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Rupert Murdock clarifies Rulership

nano | 15.11.2006 04:24 | Analysis | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

Not too long ago Rupert Murdock would have trounced anyone in his media group for letting the ‘cat out of the bag’ (stating plain truth). It was therefore with jaw-dropping amazement that a local Australian audience listened to Murdock plainly state that we should not allow a particular administration to affect our attitude to the United States. “Administrations come and go”, he said, inferring REAL POWER, which Murdock represents, continues unaffected by the whims of democratic process!

“When Murdock speaks, governments listen”, stated the local media by way of introduction [they had better listen!] Murdock developed his King making AND BREAKING skills in Australia, just ask former Prime Ministers, Whitlam and Frazer – and all the puppet Prime Ministers since!

Murdock’s candour was refreshing if not surprising, some were concerned by the ageing media moguls’ slurred speech and chestnut rinsed hair, indications they said, that Murdock was “losing it”; perhaps, but the indirect confirmation that we should not take western governments too seriously is welcomed news – straight from the horse’s mouth!

Are we all now expected to disregard the fact that Murdock’s Fox news flagrantly supported the now detested Bush regime and the criminal invasion of Iraq? The fact that Murdock’s media group is now openly displaying their King making/breaking power in the USA has not gone unnoticed, in fact, Australians have always punched well above their weight. A dying Aussie has come home to bask in his glory, a job well done, a lesson and inspiration to all Australians. However, the strange national brew that produced Murdock has also produced others with similar skills but antithetical directions to Murdock’s ultra-conservative worldview.

Murdock would be the first to admit that intrinsic to the Australian psyche is the indomitable, egalitarian, secular spirit and the passionate belief in the ‘fair go’. It is those qualities that will prevail against the Bush, Howard and Blair regimes; these are the qualities, wrapped in the full flowering egalitarian/no world borders/elimination of all national and ideological divisions and all notions of private property that we export to China, India and the world – frightening, isn’t it?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘how can a few thousand colonialists hope to rule millions of Indians’. Now apply that formula to the globe, Rupert! The days of minority rule have ended – bye bye, Rupert, your world is dying with you!

As for the rest of us – We are ONE.



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