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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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SY Bus Strike - Day 9 - Photos

29-07-2004 11:22

Some phots from the pickets line at Olive Grove bus depot in Sheffield.

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28-07-2004 20:00

The following article is concerned with Transfinancial Economics, or the Non-Taxation Revolution, and how it could fully reform the Transnational Corporations, or TNCs. What is about to be revealed may prove to be suprising to say the least. However, it is perfectly possible, and practical.

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Continental Social Alliance decides its own re foundation

27-07-2004 17:49

Gathered in Quito, at the Americas Social Forum, the Hemispheric Council of the Continental Social Alliance has decided to remove the opposition to the FTAA from its foundational declaration, as one of its main goals. After analyzing the international scenario as well as evaluating the impact of its actions, delegates from all the American countries and the most important social organizations of the continent, decided the “fight against the FTAA” would become a “fight against free trade”.

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Audit Commission savage Pavilion Housing Association

27-07-2004 15:21

In what has to be seen as a vindication of community activists who have for some time been highlighting how bad is Pavilion, the Audit Commission has recently published a damning indictment of Pavilion. It is also another nail in the coffin of privatisation of council housing, as no matter how badly run council housing may be, it is nowhere as bad as the private sector.

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Camden lashes out at opponents of council house sell off

27-07-2004 15:20

At the end of last year Camden tenants said no to a sell off of their council houses. This was in spite of the council spending £500,000 of taxpayers money to get a yes vote. The council are now lashing out at their opponents.

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coke sucks!

27-07-2004 07:22

anti Coke
Coke is literally sucking India dry. Causing drought conditions, displacing communties,acting illegally, using toxic practices, using violent practices. Indian communities fight back.

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“The wall is totally blocking the creation of a Palestinian state”

26-07-2004 16:32

Last July 9th the Hague-based International Court of Justice ruled that Israel's separation barrier is illegal by standards of international law, and recommended its demolition.

Israeli government answered through its Justice Minister, Yosef Lapid, who declared that The Hague court is integrated by European judges that don’t like his country and that they will only obey the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court, that recently order a change on the path of the “security fence” as a humanitarian measure.

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Building Bridges Radio-Ehrenreich-The Working Poor plus Unions Say-Withdraw from

26-07-2004 16:14

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 28 minute Radio Program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON LA INDYMEDIA LINK BELOW

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26-07-2004 14:58

Many are calling for international intervention in the Negev

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Hunger Striker Ernest Barraquias Jr., now on his 36th day of fasting but still n

26-07-2004 12:53

Hunger Strike announcement of the discoverer & whistle-blower of seized drugs distribution by high-ranking police generals & drug lords in the Philippines. They used his company. Assasination attempts on him. Richswaze, his nephew-dependent, now 10 held virtual hostage.

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SY Bus Strike Photos

26-07-2004 11:05

Unity is Strength
The South Yorkshire bus strike is solid in their fight for better pay, here are some photos from the picket line on Monday (26th July 2004) at Olive Grove depot in Sheffield.

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The Battle of Cuba

26-07-2004 08:53

Failing in opinion polls, high on Jesus, haemorrhaging incompetence and in delusion and denial over Iraq, Bush is staring down the barrel of political oblivion. All seems lost. Unless of course, in desperation, Mr. “I’m a war President” decides to go to war. Again.

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Deletion of Leicester South by election report with 6 photos

25-07-2004 20:00

Deletion of Report of Leicester South by election with 6 photos

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Monitors, Observers And Your Paranoia

25-07-2004 17:08

The most subliminal messaging is propagated by being under constant surveillance, behind your back, without your knowledge, turning good people into human lab-animal experiments. YOUR NEXT.

Fantasy? Science Fiction? Psychosis? Or, something ELSE?

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Blunkett issues DIY TerrorAttack kits.

25-07-2004 14:29

Blunkett to send out terrorattack info books to all.

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Muslim grp bottles out & goes to Essex.

25-07-2004 14:21

al- Mahajiroun. the islamic fundamentalist group switches it's rally to Essex at the last
minute to avoid trouble.

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Next meeting about Leeds Social centre July 29th

24-07-2004 17:39

the next meeting about the plans for the Leeds Social Centre is thursday 29th july, 7.30pm at holy trinity church cafe, boar lane.

At this meeting, final plans for the social centre will be decided along with the chance to finalise and the constitution of the club and join as a member...

these are exciting times. dont miss out!

all welcome...

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News and photos from Afghanistan

24-07-2004 14:04

A Butcher
So the elections are now on 9^th October 2004. These are the presidential ones.
The parliamentary, district etc elections will be next April or maybe May or
perhaps June or even never (see related articles). Massaoda Jalal, the only
female candidate for president was in UK this week (see articles). From Bush’s
point of view if the elections are going to be relatively peaceful they can be
spun as bringing democracy to Afghanistan but if it looks like they will be a
violent mess then they are likely to be post phoned again until next year and he
can spin how the process of democracy is firmly n place n Afghanistan.

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A Call to anti-militarists and pacifists to come to the ESF in London

23-07-2004 13:22

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“Radical change will not be negotiated by governments; it can only be enforced by people.”