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Support working class Indians against Caste oppression.

19-01-2007 00:33

Indian Maoists have been carrying out a dignified struggle against class oppression in India for some years - all leftists should support this struggle against class and caste oppression by millionaire, conservative, Hindu BJP supporters (like Shilpa Shetty).

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Another Horrific Workplace Death on Merseyside

19-01-2007 00:03

Just two days after the horrible death of a construction worker in Liverpool, another Merseyside worker was killed on the job, in equally unpleasant circumstances.

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Do Merseyside Fire Authority Want A Rematch?

18-01-2007 23:22

Since the partial defeat of their cuts agenda last summer, Merseyside Fire Authority have been steadily stepping up provocations against the Fire Brigades Union. In November, letters were served to fourteen emergency crew members, calling them to hearings over incidents during the September walkout, including one for 'smiling aggressively'. Then a firefighter got in trouble for drinking a cup of tea. Now management have locked FBU members out of their own meeting at West Derby fire station, forcing them to hold the meeting in the rain!

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Nestlé puts up a transparent smokescreen

18-01-2007 23:05

Nestlé is boasting of its positive rating in a Global Accountability Report. But Nestlé has little reason to be proud when you read what the report actually says.

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Police clash with anarchists in Athens (pics)

18-01-2007 22:46

Greek protesters clash with riot police during a rally in Athens January 17, 2007. Students and teachers participated in a rally against the government's plans to reform higher education and introduce private universities

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18-01-2007 17:45

National marches were organised by many student associations in Athens and Thessaloniki, where more than 270 faculties are occupied by students, protesting against the revision of the constitutional article 16...

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Ex Royal Engineer commando being Made homeless

18-01-2007 13:40

walkabout backpack poster
52 year old male with asthma. A Whitefriars tenant who refuses to take eviction laying down having had his tenancy demoted by the court to a assured short hold periodic tenancy without legal representation in September 2006

He has started a one mans campaign walking the streets of Coventry
highlighting evictions without access to legal representation

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Radley Lakes - check this out and spread the dirty news

18-01-2007 09:30

if you ever needed an excuse to get angry..............

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Leaked report details plans to cut jobs and pay in National Health Service

18-01-2007 08:21

The Labour government in Britain is preparing huge cuts in the workforce of the National Health Service. Excerpts from a leaked draft workforce strategy for 2008-11 by the Department of Health (DoH) were published in the Health Service Journal this month.

The draft proposals are part of the Treasury’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) from 2008-11, expected to be published later this year.

According to the report there is to be a “sharp reduction” in NHS staff numbers this year—a cut of 2.7 percent, or 37,000 jobs. Following the job cuts, the DoH proposes a recruitment drive in order to meet a December 2008 deadline to reduce maximum waiting times to 18 weeks, but it envisages “a clear dip” in “demand” for nurses and doctors after this deadline has passed.

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Top Pentagon Official Calls for Boycott of Law Firms

18-01-2007 03:42

To boycott law firms
A top Pentagon official last week urged U.S. corporations to boycott law firms whose attorneys represent detainees at the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In a radio interview last week, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs Charles “Cully” Stimson said companies might wish to shun firms that represent “the very terrorists who hit their bottom line back in 2001.” Stimson apologized after his remarks were condemned by the American Bar Association and deans from more than 130 law schools. We speak with the co-author of the law school petition and a corporate lawyer representing six Guantanamo prisoners

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Service members join war protest

18-01-2007 01:08

Several dozen service members joined peace activists today to call for an end to the war in Iraq, part of a nationwide effort that links a growing group of active-duty protesters to the peace movement.

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New Year Destruction at the Hill of Tara, Ireland

17-01-2007 23:13

In flagrent contempt of best archaeological and ecological practice, a systematic campaign of tree felling, earth clearance and monument removal has begun at the Hill of Tara. This is even before the Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract for the M3 Motorway, through the Tara / Skryne Valley, has even been signed. Daily protests are taking place, every 7am in the morning at the Hill of Tara car park.

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Vigil For Somalia

17-01-2007 22:20

U.S. Bombing of Somalia

DEMONSTRATION: Saturday 20th January
1pm-3pm Churchill Square, Brighton

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MP promotes junk food

17-01-2007 13:24

Aldershot's MP serves up a Big Mac
Obviously oblivious to the links with childhood obesity and aggression, and probably doesn't care, Gerald Howarth MP was recently pictured on the front page of his local paper serving a Big Mac.

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Intl Day Against Homophobia-2007-Make some noise !

17-01-2007 12:30

Press Release from IDAHO UK concerning the yearly event on May 17th...(Given the news about the EU far right MEP's we need more than a day, we need everyday....

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Nepal - Maoists enter parliament Monday

17-01-2007 12:18

Nepal's interim parliament. Nepal has approved a new temporary constitution to bring former rebel Maoists into an interim parliament and strip the king of his executive powers, bringing an end to a decade of civil war

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Youth Campaign in Solidarity with the Cuban Five

16-01-2007 23:03

Free the Cuban Five!
On behalf of the brave and noble people of which we are part, the Cuban youth is calling on youth and student movements, associations and the young population of the entire world to join the struggle for truth and justice, as they have so many times before in the long history of humanity.

10th January to 30th April 2007

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False Allegations and Crooked State Agencies of the Law.

16-01-2007 22:55

I am recovering from being falsely accused of child abuse,but a whole host of Incompetent and ruthless gangs of social workers,health board officials,police and professional people have become my greatest accussers in their blind unfounded reason to destroy myself,my wife and my family.While my lying accussers are protected by the courts, I have to suffer from their right of anonymity while I have no right to challenge them or todefend myself.

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Organising the Unorganisable?

16-01-2007 16:49

Migrant and casual labour reside on the front lines of capitalism, and the IWW has a strong history of militant organising amongst these groups. They remain the two of the most exploited and vulnerable groups of workers today.

What can be done? How can casual and migrant workers help themselves? What are their connections and differences? How can other workers support them?

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Celebration Our Journey Our Destination

16-01-2007 16:01

A 60 video entered into the BAFTA/ORANGE 60 seconds Fame competition, featuring clips from Stonehenge Solstice Celebration, G8 street scene from Princes St in Edinbourg with riot police and footage from the party culture.