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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The conspiracy to divide Bolivia must be denounced

26-04-2008 20:34

The process of changes in favor of the Bolivian majority is at risk of being brutally restrained.

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Draft agenda for Reclaim the Campus conference - please circulate and comment

26-04-2008 18:20

Education Not for Sale, University of Sussex SU, LSE SU and other activists are working together to organise a conference on 17 May. 40 years after 1968, what way forward for radical student activism?

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ID Cards Cost To Every Council Tax Payer in Greater Manchester

26-04-2008 10:59

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Ahead of Greater Manchester's local elections on 1st May, local campaign group Manchester NO2ID is polling election candidates to highlight the cost of the National Identity Register at the local level. The published costings for the scheme, estimated at £10-20bn by the London School of Economics, does not include the cost to local authorities of reworking their computer systems to talk to the Government's central ID database, where over 50 categories of information will be stored on every resident along with a life-long audit track.

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The War Against Christianity

26-04-2008 09:54

It has been five years and still silence is the golden fleece for Britain and America. They have chosen to ignore the murders - the beheadings, the attacks, the forced displacement and increases in taxation upon the Christians for refusing to convert, the intimidation by militias upon women for not wearing a headscarf .

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Kilburn protest against Total in Burma

26-04-2008 02:38

Six protesters demonstrated at Kilburn Total station, 409 Kilburn High Rd on Wednesday 23rd April. They called on the French oil company to stop funding the military dictatorship in Burma with 500 million dollars a year, fuelling the brutal regime's oppression in Burma. The foreign currency provided by Total enables the regime to buy weapons used to persecute the Burmese people and ethnic minorities.

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Trilateral Commission, G8 meeting now in Washington

25-04-2008 22:31

"French leader Valerie destaing after setting up G8 &"retiring" became a Trilateral attendee, but was never part of the corporate politburo with Kissinger & Rockefeller" Robin Ludd
Message to Trilateral Dragons Den come on,
cooperate, before our planet dies!,
Untested unsafe "magic bullets" will only make things worse!

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Starbucks v cowboy developers

25-04-2008 16:43

coffee shop looks familiar
Starbucks have had several cases recently of developers using the Starbucks brand name, corporate colours and logos in a clear case of 'passing off' to mislead the public with the intention to enhance the developer's own reputation by association.

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May Day Party In Liverpool

25-04-2008 12:38

Liverpool Social Centre invites all workers & strugglers to our May Day '08 party on Thurs 1st May

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April Biofools Day, Edinburgh

25-04-2008 07:46

Large-scale biofuels (‘agrofuels’) are causing climate change, hunger and human rights abuses. On April 15, ‘April Biofools Day’ there were protests around the UK against a new law which requires 2.5% biofuel to be mixed into all petrol and diesel. Concerned residents protested at a BP petrol station in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh.

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Zimbabwean benefit on SAT 3RD MAY

24-04-2008 21:39

Women Together invite you to a Zimbabwean benefit on
Sat 3rd May, Coach and horses bar, 162 Mary Street, Balsall Heath, B12 9RJ
2pm - late. £3/£6 inc. food

Films 3 - 5, discussion 5 -6, food and live music, DJs from 8pm

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Amsterdam International Day of Autonomous spaces + RTS

24-04-2008 18:23

Prop for the Days of Actions for Autonomous Spaces.

On April the 11th the Tekenschool (part of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam) was squatted by the April 2008 Coordination Group. The building was used for socials and workshops and as a base for Indymedia NL. It was also the meet-up points for the RTS action on Saturday 12th April, which was attended by over 300 people: Video.

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Photos of April 24 Strike in Nottingham

24-04-2008 15:00

On April 24 teachers, further education lecturers and civil servants took part in national strike action against the public sector pay freeze.

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Stop The Camden Danger Lab!

24-04-2008 13:04

The MRC are holding a "meet and greet" this Saturday at the Somers Town community Centre 150 Ossuslton street NW1 -nearest tube / rail St Pancras /Kings Cross / Euston.

Protest against the "world's largest ever, high level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab" being built on a Camden council estate.

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Protest - This Saturday betwwen 9am - 1pm against MRC.

24-04-2008 13:01

The MRC are holding a "meet and greet" this Saturday at the Somers Town Community Centre.

Somers Town Community Centre 150 Ossulston Street Camden London NW1

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New PDF pamphlet by Gabriel Pombo da Silva, anarchist prisoner

24-04-2008 12:04

“And I am not a theoretician companions, but one of the oppressed, enamored with the freedom (and liberty) that infects the oppressed with the passion for a worthy life..."

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Anti-Hunger Protests Rock Haiti

24-04-2008 11:31

Food Protests in Haiti
Demonstrations that started in Le Cayes on Thursday, April 3rd, against soaring food prices spread across Haiti to Petit-Goagve, Gonaïves, Aquin and, by April 7, to the capital, Port-au-Prince. Anger over rising prices has been building for many months with basic food stuffs increasingly out of reach for the poor. Tires were set ablaze in the streets and thrown together to form barricades that paralyzed traffic for days.

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What does the hunger strike by Belfast shop stewards say about the trade unions?

24-04-2008 07:30

After six years and repeated hunger strikes by two former shop stewards, a group of workers sacked from Belfast’s International Airport have finally extracted compensation from the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union (ATGWU) for the legal fees expended in pursuance of their claims of wrongful dismissal. Still contested is the workers’ other demand for the ATGWU to mount an inquiry into its own role in setting up the workers to be sacked in the first place.

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BBC1 /ITN / Ebola lab. "Open meetings" to be held this week by MRC.

24-04-2008 03:24

The MRC are to be holding "open meetings" this week in "a community centre" they state on their website. When and where then are these "open meetings".?
They also claim that local people are "very interested" in the lab plans. Interested? We are ANGRY!

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Cannabis Campaigners say "Stick it to them"

23-04-2008 22:02

The LCA is asking people to either write on their ballot papers or attach a suitable sticker to show their feelings against the injustice of the law that punishes victimless cannabis users and prevents beneficial uses of the plant.