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Shell disrupted in Reading! Solidarity with Rossport and Niger!

Mark Moody Stuart | 02.11.2006 18:14 | Rossport Solidarity | Ecology | Repression | Social Struggles | London | Oxford

12 protestors blockaded a Shell garage in Reading last night, effectively stopping business for an hour. This action was taken in solidarity with communities struggling against destruction caused by Shell in Rossport, Ireland and the Niger Delta, Nigeria.

At roughly rush hour last night, protestors blocked the main entrance to the garage with bodies and a banner reading "sHELL out of Ireland!". Other protestors blocked the rear entrances while loads of leaflets were distributed to passing motorists.

The vast majority of motorists were very supportive, with many honking horns and giving thumbs up. The garage stayed empty of cars for up to 45minutes. Eventually, protestors were forced to allow three cars entry after they came dangerously close to running people over (one lady even decided to get out of her car and scream for ten minutes about her "right to spend money"!). After an hour, the protestors decided to leave - Police arrived ten minutes later...

Shell plan to continue their tradition of environmental and social destruction, along with repression of activists, by constructing a dangerous, experimental gas pipeline and refinery in beautiful Rossport, northwest Ireland. The pipeline, which will cross unstable land, prone to landslides, will be only 70m from the nearest home and 30m from the nearest road. U.S pipeline consultants say that this is not a 'normal' pipeline, and that due to it being at 5 times the normal pressure, there is an "increases likelihood of pipeline failure". They have also said that pipelines should be no closer than 200m from the nearest home and 400m from the nearest uncovered individual, to avoid "fatality". The refinery will pollute the local air with carbon dioxide and methane, and will pollute the regional source of water and the bay which provides fishermens livelihoods, with toxins including lead, phosphorus, chromium, arsenic and mercury.

People in Rossport have been resisting these plans for several years, with all work stopped last year due to constant blockades. Recently however, 200 police forced a path for Shell, injuring several protestors. This action was taken to show solidarity with this community struggle against Shell and the Irish state.

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Mark Moody Stuart
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Another thing

03.11.2006 12:14

..also, when a couple of us went to explain to the young man serving, he wasn't in the slightest bit bothered that we were closing down the forecourt but did ask what he was going tell his manager......Marvellous.

Shell out of Ireland


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