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VIDEO: Police arrest peaceful protesters

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! NorthEast | 18.12.2010 22:36 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

"We are peaceful, what are you?!"

@ 1.18 Patrick Reay is pulled away by police while standing peacefully outside HSBC then arrested:

We then picketed the police station to demand the release of him and the other arrested protester, Mark Pearson:


Today there was a very successful protest in Newcastle against the cuts, called by Students Against Cuts and supported by hundreds of people who picketed banks, tax dodgers and shops supporting the cuts. Despite the protest being peaceful the police arrested two participants, Patrick Reay and Mark Pearson. A picket of the police station has been held and we urge everyone to phone the police to demand the protesters are released. Call 03456043043 and ask to be put through to the custody sergeant at Etal Lane Police Station.

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