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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Melbourne: Businesses Targeted by G20 Protests

17-11-2006 16:07

The G20 meeting of Finance Ministers, the World Bank and the IMF is appearing in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend of 18-19 November. They are being welcomed by a series of conferences, creative protests and festivals by a wide variety of anti-globalisation activists.

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OutRage!- demo against poss Iran Arab executions-Sat 18th

17-11-2006 14:14

OutRage! is holding an emergency demo against the possible execution of 10 Arabs in Iran. Iran Embassy -London 1-3pm Sat 18 Nov..

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Jackie B. belongs in South Wales

17-11-2006 13:31

Jackie B. (not real name) and her child M
This young woman is a torture and rape victim, who was accepted by the Immigration Appellate Authority as a 'believable witness'. However her appeal was refused in 2005 on the grounds that even though she was suspected of being an LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) member and a torture and rape victim, she would not be in danger of persecution if she was returned to another part of Uganda, such as Kampala.

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Unconditional Basic Income - A Way to a Modern Socialism

17-11-2006 13:03

In a world full of concrete suffering, the particular individual and his inner nature can be assured in a new way. Trust is based on experiences made in experiments of alternative life and is neither naive nor blind. People would no longer be forced to only experience others as competitors on the foreign-determined market of capitalism.

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Public Meeting: Our World is Not for Sale

16-11-2006 20:21

Oxford World Development Movement (WDM) is hosting a public meeting to discuss possible ways forward in the fight against global poverty in the Long Room, Oxford Town Hall, on the 22nd November from 7:15-9:15pm . The topic for discussion is, 'The World Bank and International Monetary Fund: Reform or Abolition?'

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Birmingham Ramallah Twinning Initiative (BRTI)

16-11-2006 16:57

As part of the grassroots initiative to twin Birmingham with Ramallah on the West Bank of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, four Palestinians from Ramallah will visit Birmingham from the 20th to the 29th of November

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Inverted Values

16-11-2006 15:31

An Australian corporate director who FAILED to perform was recently relieved of his position; he nevertheless was able to walk with a $30 million severance package. This case is not uncommon, directors who fail to perform ensure they win regardless of other factors. Public companies are milk cows for these unscrupulous types.

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Organising for Fighting Unions: turning anger into workplace activism

16-11-2006 15:25

Activists gathered in London last Saturday to discuss the kind of trade unions we need today

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November 17th - Action Day for the Sagada11

16-11-2006 10:05

Actionreport November 17th- International Action Day for the Sagada11

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Directions to pipeline protest & Update

15-11-2006 21:49

Despite lots of bluff and bluster, police finally left the site today! more support is needed to keep the protest site going!

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Emergency Vigil for Peace and Social Justice in Colombia: Thursday 4pm

15-11-2006 21:45


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The Responsiveness of British Police to Islamic Fundamentalism

15-11-2006 21:09

While the British Metropolitan police were quick to raid Safa Einollahi's house and suspect him for "terrorist" activities, or shoot Jean-Charles Menendez, the innocent Brazilian, five times in the head, they seem to be some what more lethargic in moving against the real threats against this country.

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Iran executes another gay man.....

15-11-2006 16:20

News posted on -Nov 15th...

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Cardiff castle keep Occupied

15-11-2006 14:29

A number of activists have occupied the keep of cardiff castle.

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Rupert Murdock clarifies Rulership

15-11-2006 04:24

Not too long ago Rupert Murdock would have trounced anyone in his media group for letting the ‘cat out of the bag’ (stating plain truth). It was therefore with jaw-dropping amazement that a local Australian audience listened to Murdock plainly state that we should not allow a particular administration to affect our attitude to the United States. “Administrations come and go”, he said, inferring REAL POWER, which Murdock represents, continues unaffected by the whims of democratic process!

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Blackpool demonstration against the BNP conference

15-11-2006 03:58

North West Region UAF together with Blackpool Fylde and Wyre TUC have called a demonstration against the British National Party holding their badly-named Annual Conference in Blackpool.

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Unions Fight Own Members!

15-11-2006 01:18

Officials from the TGWU, Amicus and the GMB are backing the Jaguar car company rather than their own members in a pay dispute!

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Massacre in Chiapas:6 Women,3 Men, 2 Children, Assassinated in Lacandona Jungle

15-11-2006 00:54

Massacre in Chiapas: Six Women, Three Men, Two Children, Assassinated in Montes Azules
mexico for a holiday, drugs and rockanroll, WHO is behind all this? for how long?

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Protest @ Mexican Embassy - 6pm - Mon 20th Nov - Solidarity with Oaxaca!

14-11-2006 18:39

Please FWD this callout!