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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Peru: Solidarity action with Tortuga and the Security Case prisoners (Peru)

30-03-2012 12:12

claim by "FAI-IRF/Group of Revolutionary Cells of Informal Organisation/Cell of Iconoclastic-Insurrectional Action" for solidarity action with anarchist prisoners in Chile Luciano Tortuga and Juan, Fredy and Marcelo.

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#M31 Movie

29-03-2012 21:44

#m31 logo
#M31 – The Movie has been re-edited in English and is now online!

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Thomas Jefferson: "An Equal Application Of Law To Every Condition Of Man Is Fund

29-03-2012 15:48

Laws not respected
Iran is playing a particularly important role in this midst, as it is more concerned than any over the situation of Bashar Assad in Syria; the mullahs have found that they cannot afford losing Assad, and they can therefore not allow the situation get out of their control

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Announcing Open Rights Group Sheffield

29-03-2012 14:37

Announcing a new digital-rights discussion group in Sheffield

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SNOBaha: We Won't Be Criminalised

28-03-2012 23:25

The House of Lords voted through the law to criminalise squatting in residential buildings last night. Here is the Squatters Network of Brighton (SNOB's) response:

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April 6th, 2012 – Day of actions in solidarity with anarchist Stella Antoniou

28-03-2012 19:28

Call out for solidarity in Greece and thru out the World with anarchist comrade Stella Antoniou in pretrial detention from the "Assembly of solidarity to imprisoned and prosecuted fighters" in Athens // Reposted from

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London No-TAV Solidarity Action (UK)

28-03-2012 19:22

solidarity banner drop with No TAV struggle in London, March 3

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Royal Bank of Canada sabotaged, Guelph (Canada)

28-03-2012 19:10

communique from 'Revolutionary Anarchists' claiming March 15 sabotage attack on a RBC branch, Guelph, Ontario (Canada)

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Rail sabotage for Sole, Baleno and No-TAV (Italy)

28-03-2012 19:07

report of anarchist sabotage of rail lines in Italy in the context of the Val de Susa anti-high speed rail mass struggle

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Anti-anarchist "Bombs Case" political trial update, March 5 to 23 (Chile)

27-03-2012 10:38

account of the "caso bombas", ongoing anti-anarchist judicial repression in chile

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Save Leyton Marsh - Update

26-03-2012 22:47

the plan for the marsh
The Occupy movement have joined Hackney and Waltham Forest residents in their struggle against the Olympic land grab.

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Stone Of Free Speech Was HIijacked By The Hampstead Heath Wardens And The Police

26-03-2012 22:20

On Mothering Sunday 18th March 2012 Hamptead Heath wardens and the police prevented a ceremony to honour Mother Earth @ the traditional Stone Of Free Speech. We are calling people to gather at the Stone on Sunday 1st April 2012, Wise Fools Day.

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Reviews of Paul Mason's 'Why It's Kicking off Everywhere: The New Global Revolut

26-03-2012 18:29

Noone has summarised the past years' wave of uprisings, from Cairo to Wisconsin, better than Paul Mason in his latest book: 'Why It's Kicking off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions'. Here are some reviews of the book:

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Global General Strike - May 1st 2012

26-03-2012 17:09

This is a call for a 5 day weekend beginning Friday April 27th, culminating in global General Strike on Tuesday May 1st. We propose using this mobilization as a tool for realizing more global solidarity and mutual aid while creating and strengthening the necessary relations and conditions for revolutionary potential – here and now. We will strike, assemble, block and shut down the circuits of capital!

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Insurrectionary ecological struggle continues (Papua)

26-03-2012 02:46

news from the struggle against the Indonesian state, mining and logging companies by Papuan people.
a drilling rig is set afire in kampung Tablasupa
five logging camps burned by Arso villagers

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The Syrian People’s Revolution, One Year On: Torture, Disappearances and Exile

25-03-2012 11:27

A year ago, when the Arab Spring began — or, as the events were then called, the revolutionary movements in the Middle East (which had already toppled two western-backed dictators in Tunisia and Egypt) — I remember being surprised, and also worried, when Syrian activists held a “Day of Rage” in Damascus on March 15, and, the day after, other protestors in Damascus — mostly well-established human rights activists — called for the release from prison of other human rights activists, many of whom had been held for many years.

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Heading for Inevitable Disaster

24-03-2012 10:32

In 1959, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz liberated Cuba from imperial America, police state rule, and mafia bosses who turned the nation into a casino and brothel. Cubans may want change, but won't tolerate recolonization under puppets serving Washington's interests. On August 13, Fidel turns 86. After leading Cuba for decades, surviving hundreds of US attempts to kill him, a punishing embargo, and numerous other hostile acts, illness forced him to step down in December 2008. It didn't slow his determination to speak and write vital truths, especially on issues of war and peace. Like others, including this writer, he justifiably fears inevitable disastrous war. His latest article explains headlined, "The roads leading to disaster."

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Fortnum and Mason trial C – Not Guilty

23-03-2012 21:29

What a wonderful final scene of the first act of this farce.

When the CPS chose to prosecute only 30 of the 145 people arrested in Fortnum and Mason’s on the 26th of June, we laughed at the arbitrary criteria on which we were chosen. The judge then recognised that we couldn’t all fit into a court together, and broke us into three groups – trial A, trial B, and Trial C – each with a different judge