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International action day against uranium mining in Finland

12-08-2009 22:58

Media Release

International Action Day Against Uranium Mining:
Ranua Rescue Action Day With Actions In Several Countries

Helsinki/Magdeburg Activists of the 'Nuclear Heritage Network', a
international network of anti-nuclear activists, call for tomorrow's
international action day against Uranium mining. Following a call for
help of residents of the Finnish community Ranua, activists of the
growing anti-nuclear movement of Finland decided to initiate
solidarity actions. On Thursday in several countries events will take

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The Yankee Bases and the Latin American Sovereignty (by Fidel Castro)

12-08-2009 22:28

US military presence in the Americas (2009)
The war on drugs is a pretext to establish military bases in the whole hemisphere.

The arguments used for the installation of seven air and naval US bases in Colombia are an insult to intelligence.

The Yankee forces could promote a dirty war as they did in Nicaragua, and even recruit soldiers of foreign nationalities who are trained by them and attack any country. But the combative, brave and patriotic people of Colombia would hardly let itself be dragged into a war against a people from a sister nation like Venezuela.

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Bad apples vs social change: policing after the G20 protests

12-08-2009 15:01

Since the G20 protest in London this year the policing methods used over April 1st and 2nd have been dissected and discussed regularly in the media and in parliament. Reports have been produced and protests condemning police violence have been organised. Thousands of words have been published both in mainstream and independent media sources discussing civil liberties and issues around the right to protest. But has anything actually changed?

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August 30th 2009 - International Day of the Disappeared

12-08-2009 14:19

The International Day of the Disappeared is a reminder that hundreds of thousands of families are still unaware of the fate of their loved ones missing in conflicts.

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More than a movement -- the search for 9/11 truth is an awakening

12-08-2009 13:04

As I’ve dug deeper into who’s really out there spreading the truth about 9/11, I’ve found an inspiring assemblage of ordinary people from all walks of life.

Beyond the basic questions of who really did it, and all the hows and whys that go with it, diving into 9/11 truth for many becomes a personal and even spiritual process. It stirs us to ask deep and profound questions:

Who am I and what do I really believe? How do I know what I know? How would it change my life if I admit that “Dad” or any authority figure is really capable of the unthinkable? What does it mean to wake up and tell the truth every day -- to myself, first, and then to those around me who may ridicule me for what I say?

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Flyer for National Day of Solidarity w/ Vestas Workers

12-08-2009 10:16

poster/flyer image - SAVE VESTAS
Wednesday 12th August is a National Day of Solidarity w/ Vestas Workers. If there is nothing organised near you, it’s not too late to organise something! Make a poster saying ‘Save Vestas’; download the information leaflet for the public, run off some copies; and go and leaflet in your town centre, outside the nearest Jobcentre, vegetarian cafe, or wind turbine manufacturer… you get the idea!

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Güler Zere, Turkish political prisoner (by Latuff)

11-08-2009 22:56

Free Güler Zere!
37 year old Güler Zere had cancer while she was kept in Elbistan Closed (E-Type) Prison in order to serve the execution of imprisonment sentence given by Malatya State Security Court.

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51% rise in self-harm in UK Immigration Detention Estate

11-08-2009 06:56

Self-Harm in Immigration detention April/May/June 2009

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Direct Action; Ireland, Mexico, UK & Sweden

10-08-2009 23:50

6th-10th August


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Climate Camp Scotland visits Hamilton

10-08-2009 23:37

News from Climate Camp Scotland

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Solidarity Rally in Support of Vestas Workers - Wednesday 10th August

10-08-2009 21:54

Vestas workers
Wednesday 12th August at 17:15pm,
By the Left Lion in Nottingham Market Square

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Oxford Six released from Moroccan prison - battered and bruised

10-08-2009 17:17

The Western Saharan student who arrested while they were on their way to Oxford to attend a peace and reconcilliation conference have been released by Moroccan authorities. Footage and photographs document show evidence of serious injuries suffered during their detention.

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The Pentagon's 21st Century Counterinsurgency Wars: Latin America and South Asia

10-08-2009 15:31

"democracy - prosperity - liberty - progress"
Coups and counterinsurgencies engineered and supported by Washington are no longer relics of the past century. Coups of the Georgian variety and its offshoots or of the Honduran model and Vietnam-style counterinsurgency wars have been reactivated as foreign policy options of choice. What is new is the degree of international coordination now practiced by the US and its allies.

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The Wall Street Journal Walls Itself In and Ridiculously Defends the Dictatorshi

10-08-2009 14:07

"The coup d'état that rocked Honduras in late June and removed democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya from office, sending him into exile in Costa Rica, was preceded by a multi-million dollar build-up of foreign aid from a U.S. agency that includes on its board of directors the president of the International Republican Institute as well as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
That taxpayer-funded agency, called the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), oversees a multi-billion dollar foreign-aid fund called the Millennium Challenge Account. It was established in 2004 under the Bush administration as means of combating terrorism by funding development in poor nations under a strict neo-conservative free-trade model."

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after we have burnt everything

10-08-2009 10:06

Correspondences about revolutionary strategy and emotions
(written after the NATO summit in Strasbourg, France, April 2009)

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Around the Campaigns Monday 10th August 2009

10-08-2009 06:20

Berzi Family have left the UK
"I'm afraid we lost the Berzi family. Thanks to the many people who sent faxes and messages of encouragement the family felt people cared about them. There was both local and national support for Samia and her family, their MP Gwyn Prosser intervened but was unsuccessful in persuading the Immigration Minister to stay the removal."
Kate Adams
Berzi Family Belong to Dover
Kent News: Campaign for family facing deportation

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Workers' Fightback: Occupations end in Dublin, Korea and Isle of Wight

09-08-2009 22:11

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Free West Papua - Demonstration - Friday 14th August London

09-08-2009 21:46

The Free West Papua Campaign announce…
14th August 2009 – DAY OF THE BROKEN PROMISE
Demonstration at the Dutch and Indonesian Embassies

LONDON: Friday 14th August 2009
Starting at 13.00 outside the Netherlands Embassy, 38 Hyde Park Gate, London, SW7 5DP

To mark the 47th anniversary of the signing of the New York Agreement in which all Papuans were promised the right to participate in an act of self-determination we invite you to a demonstration at the Dutch and Indonesian embassies. We will be demanding that the governments of the Netherlands and Indonesia put right the broken promise they made to the people of West Papua.

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Urgent Action - Support the Oxford 6

09-08-2009 21:31

Saharawi students due to attend a course in the UK have been prevented from travelling, interrogated and violently assaulted by the Moroccan police. Please contact the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and the British Ambassador to Morocco to help ensure their safety.

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Visa Electron

09-08-2009 17:58

VISA ELECRON and HALIFAX exploiting consumers !