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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Academies Talk hosted at Impington VC, Cambridge, 14/03/2001

15-03-2011 16:59

A hall designed by Bauhaus founder Walther Gropius!
On Tuesday night (14-03-2011) Councillor Peter Downes hosted a talk at Impington Village College on the subject of Academies.

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Power and Privilege within - a workshop

15-03-2011 09:49

Based on Anti-Oppression training techniques (currently offered in the UK by groups such as Otesha and Platform), this workshop is aimed at people who are part of any group with environmental or social justice goals, who want to become more aware of how power and privilege within their own organisation affects what they do.

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Sheffield - Cut the Corporate Elite - 12 March Demo Video

14-03-2011 20:58

Video 12 March Demo and Direct Actions in Sheffield

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Policing and barriers at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Sheffield #ldconf

14-03-2011 20:19

Over the top policing and massive mobile steel walls were deployed in Sheffield City Centre on 12th March 2011 against people protesting at the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference which was being held in the City Hall.

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Liberal Democrat Conference Protest: Rally at Barkers Pool #ldconf

14-03-2011 19:38

Audio from the rally at Barkers Pool (sorry that at least the first speaker is missing), which was held on 12th March 2011 in Sheffield outside the City Hall , where the Liberal Democrats were meeting.

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Cambridge University Students Occupy Senate House Lawn.

14-03-2011 15:36

A now familiar sight in Cambridge...
On Friday March 11th, students from the local activist group Cambridge Defend Education occupied the front lawn of Senate House, part of the admistrative centre for Cambridge University.

This was in response to the Vice Chancellor deciding to ignore students and employers to save Bursaries, which financially support students with their studies and allow them to continue attending Cambridge University.

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Sheffield March Against the Liberal Democrats #ldconf

14-03-2011 15:06

Some photos from the march held in Sheffield on 12th March 2011 from Devonshire Green to the Town Hall in opposition to the Liberal Democrat Conference at the City Hall.

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Remembering Dalal al-Mughrabi, the symbol of Palestinian struggle for liberation

14-03-2011 08:17

Dalal al-Mughrabi (1959-1978)
Dalal al-Mughrabi, a Palestinian fighter who became a legend for many years, led a group of 12 fighters in one of the most talked about attacks against Israeli forces 33 years ago. “

Dalal is still seen by Palestinians and Arabs as a hero and an outstanding fighter. "Dalal will never be forgotten as she will remain an admirable symbol of the Palestinian women’s struggle and an example to be emulated by young Palestinian men and women who will pursue the armed struggle until the liberation of Palestine” says her mother.

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Lib Dem conference: Reports from Sheffield under siege

13-03-2011 11:52

A report on actions taking place as part of the opposition to the Liberal Democrat conference on Saturday 12th May.

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Sheffield Lib Dumb Conference, Day Two - Photo Journal

12-03-2011 21:13

£3000 per hour Chopper
A short photo journal of action in Sheffield on Day 2 of the Lib Dumb Spring Conference.

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Audio from the Rally at the start of the March against the LibDem Conf #ldconf

12-03-2011 16:03

Attached is a recording of the rally at Devonshire Green at the start of the protest against the Liberal Democrat Conference held in Sheffield on 12th March 2011.

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Photos from the start of the Liberal Democrat Conference Protest Day 2 #ldconf

12-03-2011 15:22

On Saturday 12th March 2011 protestors gathered on Devonshire Green, for a march to protest against the Liberal Democrat Conference being held in Sheffield City Hall.

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The indigenous: between harassment and dispossession

12-03-2011 13:33

Seventeen years after the armed uprising in Chiapas and eleven after the signing of the San Andrés accords on indigenous rights and culture, the situation of indigenous peoples throughout the country is worse than ever. There is literally a war of dispossession against their lands and territories.

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Open Letter from Out East to the organisers of East End Gay Pride

12-03-2011 01:13

In response to 'East End Gay Pride' march from the organizers of Hackney Pride March - OUTEAST

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Big Society? Big Social Centres! Public meeting, Tuesday 22nd March

11-03-2011 21:14

Public meeting for anyone interested in establishing an autonomous social centre in Manchester, 18.30-20.00, Tuesday 22nd March at the University of Manchester occupation - for map and printable flyers see

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Photos from the protest, 11th March, Sheffield city centre #ldconf

11-03-2011 20:12

Riot vans on Trippet Lane 1
Photos from the protest, 11th March, Sheffield city centre

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Protests at the First Day of the Liberal Democrat Conference #ldconf

11-03-2011 19:19

Some photos of the protest today, lots more are expected tomorrow, assemble at 11am on Devonshire Green.

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UK Ungoverned: a call to action on March 26th.

11-03-2011 18:27

The TUC has called for a mass demonstration on March 26th against the cuts. We call to make the 26th a day
of effective action and resistance.

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UG#539 - Outing School 2 (Scientific Management as Religion)

11-03-2011 17:53

This week we continue to examine the details of schooling as a social control mechanism. First, a section from John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education, followed by the conclusion of his Radio Free School interview and an excerpt from a speech on the scientific management of children. In hour 2, Peg Luksik of the Pennyslvania Parents' Commission asks Who Controls The Children?, focusing on increasingly sophisticated efforts by the schooling system to establish, log and 'correct' US students' attitudes.

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UG#540 - Outing School 3 (Teaching for Money v. Learning for Love)

11-03-2011 17:51

This week we conclude our series on forced schooling, with a range of voices on its inter-relation with commercial organisations, including a radio adaptation of the Canadian film, "Corporations in The Classroom", an interview with Maia Szalivitz on the 'troubled teen' industry, and an interview with Dayna Martin on the emerging 'partnership' style of parenting known as radical unschooling.