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Basic Income Creates Trust

19-06-2007 12:22

No life of luxury would be possible with the basic income. People in paid work would always be financially privileged by the promotion prospects. The protestant work ethic does not aim at persons only motivated by material reward. Rather this ethic consists in a strong inner drive, in a calling to work even without pay. A basic income would offer people a basic existential protection.

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Red Rivers in Brecon

19-06-2007 11:56

The camp are ok and holding their own.

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Pipeline protestors refuse to climb down

19-06-2007 11:12

Protestors are refusing to climb down from trees on the route of the controversial high pressure methane gas (LNG) pipeline in Wales after being given a 10 minute warning this morning by bailiffs to leave the site or face being arrested.

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Barcelona's Police Surround and Repress Protest Again

18-06-2007 17:57

part of the crowd surrounded by lines of cops
On Sunday, 17 June 2007, about 1000 people gathered in Barcelona to protest against police repression, under a banner that read “la represió mai ens tallerá les ales,” ("Repression will never cut our wings")

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Stop Ken Livingstone making London people poorer

18-06-2007 14:39

The poverty level in London is concealed from wide view by a consistent ploy adopted by the mainstream media. As usual, the Guardian and the BBC are treating the poorer parts of London as legitimate targets for further attacks. Hence their blanket coverage of the spin by Livingstone...Whatever fantasy Livingstone says, the BBC gives it the treatment of undisputed fact...

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They will never have CUBA

18-06-2007 12:38

“Whoever attempts to conquer Cuba will only gather the dust of her soil soaked in blood, if he does not perish in the fight”, exclaimed Maceo...

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Could Gaza go it alone?

18-06-2007 11:38

A one-state, a two-state solution? Now the talk is of a three state solution. Israel would never accept an independent Palestinian State.

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Common Ground Garden - EVICTION RESISTANCE! Wed 20th June, 9.30am, Reading.

17-06-2007 21:10

// Common Ground Community Garden Eviction Resistance!



// Meet at 9.30am, in Common Ground Garden, through the alleyway next to the Womens Information Centre, at the bottom of Silver Street, Reading.

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Film showing, speakers and social in solidarity with women and workers in Iran

17-06-2007 17:08

This night of discussion in solidarity with women and workers in Iran is being organised as part of Ideas for Freedom, the weekend of socialist debate and discussion organised by Workers' Liberty.

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The Spanish Civil War: 40 years later: new translation

17-06-2007 03:07

This is a brand-new translation of a text from 1937 that has never been in English before.

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Fatah exacts revenge in West Bank

16-06-2007 12:50

Fatah fighters went on the rampage against Hamas targets in the West Bank on Saturday, stoking fears deadly factional violence could spread as the Islamists tightened their grip on power in the Gaza Strip.

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Liverpool Council Makes 150 Care Workers Redundant

15-06-2007 17:29

LIVERPOOL City Council is to make 150 care workers redundant to help pay for Capital of Culture.

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Antifascist night, Wed 20th June

15-06-2007 16:02

The BNP have been organising in Nottinghamshire, resulting in the recent election of Sadie Graham onto Broxtowe Council. In order to strengthen anti-fascist activity in Nottingham a meeting to discuss anti-fascist campaigning will take place on 20th June at the Sumac Centre.

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Benefit Café for the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee - Kebele - Bristol

15-06-2007 11:08

Information about the direct action taken by a matriarchical, non-hierarchical indigenous group in Canada, that can serve as an inspiration for local struggles for land reclamation.

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The Neoliberal Offensive and the Battle over Public Property

15-06-2007 10:50

Since the removal of the socialist camp, neoliberalism has resolved to repossess important sources of raw materials. This appropriation process and its political protection can best be described as the re-colonization of the world.. Privatizations are the most important method for weakening the state.

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Michael Heseltine is exposed as an idiot for plugging Ken Livingstone's lies

15-06-2007 10:10

The BBC Radio 4 Today programme broadcast a solemnly pronounced news item about Margaret Thatcher’s 'deputy Prime Minister' Michael Heseltine calling for a system of local government in Britain that can only be described as the mass mayorisation of big cities. Heseltine made a particular point of calling for British cities to ape the USA and get a mayor in every excusable place

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Martin Webster has another go at the BNP's Nick Griffin

15-06-2007 00:46

Allegations of theft, lies and asbestosis gags from the far-right's Martin Webster

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Seed Bombing with All Tomorrow's Particks - Glasgow

14-06-2007 23:13

Come and build your own seed bomb and catapult it into the proposed Tesco site. We provide the seeds, the soil and the clay while you provide the imagination to turn Partick into what you would like it to be.

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Pictures from StWC Palestine Demo.

14-06-2007 19:59

On The Steps #1
A belatedly filed picture report from last Saturday's Stop The War Palestine Demonstration in Central London.
These images shot on good old fashioned film (hence the lateness) - digital pictures to follow soon.

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Exposing the Crossrail hole plot-backing Alan Johnson's Brick Lane prance!

14-06-2007 16:51

In Brick Lane yesterday [Wednesday 13 June 2007] Khoodeelaar! the campaign against Crossrail hole Bill greeted UK Education Secretary Alan Johnson with a demand that he renounce his voting for Crossrail Bill. Johnson was in the Brick Lane 'curry district' touting for votes from ethnicity-linked members of the Blaired Party in Johnson’s bid to become deputy dummy. Khoodeelaar! loudly told the world that Johnson was a hypocrite for visiting Brick Lane the very area that he had repeatedly voted to have devastated by Crossrail hole