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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Reporters San Frontieres organises 24-hour online demo against Internet censors

04-11-2006 12:10

example poster jpg
Help to combat online censorship by taking part

Everyone is invited to connect to the Reporters Without Borders website ( between 11 a.m. on 7 November and 11 a.m. on 8 November.

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Burningman Countercultural Arts and Music Festival Holds their Annual "Decom"

04-11-2006 10:41

The countercultural art and music festival, Burningman, is throwing it's annual New York City "Decompression" party. 
Some fifty thousand people attended the festival this year, and nearly four thousand guests are expected to arrive from all corners of the earth to attend the annual "afterburn" party known as Decompression or "Decom."

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Investigators slip up in Brad Will case, while seven journalists hurt in Oaxaca

03-11-2006 20:35

Latest report from Reporters San Frontiers on Oaxaca and journalist injuries and deaths. Plus three of the five arrested for the murder of American flimaker and journalsit William Bradley Roland have escaped from custody.

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Stop the War's People's Assembly: Islamophobia and the war on terror

03-11-2006 20:19

The People's Assembly aims to bring people together to discuss the relationship between Islamophobia and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and to organise our campaign in response to war and racism.

We are asking peace and anti-war groups, trade unions, faith groups and organisations, community groups, political parties and any other representative organisations to send delegates to this important meeting. We also welcome individuals as observers.

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Tear Down THe Wall!

03-11-2006 19:31

Bricks n mortar
Palestinian Solidarity Graffiti.....

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Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 1)

03-11-2006 17:47

short minute to minute from oaxaca this morning...shots fired at Radio Universidad 7 am

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Another of Posada’s accomplices carries secrets to the grave

03-11-2006 15:34

RAFAEL "Chi Chi" Quintero Ibarbía, one of Luis Posada Carriles’ closest henchmen in the Ilopango scandal and also a CIA agent of Cuban origin, drew his last breath on October 1 in Baltimore (Maryland), aged 66.

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25 Slovene Roma people evicted from their homes and deported to the former refug

03-11-2006 14:55

A group of Roma people had to flee their homes, situated in vicinity of village Ambrus. Attended by police units, the family of twenty-five members surrendered the escalation of the non-Roma local residents who strictly demanded Roma people's immidiate deportation. A group of about five hundred angry locals approached Roma settlement on saturday evening, threatening to cast them out by force and damage their houses.

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---Oaxaca: the people win an important battle against the police!---

03-11-2006 13:12

Good update from NarcoNews:
The APPO has forced the PFP into a retreat from its attempted incursion into the Benito Juarez University. But the war is far from over.

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In Iraq, the past comes back to haunt!

03-11-2006 11:29

Below is an article from the BBC on the Iraqi independence revolution of 1958. This revolution not only saw the execution and overthrow of the British installed monarchy but the Iraqi people made history, one year later in 1959 by electing the first ever female cabinet minister to any Arab government.

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Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 4)

03-11-2006 08:54

Oaxacans push federal police out after violent assault on university, dozens
missing and injured. All times are local time in Oaxaca.

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Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 3)

03-11-2006 00:09

Minute to Minute up to 16:27 today, Oaxacans push federal police out of university barricades, possibly one APPO member dead, many injured. All times are local time in Oaxaca.

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Photos: "Day of the Dead", Mexican Embassy, London. (02.11.06)

03-11-2006 00:07

Credit: Marc Vallée -
Images of a demonstration outside the Mexican Embassy tonight in London. For the dead of Oaxaca on the "Day of the Dead".

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Mews From Mexico

02-11-2006 23:59

Some recent emails from Mexico regarding the situation in OAXACA.

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Bristol alt media is back with Bristle 23

02-11-2006 22:46

Bristle 23 - cover
We’re not looking for a new England
But we are fighting for another world

Issue 23 of Bristle magazine is out now, sticking it’s size 10’s (and 9’s, 7’s, 5’s…) into the nationalism & identity issues with a special feature.

“Welcome, dear reader, to our humble offering of alternative print media opposing the forces of darkness – capital, the state and religious fundamentalists.” (Bristle 23, editorial, page 1)

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Dalston Theatre

02-11-2006 22:40

A personal account

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Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 2)

02-11-2006 22:17

Minute by minute reporting from Mexico - all times are local times in Mexico

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Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006

02-11-2006 21:40

Minute by minute reporting from Mexico - all times are local times in Mexico

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Stop Shell Speaker Tour in Birmingham November 9th 7.30pm

02-11-2006 21:06

The Stop Shell speaker tour is coming to Birmingham on November 9th 2006. To include films and a talk, dur: approx. 1h

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Shell disrupted in Reading! Solidarity with Rossport and Niger!

02-11-2006 18:14

12 protestors blockaded a Shell garage in Reading last night, effectively stopping business for an hour. This action was taken in solidarity with communities struggling against destruction caused by Shell in Rossport, Ireland and the Niger Delta, Nigeria.