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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Brilliant billboard subvert

28-07-2005 12:13

A better view
I found this brilliant subvertisement on Crown St in East Oxford last night. Cool, folks.

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Protest on Parliament Sq 1st Aug, 2pm against government Protest exclusion order

28-07-2005 10:48

We believe the exclusion order is a very serious attack on our civil liberties. Parliament Square August 1, 2pm. PLUS
Public Meeting - 6.30pm Thursday 4th August, Friends Meeting House, Euston. Speakers include George Galloway (MP), Jeremy Corbyn (MP), Tariq Ali, Shami Chakrabati, Lindsey German, Anas Al Tikriti.

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Stop the War Coalition Protest at Downing St 5.30pm Thursday 28th July

28-07-2005 10:44

Please join us for the protest at Downing St 5.30pm Thursday 28th July convened by the Stop the War Coalition against the murder of the Brazilian worker at the hands of the police in Stockewell, and also the recent bombing attacks in London and the continuation of war in Iraq.

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Scandal affects major East Anglian road-scheme

28-07-2005 09:25

A scandal is just now hitting the news in Norfolk, concerning a senior LibDem County Councillor who has been found guilty by the independent Council 'Standards Cttee' of repeatedly and noxiously misrepresenting a £200m road-scheme as being environmentally-friendly.

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Jericho boatyard needs help

28-07-2005 09:10

This a copy of the letter I have sent to my cousin at the European Commission asking for help with the boatyard campaign

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Hoverfield travellers evicted -- help save Dale Farm!

28-07-2005 00:33

Dale Farm is on Crays Hill in Basildon, Essex
Nearby families at HOVERFIELD were brutaly evicted YESTERDAY -

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Defend Eucharia and Timeyi Campaign (DETC)

27-07-2005 22:35

On Saturday 30 July 2005, there will be an event organised by the Defend Eucharia and Timeyi Campaign, on Market Street, Manchester at 12 pm. The DETC is campaigning to save the life of Eucharia and her four-year-old son who are threatened with deportation to Nigeria, from where they fled after members of their family were killed.

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Audio from New Scotland Yard 'killer bill' protest

27-07-2005 20:50

Interviews and soundscapes from the midday protest outside New Scotland Yard on Wednesday (27/7) over the murder of an innocent man and the new shoot-to-kill policy.

Some of the interviews are with passers-by and others are with people attending the protest. They are mostly entirely unedited (and rather depressing if you ask me).

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Anti G8 Carnival for Full Enjoyment - what really happened?

27-07-2005 16:41

Edinburgh's Carnival For Full Enjoyment was roundly condemned by the police, Council and the media. But what was this anti G8 action really about? And what really happened on the capital's streets on 4th July? Here the Carnivalistas give their own account of the day....

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London Anti Shoot To Kill protest, video and pics.

27-07-2005 16:30

"Shame on you! Shame!", called one protester to the cops outside police HQ.

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Attack not just a possible risk for Muslims

27-07-2005 11:50

With the rise in attacks against Muslims and people of colour in retaliation for the bombings, it's time to talk about a strategy for action against racist violence from ordinary people, not just the police.

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Blair government threatens to sue Craig Murray, ex-Uzbek ambassador

27-07-2005 09:42

The Foreign Office is threatening action against Craig Murray, the former ambassador to Uzbekistan, if he publishes an unauthorised book attacking the use of intelligence obtained under torture.

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Doing our bit to combat terrorism & racism

27-07-2005 09:41

It's been reported that Lincolnshire Police officers arrested two men yesterday, who had been travelling on the GNER Newcastle to London King's Cross service, at Grantham railway station, following 'tip-offs' given by two off-duty Metropolitan Police officers, who were travelling on the same service.

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Demonstration against State sanctioned Police execution

26-07-2005 16:13

Demonstration against state terrorism/police repression
& solidarity with those subject to all forms of state repression

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Another death - another demo

26-07-2005 15:43

A demonstration has been organised to protest against the state's latest shoot-to-kill policy which resulted in an innocent man being shot to death on a train last Friday by terror police.

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Press under attack in Burundi

26-07-2005 15:20

The Committee to Protect Journalists has spoken out against the Burundian authorities' continued harassment of Radio Publique Africain, one of the few independent radio stations in the country.

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Police gun down worker in London subway:

26-07-2005 14:38

Police gun down worker in London subway: another tragic consequence of Blair’s war policy

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26-07-2005 13:08

stone hands
Walton Well Willows presents

The Axe and Spanner Film Night

(in conjunction with oxford indymedia)

Thursday 28th July 9pm

A screening of local and global incendiary films to inspire unite and entertain.

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Angry march to remember man murdered by cops on Friday.

26-07-2005 12:14

The march begins.
After the vigil to remember murdered innocent Jean Charles de Menezes several hundred people spontaneously decided that a protest march was a more fitting way to make their feelings known.

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Behind the Iron Veil - Queer life in Iran

26-07-2005 00:50

Exclusive interview with gay activists in Iran on situation of gays, recent executions of gay teens and the future
MAHA, Iran to all GLBT groups and individuals: “Thank you for your hard work and International engagement” Project GayRussia.Ru continues its investigation into the violent executions in Iran