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Films about Food Not Bombs

17-08-2005 19:27

For anyone who's not familiar with the background and aims of Food not Bombs here are a selection of films you can download and watch.

Food not bombs was started in the United States in Massachusetts in 1980 by anti-nuclear activists. It has since developed into a gobal movement of autonomous chapters who turn surplus food into great vegan meals for people who need it for free whilst protesting against war, poverty and waste.

Food not bombs is run on non-hierarchical lines by volunteers who embrace non-violence and make decisions through consensus - there are no leaders, ngo's, funders or political parties behind this initiative.

From the Food not Bombs website:

"Food Not Bombs is organizing for an end to the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. We also support actions against the globalization of the economy, restrictions to the movements of people and the destruction of the earth."

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Daughter must pay police who let her mum die.

17-08-2005 15:27

article in the Kentish Saturday Observer. Aug 13th.

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Video: Bristol Journalists in 'Day of Action' to defend local press

17-08-2005 14:59

Video Videostill: interviewing one of the journalists at the action
On Tuesday lunchtime (16th August 2005) there were lots of people clustered around the Evening Post building in Bristol – these were workers and National Union of Journalists members – there to protest at the cuts that the Evening Post owner, Northcliffe (owned by Daily Mail and General Trust PLC – the group also owns Venue, Bristol Observer,, Western Daily Press, Metro and much more!)

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17-08-2005 14:19

Basrah under the control of the British troops since May 2003 has become tolerant of Shia extremism (Talaban style) as long as they do not point their guns towards the occupiers.

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Appeal for Information from G8 Defendants

17-08-2005 10:13

Court proceedings are already underway for many of the defendants arrested at the actions that took place over the week of the G8 summit. Intermediate Diets and trials will be continuing through August, September and October.

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Support the workers of the Youth Club Fregat in the Siberian city of Tomsk!

17-08-2005 08:42

In the Siberian city of Tomsk the local government authorities are currently trying to close down the Youth club ⌠Fregat■ with illegal methods, apparently in order to sell the building to a commercial casino business.

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Coca-Cola Protesters Attacked By Police; Four Hospitalized

17-08-2005 06:26

August 16, 2005 (Plachimada, India): Close to 100 activists from Yuvajana Vedi, youth wing of the CPI(ML), and their allies marched to Coca-Cola's factory gates in Plachimada in Kerala in southern India, demanding that the bottling plant shut down permanently.

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Video clip - road protests ejected from Dept of Transport

17-08-2005 00:11

A short sequence of clips from tuesdays action at the department of transport.

2 mins 4 mb

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Anti-Road protesters occupy Dept of Transport

16-08-2005 21:54

Today, the Department of Transport was targetted for the first time in about a year by anti-roads protesters.

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Our worst nightmares

16-08-2005 21:33

Unbelievable... or prehaps not. Evidence revealed by ITV news confirms that police incompetence appears to have played a major role in their murder of Jean Charles, the Brazilian electrician shot dead on the tube. Worse still, it confirms that police repeatedly lied to excuse the fuck up.

Jean Charles was no identified leaving the building under 'surveliance' because the cop on duty was taking a piss. Then an order was made to stop Jean Charles but it was never carried out. Jean Charles took a bus unaware that his death warrent was soon to be signed by carelessness and miscommunication of the British police force. He entered the tube, walking, collected a free paper to read on the train, waved his oyster card over the sensor and passed trough the barriers like any other passenger. He proceeded down to the platform and ran for the train on the platform. Once on the train, he took his seat like everyone else, still unaware of his impending doom and the hand of the trained killers of the farce. He carried no bag and wore a thin blue denim jacket - nothing at all to cast any suspicion on him or justify his muder. Only at this stage did police identify themselves, as they shoot him dead in cold blood at poiny blank range.

Be afraid.. but be angry!

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Announcement "Anticompetitivist Ideology"

16-08-2005 15:59

Is born the first great ideology of the millenium!
Is born the anticompetitivist ideology of the "full effective and obligatory occupation (of all the families) for law", of the successive and innovative historical phase regarding the Socialism, of the anticycling of the economy, ("the second phase" of the democracy, that one "material") and of the peace.

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Is your union funding New Labour?

16-08-2005 14:16

The war in Iraq, ID cards and the removal of our civil liberties through the 2005 Prevention of Terrorism Act are just a few of the things that this Labour government have forced on us all recently. Now how would you feel if you found out you had been funding Labour during the war and still are now as ever more oppressive legislation is brought in to force? Well if you are a member of one of the big Trade Unions, affiliated to the TUC, then it's likely that's just what you have been doing. Unions have given somthing like 24 million pounds to the party since 2002 .

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Demo to Re-Instate Jerry Hicks - Cambridge transport

16-08-2005 14:14

On 11th August Jerry Hcks spoke at a meeting in Cambridge organised by the Amicus Cambridge Central branch (which covers workers at Marshall Aerospace) and supported by Cambridge Trades Union Council. After hearing Jerry's powerful denunciation of his treatment by Rolls Royce, the meeting unanimously agreed to urge local union branches and union members to do everything possible to help secure Jerry's re-instatement:

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Norwegians criticised over minister's killing

16-08-2005 09:49

The Norwegian-led Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission has been criticised after the killing of Sri Lankan foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, whose funeral was on 15 August. It has been claimed that concern over human rights violations have been ignored.

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British Law Student and Tourist Complains of Abuse by Thai Army

16-08-2005 09:38

A British 3rd Year Human Rights Law Student from Sunnyside, Halls Lan, north Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England who is staying in an Akha village of norther Thailand said that the Thai army tried every effort to find some means by which to arrest him.

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British Tourist in Thailand Accosted By Thai Army!

15-08-2005 15:47

British Tourist in Thailand, Adam Lane, (more details coming) was staying as a guest in the Akha village Pah Nmm in Ampur Mae Fah Luang, Chiangrai Province when another tourist was brought to the village from the Akha village of Hooh Yoh by three Thai soldiers.

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Debating the Issues - Iraq is My Country

15-08-2005 15:44

On Saturday 13th August 2005, members of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign attended a vigil that was organised by the Iraqi Community Council in memory of those victims who had died as a consequence of the London Bombing.

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From Nigeria to Co Mayo

15-08-2005 11:14

Five brave men
We spent this years holiday blockading Shell in Co Mayo. Here's my personal report. Please support the Mayo people in their resistance to Shell

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15-08-2005 00:01

The Coroner had also set strict parameters
The Inquest itself was also flawed as legitimate evidence and witnesses were blocked by the legal team purportedly representing the Hickey Family and by the Counsel assisting the Coroner. The Coroner had also set strict parameters for what could be discussed in open Court.