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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Cardiff Unemployed Disco: The Jobless Party in Wales

22-12-2010 19:50

A short report of the recent unemployed cultural convention in west Cardiff

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Call out for solidarity actions against Shell

22-12-2010 14:46

Any day now Shell will find out whether it will be able to continue with the dangerous Corrib Gas Project in Co. Mayo, Ireland

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Newcastle: HSBC 2 Defence Campaign launched for men arrested in anti-cuts demos

22-12-2010 12:50

Occupation of Eldon Square shopping centre
A defence campaign has been launched in Newcastle to oppose the charges against two demonstrators, Mark Pearson and Patrick Reay, who came out on 18 December 2010 alongside hundreds of others, to demonstrate against government cuts to education and other public services, benefits and jobs.

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International Migrants' Day- Stop The Crackdown!

22-12-2010 09:32

The organizers and participants of migrant workers rally on 18th December (to mark the "Int'l Migrants Day") in Seoul adopted the following "2010 Declaration of the Human Rights of Migrants":
Towards a New World without Discrimination and Exploitation!

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Support Julian Assange

21-12-2010 17:27

I am a mainstream media journalist and I am increasingly disaffected with my work - I support WikiLeaks because it is helping to reinvigorate real journalism

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Wikileaks: Play the ball, not the man – and check who’s kicking it

21-12-2010 10:12

With few exceptions the majority of the public, but more worryingly, many supposed investigative and/or independent journalists, have dismally failed to exercise even the most minimum capacity for critical assessment, either talking-up the revelations (many of which were already common knowledge, or should have been to journalists doing their job properly) and/or participating in the indecent stampede to lionise Assange as some great champion of freedom of information and open government - or both.

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Biden Brands Assange “terrorist” – Washington’s contempt for law and rights

20-12-2010 20:14

“Wikileaks and Julian Assange are not “revolutionary” in the typical sense. But it seems clear to this observer that their existence and continued work can make invaluable contributions in the struggle against oppression and inequality, war and the waste of human lives that are the hallmark of capitalism. In order for the materials brought to light by wikileaks to have a revolutionary effect, revolutionaries and progressives the world over must take responsibility for the analysis and dissemination of their content. Clearly people, the corporate press has no interest nor intention of doing this for us.

Let progressive people everywhere join in the effort to prevent further attacks on Wikileaks and its staff. In this critical period in human history this is not a battle we can afford to lose. Please adjust the quantity and quality of your “fightback” with this in mind.”

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This rage is the only future we have! Thoughts on 14th December protests in Ital

20-12-2010 19:43

In the last few days I’ve read, listened to and watched a lot of stuff about the student protests in Italy, and especially the huge demonstrations of 14th December, when Rome was set on fire by thousands of beautiful, angry youth. With few exceptions, the Italian media have been doing what they do best: Attacking, twisting, distorting, diminishing, LYING. No surprise there. I can’t see a reason why the Videocrat and his court would like to have angry people on the streets, unless it was the new generation of Black Shirts they’ve been breeding during the last few years. There have been attacks from other sides too, unfortunately. Roberto Saviano, the writer of the bestseller “Gomorrah” (you’ll have heard of the movie!), wrote a letter to the “left wing” newspaper La Repubblica, in which he attacked the students using the same old refrain we already know: The police’ violence was horrible, but it was the violent protesters’ fault. A few black sheep ruined the whole peaceful movement, and so on…

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Network X Gathering updated details

20-12-2010 18:40

Here are some of the logisitical and political details of the upcoming gathering

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USA/Sweden: Curiosities Abound in Assange Case

20-12-2010 15:46

John Pilger Uncle Sam 2003
USA/Sweden: Curiosities Abound in Assange Case ....... An interview with John Pilger by Dennis Bernstein ......... John Pilger writes in The Independent defending Assange against a defamatory piece published by the Guardian. ... John Pilger: Swedes are smearing him and encouraging the US ........... M O R E:

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Tax dodgers shut down again

20-12-2010 02:14

My Public Library Pay Your Tax So It Can Stay Open
It was the last weekend before Christmas, the busiest time, the cash bells ringing, then came the snow. It was the last weekend before Christmas, UK Uncut had decided to target the tax dodgers, shut down as many retail stores as posible, then came the snow.

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Call out for Direct Action against Shell

19-12-2010 11:58

Please organise actions within your communities that will target Shell economically. The decision is expected to be annouced sometime between late December or early January, so be ready!

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Public Support for Mook Vintage Fur Protesters

19-12-2010 00:22

Public sign petition outside Mook Vintage
Please contact Mook Vintage on 01223 316001 and ask them to go fur free.

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Security Guards Hate Leaflets

18-12-2010 17:22

Protests against companies accused of dodging taxes took place across the UK today, with protestors in Kendal, Cumbria targeting Topshop and Vodafone.  The group were met with swift action by shopping centre security guards, furious that anyone would dare to hand out leaflets to shoppers.  Violent removal followed.


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#ukuncut actions around the country mark 'Payday'

18-12-2010 12:13

Sleep-in in HSBC Covent Garden

Earlier today, flashmobbers staged a sleep-in at HSBC Covent Garden, to highlight the homelessness that could be avoided if the bank hadn't evaded an estimated £2Bn in tax. The action was part of a nationwide series of 'PayDay' protests against tax evading businesses, orchestrated under the banner of UKuncut. many protestors reported a positive reaction to the actions from shoppers and passers by.

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Geographies of the Kettle: Containment, Spectacle & Counter-Strategy

17-12-2010 19:28

The last few weeks of student-led protests against the ideologically blunt and financially reckless Tory-Liberal Democrat cuts and the massively short-sighted, brutal and regressive cuts to third level education in particular may well have marked something of a turning point in modern British history. They have won back the power of political protest that was seemingly lost after the defeat of the anti-war marches in 2003.

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Call out for actions ageinst SHELL

17-12-2010 17:59

Please organise actions ageinst SHELL!
Stop them from destroying our planet our comunities and our lives.

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Dark Nights #9 – Anarchist & Anti-Prison Newsletter / Dec 2010

17-12-2010 17:10

Dark Nights is an irregularly published anarchist & anti-prison freesheet of resistance reports and repression news to download and print out.