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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Statement from the Occupiers of Hackney cafe

30-11-2005 15:23


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Short video of St Agnes eviction

30-11-2005 13:56

Short video of the St Agnes eviction, November 29, 2005.

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Stop Blair from abolishing London communities - Defend local autonomy

30-11-2005 13:53

How could the ‘opposition’ Tories be praising the ‘record’ of Ken Livingstone?

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Colombian State Assassinates Peace Community Coordinator - Testimonial

30-11-2005 02:47

Testimonial from a Spanish Accompanier of the endangered people of San Jose peace community

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The racism is hard to take

30-11-2005 00:00

I don't see the reason for Nguyen Tuong Van facing hanging
I have no problem in criticising the Singapore government's death penalty or their ties with Burmese drug lords.

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There is no such thing as an Indonesian anti-corruption body

29-11-2005 22:09

(Breathe, breathe) It won't be long now (breathe, breathe)
I'm looking in the space. This time, this void. I'm making my way through the muddy minutes. The pull is in my muscle. The ache is in my bones. It's hard to be alone.

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Demo at Lambeth town hall over St.Agnes eviction.

29-11-2005 22:05

The town hall entrance.
Called at less than 1 hours notice a demo was held outside Lambeth town hall over the eviction of the St.Agnes place community.

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Police brutality at St Agnes - eviction completed

29-11-2005 21:17

Last resisting squatter removed in ambulance as eviction brutality completed

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St.Agnes place eviction: Interview with citizen journalists

29-11-2005 16:41

This is a write-up following a telephone interview with a film team working the grounds at St. Agnes place.

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OutRage!-supports Iran students demo 7 Dec.

29-11-2005 16:17

gay rights group Outrage! has called on all LGBT people to support the demo on Weds 7 Dec 2005 organized primarilyto support Iranian students.

5 more gay people have been 'executed' in Iran recently.

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Support occupation of cafe on Broadway Market

29-11-2005 15:44

A local cafe on Broadway market, London E8, is being occupied by locals to prevent its demolition. Tony Platia, who had been running the cafe for 30 years, was evicted in July by a property developer who owns half of the street and now wants to build luxury flats. The occupation needs support.

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St Agnes eviction, photos.

29-11-2005 14:42

Unwelcome visitors.
Over 200 bailiffs and riot cops deployed to make 100 people homeless.

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Political prisoners in Uruguay again

29-11-2005 14:18

Second Freddom March
Today we are experiencing a very grave situation in Uruguay. There was a protest on November 4 in the financial district of Montevideo as part of a continental movilization against the IV Summit of the Americas, the presence of Bush on Latin American soil, the FTAA and the US-Uruguay Free Trade Agreement. The protest resulted in riots and savage police repression, which was broadly covered by the press. The violent police repression reached its conclusion with several wounded and the arbitrary detention of 16 people, 4 of which are in prison being processed for the crime of ’sedition.’ This is clearly a political charge and it carries a sentence of 2 to 6 six in jail.

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BeyondTV International Film Festival 2005

29-11-2005 14:13

Secret Society of Active Art in Wales receiving their Misty
BeyondTV 2005, an international film festival organised by Undercurrents, took place in Swansea at the Dylan Thomas Centre over the weekend Friday-Sunday 25-27 November 2005.

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Lecture: Postanarchism and the future of Radical Politics

29-11-2005 13:14

Dr. Saul Newman (University of Western Australia) will be presenting a paper:

"Postanarchism and the future of radical politics"
...At Manchester University - 8th December 2005

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Riot cops surround St.Agnes Place

29-11-2005 10:32

Word in from the street that scores of Riot pigs are surrounding the squatted street, in the UK equivalent of cultural and ethnic cleansing at kennington this morning. Get yer arse down and help resist.

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28-11-2005 20:46

Santa Twins say no to ID Cards - holding the banner!

Sunday 20th November 2005 6pm Liverpool City Centre – Christmas Light switch on.

The Santa twins from Liverpool Defy-ID showed their banner and gave out anti-ID leaflets to the public watching the switch on of Liverpool’s Christmas lights. While walking through town the Santa twins were regularly stopped by parents and kiddies asking to speak to the Santa twins.

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Mindwalk 21: I Want My Al-Jazeera TV!

28-11-2005 20:19

Al-Jazeera must be doing something right for Dictator Bush to want to bomb them. That is, if he hadn't bombed them in 2001 and 2003 already. George McGovern talks about Poppy Bush's opposition to the war. Jody Paulson compares GWB to Tricky Dick. An awesome speech by NBA Star Eaton Thomas, Ward Churchill brings it home.

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Hackney Occupation update

28-11-2005 17:51

The first wave of resistance was met with success today when demolition workers were repelled by the occupiers of 34 Broadway Market.

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Solidarity needed for hunger striker in German prison

28-11-2005 16:39

Jose Fernandez Delgado is an anarchist who spent more than 20 years in Spanish prisons, 14 in the infamous FIES-isolation regime, known for its brutality and systematic torture. He escaped and was arrested with three others in Aachen (Germany) in june 2004, and condemned to 14 years of prison in Germany (more info below)