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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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I'm glad Indymedia UK is still here!

11-05-2011 20:56

I'm sure this constitutes "non-news" but it does also constitute a collective sense of relief at still having an open publishing platform to express whatever's on your mind....

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Glos Eco-village camping trip, mark 2!

11-05-2011 20:45

Wild boar, in the Forest of Dean!
As promised- more notice this time...
After one seriously wet night, followed by one lovely sunny morning, followed by another night of rain- it has been decided, NOT to move the next camping trip one week forward- to this coming weekend (as previously stated) but two weeks forward. The MET - after failing us over the weekend - promises the weather will be more hospitable then.

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Open Organising Assembly for June 30th Strikes // Generalise the Strike!

11-05-2011 20:21

0th June 2011 may well turn out to be the most important step forward in a mass fight against public sector cuts. Hundreds of thousands of workers could be involved in strike action, from as many as four or five different unions including NUT, PCS, UCU and ATL.

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Greek general strike: 1 comatose demonstrator, dozens wounded.

11-05-2011 15:23

One person, described on athens.indymedia as being struck on the head with a truncheon, leading to severe hemmorage. Not yet clear whether he will survive. The local hospital collective came out and said something about police brutality.

Dozens of others injuired, police in one hospital sking about injured

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Brighton Antifascists Benefit

11-05-2011 15:04

The Cowley Club will host a Benefit Gig for Brighton Antifascists from 7.30pm on Friday 13th May.


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Food Sovereignty Tour + Agroecology Short Course in Venezuela – July 10-22

10-05-2011 20:41

You are invited to participate in a study tour to study food sovereignty, social movements and social change in Venezuela, July 10 to 22. The tour will examine issues of land reform, urbanization issues, rural development and food sovereignty within a dynamic political context.

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Anti Arms-Traders 'breach' parameter for Heckler and Koch picket

10-05-2011 19:57

A nice photo opp!!
Every second Monday of the month the Shut Down H + K campaign in Nottingham hold a peaceful picket outside the Easter Park Industrial Estate, Nottingham, to highlight and protest the presence on the business estate of the international arms manufacturers and traders, Heckler and Koch. Heckler and Koch have been in the city for over five years and an arms manufacturer of varying degrees and under various names has been in the city for many decades. Protesters have always been around to highlight these scum and protest against them, as I'm sure many of us would expect.

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Iranian refugees suspend Hunger Strike after 37 days -- "the fight goes on"

10-05-2011 18:54

6 may demo 1 © 2011 Peter Marshall
The six Iranian activists protesting against the Home Office in Croydon and central London will stop their hunger strike tomorrow (Wednesday 11 May). They are calling for supporters to join them outside the Amnesty International head office (1 Easton St, London WC1) at 12 noon tomorrow, where they will cut the stitches sealing their mouths.

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Radio Kebele! interview RAMONA AFRICA on the 26th anniversary of states's attack

10-05-2011 13:05

Radio Kebele! interviewed RAMONA AFRICA about the 26th anniversary of the bombing of MOVE in Philadelphia, United States.

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Met occupation evicted by Police midnight raid

10-05-2011 07:55

The entirely peaceful student occupation of the Graduate Centre on the Holloway Road was raided tonight by 16 thugs, including private security guards, 10 bailiffs, 4 police officers and only ONE London Met Security guard, John Hunt.

They forced entry to deliver a high court injunction at about 11.55pm, which was ordered against 5 named individuals and Persons Unknown. It required the defendants to cease their current trespass, or they would be in breach of court and “could be arrested or imprisoned”.

This was massively initmidating and directly victimises students who face transfer to other universities as a result of the cuts. Students were only given 10 minutes to read the order and to leave the premises. The management had got the police involved to intimidate the students and threaten them with arrest, despite this being a civil matter and should not even be on site. The police told the student to “pack up and go” or be arrested.

The students had no time to prepare their defence, read the paperwork OR call lawyers. This is a disgrace and shows Malcolm Gillies (VC) is just as much of a thug as the sexist and racist individuals he has placed inside and outside the occupation, at an alleged cost of £35,000.

The eviction came as a surprise, as Malcolm Gillies had agreed to meet the students tomorrow morning at 9.30am to begin a dialogue about their futures. Clearly this was all false information and proves that his view of ‘consultation’ is that it is worthless. Tonight’s events illustrate how Gillies continues to cowardly refuse to communicate, even though his plans will devastate hundreds of lives.

Worried that they were about to be arrested, the students decided to leave the occupation peacefully, and now face having to find their ways home when public transport is closed.

The fight for our futures is now hanging in the balance. Please join us for a mass lobby of the Board of Governors on Wednesday at 4.30pm in Moorgate, to make a public protest to save London Met, and call for the resignation of Malcolm Gillies. This is disgraceful behaviour and such actions by Management should not be acceptable in a University environment.

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Correa's Reforms must stay on the right side of the Line

10-05-2011 07:53

Yesterday Rafael Correa the charismatic Ecuadorian President was able to celebrate winning a referendum on media reforms declaring proudly “The Ecuadorian people have triumphed”.

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Squirrels now advocating direct action

09-05-2011 23:14

very high up a tree..
I've been noticing short political rants in all sorts of interesting places around Oxford... I can only conclude squirrels are getting active against the cuts.

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Picket and Picnic at Atos Glagow 12 May 5pm-6pm

09-05-2011 21:56

Picket and Picnic at Atos
Thursday12th May
Ca'D'Oro Building,
45 Gordon Street,
G1 3PE

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We Will Rise! - Song for our times

09-05-2011 21:18

We will rise! Sung by Côr Gobaith by Dr Vole, Zayeet & Paula Boulton written for Côr Gobaith, Dec 2010-Jan 2011 recorded live at Transition Llambed's party, Lampeter, 26 Feb 2011

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Demonstrate for Justice For the MOVE Family

09-05-2011 15:00


FRIDAY 13th May @ 5-7pm




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MayDay Demo in Turkey - video

09-05-2011 14:59

May Day Demo in Turkey - video

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International Week of Virtual Protest Against Atos Origin Begins Today!

09-05-2011 09:22


As part of the National Week of Action Against Atos Origin we are calling for a virtual protest to be held across the world!

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Picnic and Party Against Atos - part 2 - Monday May 9th

08-05-2011 21:16

Monday, May 9 · 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Atos Origin HQ, Triton Square, London, NW1