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Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 4)

Calamity Barucha | 03.11.2006 08:54 | Oaxaca Uprising | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Oaxacans push federal police out after violent assault on university, dozens
missing and injured. All times are local time in Oaxaca.

17:48 A report from Oaxaca states that thousands of people arriving at
the University of Oaxaca, coming in solidaity with blanket and food,
yelling "We're are not APPO, we are the people of Oaxaca. There is a
long tradition in Oaxaca called tequio: which means to say mutal
support, collectiveness, and community, which is done for the common
good. The is a massive tequio that is on its way to the University of

17:43 8 people that have been detained today have been taken to Amor
park and then taken by helicopters PF302 and PF305 and taken to the
woman's jail of Tlacolula.

17:32 Squads of PFP are arresting people in Amor park and in
surrounding areas and taking them away in helicopters.

17:20 4 helicopters land at the Amor park.

17:13 Police helicopters are making low sweeps in the city center of

17:11 There are 4 people reported to be detained in Amor park and taken
away by helicopter.

17:08 The PFP that were in the Amor park in Oaxaca is headed toward the
center of the city. There are about 15 trucks.

17:07 Mario Trinidad Michel L�pez is reported missing today in Oaxaca.

17:05 Teodoro Aquino Bola�os, a volunteer medic who served at the free
first-aid clinics is reported missing. He belongs to the 35th sector of
health of Oaxaca

17:03 Eduardo Hern�ndez Mendoza, 22, is being reported missing. He had
left is home for groceries at the Candiani market. He was kidnapped by
PFP agents and taken away by helicopter.

16:53 The commanders of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation
Zebedeo, Grabiela, and Miriam have given a announcement on the recent
events of repression in Oaxaca, at the Homiciclo de Juarez in Mexico

16:52 An extraordinary assembly of APPO is being announced at 5 o'clock
in Oaxaca.

16:42 A report from Radio Universidad of Oaxaca indicates that two
paramilitary thugs Luis Morales L�pez and Mario Feria Ortega of the
neighborhood 25 de Enero in Oaxaca as of a half hour ago were
recruiting were organizing people to carry-out and attack on Radio
Universidad of Oaxaca. One of them lives in the same neighborhood on
Hidalgo road, house 109.

16:28 People denouce the disappearance of Mr. Victor Cruz Garcia, 39
years of age, that was taken by the police squad car 080987- and the
same for two others detain/disappeared in the cars 0291 and 08987 of
the PFP.

Calamity Barucha
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Attack on University illegal under Mexican law

03.11.2006 09:57

"Under Mexican law, the university rector must give the police permission to enter. Rector Francisco Martínez, speaking on the university radio station, called the operation an "attack" and demanded the police withdraw."
"At least nine people have died in the conflict, most protesters shot by police or armed gangs."