of the 'hot spot' Vial on Chios island and walked 10km to the harbor where they await the night ferry to Athens

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Hanged for Murder - Pardoned 86 Years Later

30-03-2016 09:50

Colin Campbell Ross, 28, went to the gallows protesting his innocence. He was hanged on April 24, 1922 at Melbourne Gaol in Australia. He was convicted of the murder of a 12-year-old girl. Eighty-six years later, he was pardoned for a crime he did not commit.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: #NAZI #FILTH @siegfails @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @slatukip

27-03-2016 17:55

Roll the clock back a few years, and "patriots" (as racist national socialists still deceivingly like to call themselves), were fawning pseudo-tears for the victims of terrorist attacks. Tommy Robinson and his fascist thug friends engaged in walks to raise funds (supposedly) for victims families. As it happened, all the money went into racists pockets, Josh Bonehill included, as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and fellow his fuhrers of the Far Right exploited tragedy for personal gain. Now, just a few years later, the far right are doing away with all the falsities of pretence, and when not invited to take part in legitimate anti-terror protests, they gatecrash the mourners, turning up doing straight-right-hand salutes to the world's worst ever terrorist Adolf Hitler, stamping on the wreaths laid by the mourners with cold, heartless white supremacist brutality. And if that wasn't enough to chill the blood, news outlets such as BBC and Sky News's Twitter accounts were teeming with support for the Hitler-saluting wreath-crushers, including registered UKIP supporters, who sickeningly called the Brussels hardcore neo-Nazis "people standing up for themselves".

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IDIOTIC FRENCH FASCISTS @loup_dargent @siegfails #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

27-03-2016 14:40

If you think the EDL are the stupidest idiots on the planet, spare a thought for their braindead moronic French counterparts who shared a recent EDL Leeds Division video, thinking it showed 7000 nazis marching in Newcastle from the previous weekend. Talk about thick - 500 plus people "liked" the video which was actually filmed four years ago, believing it to be current. Not that there was ever 7000 people on an EDL march, but the cretins from across the channel put our EDL to shame in their sheer stupidity.

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FASCISTS LOVING PAVEMENTS @siegfails #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @hopenothate @JLRFB

27-03-2016 13:45

Seven EDLers, one-in-seven fascist no-marks, were arrested in Rotherham after a turn-out tinier than the average EDL member's penis. With no counter-protestors in sight, gone are the days the supposed patriots could blame their blatant disregard of their own country's laws on the UAF, Lenin, or the Tooth Fairy. No matter who counter-protests or not, the idiotic thugs of the EDL just can't help themselves. Looking down a long list of EDL convicted criminals, it becomes clear that many hangers-on within this ragtag organisation get their kicks from their own suffering, which should come as no surprise. Only a sadomasochist would stick with such a car crash of a far right political group. A word of advice for EDL fash - they might as well hold their next demo inside the entrance to a police station, ready to be readily dispatched to the cells at the moment their brains implode, saving local authorities thousands of much needed council tax revenue which otherwise could be put into social services or youth and community services budgets. Small wonder many regions which suffer regular far right demos, are still feeling the effects of the recession.

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#EDL #EMPLOYMENT #ADVICE @siegfails #ANTIFA @JLRFB @slatukip @misscheeky666 ukip

26-03-2016 13:48

The poor deluded fascist scumbags that are the rotten remains of the EDL arrived at their industrial Pegida-style "middle of nowhere" Rotherham demo site, much to their horror, discovering an employment agency slap-bang where they had left their flags. In seconds, they were gone, all three of them.

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Lambeth Council agree to bulldoze Cressingham Gardens/council meeting disrupted

22-03-2016 02:18

Lambeth Council agrees to bulldoze Cressingham Gardens as lively Cabinet meeting ends in complete farce

Lambeth Council's Cabinet agreed to press ahead with the complete regeneration of Cressingham Gardens during a robust meeting on Monday evening at Lilian Bayliss Technology School which had to be suspended temporarily after councillors were shouted down in a blistering cacophony of heckling, open derision and finally, a barrage of chanting (of the word "shame on you" and "what a load of rubbish" by a sizeable turnout of objectors in attendance, as councillors were responding to the conclusion of many detailed contributions from local people objecting to council plans.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: BIFFERS IN MANCHESTER @misscheeky666 @jlrfb @siegfails @ant1fane

20-03-2016 16:42

Ever wondered what happened to the dinosaurs??? Those that didn't dramatically perish after being struck with comets or frozen dead as dodos in a severe ice age, evolved into alligators, lizards and birds. When the dinosaurs of the BNP popped their electoral clogs, a small herd of braindead sheep got religion and left to form Shitain First, a political party cum pseudo-religious cult devoted to viewing all Muslims as extremists while paying homage to Christian extremism. Hallelujah! The god botherers who have never been to church, will turn up in anti-fascist Manchester on Saturday 9th of April 2016, to scream and shout abuse at non-white people, gays and lesbians in the cause of their "crusade".

