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I'm glad Indymedia UK is still here!

A. User | 11.05.2011 20:56 | Indymedia | Repression | Social Struggles | World

I'm sure this constitutes "non-news" but it does also constitute a collective sense of relief at still having an open publishing platform to express whatever's on your mind....

Having read through 200 pages of conspiralunacy about 2 far off factions making "consensus decisions" and implementing them without the users' consent I have now discovered there's a "global authority" which has absolute power and may turn the site off anyway!

It seems that people whom we will never communicate with in far off places called "IMCs" are deciding the fate of this site, and in theory it could be turned off at somepoint after an act of "direct action" had apparently "saved" it. This posting represents another act of "direct action", this time by hijacking a little space on the newswire for the users' opinions!

IF you're also glad that the IM UK site is not an archive with a splash page on top then please post your support for that fact in a comment. The one thing we can be sure about is that the "global authority" and all that it means will be scouring this site so let's give them OUR opinion.

My message to the "global authority" is it doesn't make sense to close this site down when so many people who use it want it to stay as it is and where it is....what's yours?

A. User


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