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Coca Cola Offices invaded in Nottingham

15-04-2005 17:19

Boycott Killer Coke !
Today a group of protesters invaded Coca Cola’s offices in Nottingham as part of the Global Week of Action against the companies environmental and human rights abuses around the globe. Workers at the office were informed about Coca Cola’s alleged involvement in the assassination of 8 trade union activists in Columbia, and the environmental destruction caused by bottling plants in India and various places around the world.

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Venezuela revolution advances

15-04-2005 16:14

Venezuela news

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Need stock footage of Iraq for graduate documentary on Iraqi Chaldeans

15-04-2005 07:26

Need stock footage of iraq - am doing graduate documentary on Iraqi Chaldeans in the united states - their struggles to resettle in the western world- am former member of San Diego IMC (California - U.S.)

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BNP substitute to face Howard.

14-04-2005 17:47

Following appears in the local rag for Michael Howard's constituency Folkestone & Hythe (Kent).

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Bristol Social Forum... 19th April 2005 Meet Up... 30th April 2005 Launch

14-04-2005 15:37


Preparations for the launch of the Bristol Social Forum are now well advanced. On Saturday 30th April 2005 Bristol will take its place alongside the ever growing number of Social Forums across the UK, and around our world.

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Join the Blairditchproject bus up to Sedgefield this Friday!

14-04-2005 13:36

Peace buses coming to London to build more support for the project and pick up supporters who want to join the campaign THIS FRIDAY 15th at the trade justice all night vigil

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Now We Are Free - Lessons from Vieques

14-04-2005 11:49

A major international conference launches at the end of the month in Glasgow with special speakers coming from Puerto Rico to Govan. Robert Rabin was at the heart of the struggle to eject the US Navy from Vieques. After this victory he's now invited to Scotland to share his tactics...

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14-04-2005 09:31

Trade Justice protest at the Bank of England - CLOX Pillow Fight
PILLOW FIGHT at the heart of the City of London -12th Apr.05

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Asda v Queens Market

13-04-2005 15:28

Green Street Upton Park
A pleasant retail experience or a trip to hell.

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Iain Hook's Murder COVERED UP: Dr. Jack Shepard &The Socialist Worker New agree

13-04-2005 11:12

Iain Hook's ID card- showing Iain Hook; as fair with light sandy hair
When will we realize that there can't be this many "accidents"?


by Dr. Jack Shepard

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DEATH SQUAD DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ: How America Installed Its Puppets

13-04-2005 04:29

Tens of thousands of Iraqis poured into the streets to say No To America, No to Death Squads, and No to the new puppet government. As Iaqis are conditioned to kill each other it is believed that the "tipping point" of insurgency has already passed.Nonviolant demonstration of peaceful Iraqis might be the only method towards success. prove be the best strategy

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British elections and immigration MP3

12-04-2005 21:52

nice DJ-mix by DJ Moniker on the major
issue of the upcoming British elections - "clampdown"
on immigration - It's real nice -both major parties'
leaders "sing" in a bloody unison...

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The deportation machine: Europe, asylum and human rights

12-04-2005 21:36

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) has published a new study on refugees in Europe. Citing over 200 detailed case studies, IRR researcher, Liz Fekete, shows how opportunist political campaigning puts the lives of asylum seekers at risk.

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Caterkiller Peterlee (Co. Durham) Blockaded

12-04-2005 19:02

The blockade in progress..
On 12th April 2005, activists from across the North East carried out a blockade of Caterpillar's Peterlee site in protest at their supplying of bulldozers to Israel, used in house demolitions which have made 50 000 homeless since 1967, and killed dozens.

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Sonae factory threaten local website

12-04-2005 18:55

Sonae factory threaten local website with solicitors threats and accuse website of damaging reputation of Sonae.

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London Motorway Inquiry - Inspector resigns after protests

12-04-2005 17:40

At a pre-Inquiry meeting into a huge new motorway through East London, Inspectors stormed out after residents protests. Today it has been announced that the Head Inspector has resigned.

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Bombings in volatile area as US contractor kidnapped in Iraq

12-04-2005 17:30

RAMADI (AFP) — Three suicide car bombers blew themselves up outside a US military base in a volatile area of Iraq near the Syrian border on Monday, as a US contractor was kidnapped in the Baghdad area.

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12-04-2005 15:53

The recent coverage of a demo last Saturday in Swindon is whatIndymedia should be all about, excellent coverage of an excellent campaign on the dysfunctional planning system in Swindon.

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London groups forms to help Craig Murray defeat Jack Straw

12-04-2005 15:28

A new group has formed in London to provide support for Craig Murray’s campaign to unseat Jack Straw – get involved and help make dodgy dossiers and torture endorsement old news.

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Take to the streets at Longbridge

12-04-2005 15:25

The government provided a £6.5 million loan for Longbridge this week.