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Next London Fuck Parade against Gentrification, May Day! Sunday 1st May

18-03-2016 02:31

Meet Sunday 1st May 2016, 6pm @ One Commercial Street, Aldgate, London E1 7PT. Bring sounds, noise, love, anything you want to see in a street party against gentrification

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#ANTIFA ALERT SMASH ODINISM @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @jlrfb @ant1fane

16-03-2016 17:40

Walts For Hitler
It says a lot when British Nationalism has to rely on European fascist movements to teach racist Little Englanders how to be racist in England. Gone are the days of homegrown fascist filth such as Oswald Mosley and John Tyndall slobbering over the union flag. Pan-continental fascist groups are now all the rage. Yes, fascism has always been Italian in origin, and yes, the nazis originated in Germany, led by an Austrian. But what about Rule Britannia and God Save The Queen? and what about that absolute guff about preserving Christianity???

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Philippines' Bernie Sanders: A Conversation with Walden Bello

15-03-2016 08:21

Without a doubt, Sanders has captured the imagination of people, especially the millennials, around the world.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: ODINIST #NAZI ALERT @slatukip @misscheeky666 @dubdanu @JLRFB

10-03-2016 12:23

Scandinavia's version of the KKK, the so-called "Soldiers Of Odin", have linked up with British far right activists to bring the violent biker-influenced neo-Nazi Odinist-worshipping cult to the streets of the United Kingdom, and fascist activists of several far right groups including National Action are reportedly getting involved with this quasi-terrorist group, their aims, to foment rioting between white people and non-Aryans including Muslims. Their white supremacist "Norse God" ideology of Wodinism / Odinism, an extreme religious philosophy worshipped by ex-oddballs of the BNP - racist space monkey Lee Barnes, police grass Eddie Stampton and senior members of the National Front, provides another dogmatic reason to hate people different to themselves. Even Kippers are getting in on the act, Twitter's foremost UKIP publicist David Jones, lending his support to violent racial assaults carried out by hardcore white supremacists. Nigel Farage continues to refuse to remove Jones's membership card, despite his alarmingly extreme views.

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Oxford Waterways PSPO Council Meeting 7-3-2015 18.15 Oxford Town Hall

06-03-2016 22:55

Not the boaters!!
Oxford City Council is trying to secretly make a Public Space Protection Order against live-aboard boaters in Oxford effectively removing them from the City. The Scrutiny Committee will be considering this at the Town Hall at 18.15 on 7-3-2015. Please come and show solidarity against this draconian plan.

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Walden Bello: Sanders as US President good for US, Philippines, and Asia

02-03-2016 06:46

MANILA - “Bernie Sanders would be good not only for the United States but for the Philippines and Asia,” Walden Bello told the US media after he chatted briefly with the candidate for Democratic Party presidential nomination in Waterloo, Iowa on Sunday, 13 December 2015.

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Tory-Euro Bargain Blasted

26-02-2016 10:09

Mainland oligarchs are throwing Europe´s Founding Fathers under the bus as to appease a rogue warlord on Britain, says Dr. Bastian Al Abgar, who has advised the Greek government on anti-austerity issues. It´s the nose of disintegration entering the tent sugar-coated with the ideological syrup of neoliberalism. But though Cameron is munching of Thatcher´s dish, he is distracting from the “Iron Lady´s” sudden death over her learning of the international law decreed upon the failed confederacy and its collaborators. The Europeans could easily grab that madman at this rusty ring, push him back and put the lid on the barrel so toxic that even the flies avoid it. But the two sides are complicit in the events immediately preceding the heartache.

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Callout - Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2016 - Building an Anarchist Future

25-02-2016 20:40

Bookfair flyer - front
The 8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is on Saturday 30th April 2016, 11am to 6pm.
At Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW, with the Radical History Zone just 5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop.

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UG#730 - The Life Blood of Empire (Secrets of The Seven Sisters)

23-02-2016 11:21

This week, a look at the stuff of empire, that is, the resource of preeminent importance to understanding geopolitics in the 21st century - petroleum. We adapt a documentary on The Seven Sisters, supplemented with the research of Russ Baker.

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Philippines: Bongbong Marcos is a false prophet of unity

23-02-2016 11:00

Akbayan PartyList today countered Senator Bongbong Marcos’s calls to elect politicians who will push for unity, saying the ambitious scion of the dictator does not fit the quality he endorses.

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Universal Credit is coming to Cambridge!

22-02-2016 23:43

The picket outside Cambridge Jobcentre.
Last Tuesday (February 16th 2016) there was a small picket in front of Henry Giles House, the Cambridge Jobcentre, to mark the occasion of a big change in the welfare system.

Universal Credit is being rolled out for all new claimants over 25 in Cambridge from February 29th!!