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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Crawley town centre to Tinsley House IRC 15 more pics

23-09-2007 06:29

Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre at Gatwick, was the first purpose-built detention centre in the UK. It was opened in 1996 and has a capacity of 135 people, including families and children, with 11,000 detainees going through it each year.

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A Critique of Citizenism

23-09-2007 05:42

Written in French in April 2001, this text is a critique of the anti-globalization movement from an anarcho-communist perspective. This is the first time it has ever been translated into English.

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Venezuela today: complexities and outright lies

23-09-2007 00:06

* A member of the editorial collective of El Libertario (; in Spanish & English) prepared this article for the 6th edition of the Costa Rican (A) journal La Libertad [September 2007;] in response to an inconsistent effort to establish impossible affinities between Chavism and Anarchism.

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Tinsley House demo Saturday 22nd September 2007 photos 10 to 18

22-09-2007 19:30

Resistance, both inside and outside immigration removal centres, has been getting stronger and stronger. Hunger strikes, demos, riots and pickets have become a common occurrence.

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Tinsley House demo Saturday 22nd September 2007 photos 1-9

22-09-2007 19:27

Over 400 people from all over the UK Marched from Crowley to Tinsley House

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Crossrail- latest costs deadlock is symptomatic of the spin rail. Scrap it

22-09-2007 12:37

UK Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly has given a publicly stated deadline of next Tuesday by when the City of London and Big Business interests should come up with 'real money'. She has been reported to have asked to see the colour of the Big Business money. This impasse has been
painted in the pro-Crossrail Big Business media including the Financial Times and by the USA outlet Bloomberg as an unfair demand on the conglomerates. They are citing this demand as evidence of sloppy and unrealistic thinking on the part of Gordon Brown's administration. This is not so. The problem lies with the sloppiness and the lack of merit in the present Crossrail plan itself.

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Sun 23rd Sep: Rally Against Olympic Evictions - on Allotment Demolition Day

22-09-2007 12:18

Details of March & Rally Against Olympic Evictions on Allotment Demolition Day - Sunday 23rd Sept
Meet 2pm outside Hackney Town Hall

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LSE Director ignores assault on academic freedom of Palestinian students

22-09-2007 10:43

LSE staff and students have written to LSE Director Howard Davies to protest his stance on debating a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In his reply he ignores the plight of Palestinian educational institutions under Israeli occupation.

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Poland stopped to be a democratic country

22-09-2007 09:38

Fake elections are being prepared. Independent observers are not allowed to supervise them.

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Thousands Protest racial injustice in US South

21-09-2007 23:02

Racial tensions first erupted after a black student tried to cross an invisible color line and sit under the schoolyard's "white tree" to be greeted the next morning by nooses hanging from the tree.

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Get Your ass and party gear up next week to Tara

21-09-2007 19:22

We will smack all the bad deamons from the Rathlugh hill. Come with us to save the ancient astronomical hendge (and lots of others) and invite Your friends...

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Introduction to Anarchism in Liverpool

21-09-2007 16:35

Yet another fantastic night at Next To Nowhere on Thursday, as twenty-five people attended an 'Introduction to Anarchism' discussion.

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Group 4 blockaded

21-09-2007 16:23

As part of the No Borders week of action the Group 4 offices near crawley have been blockaded

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sharrow chapel saved

21-09-2007 16:07

we won and lost all in a short space of time

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KLibera: Life's not cheap in Che(a)pyuk?

21-09-2007 13:28

Kibera Drive Times
News of another squatter war in Chepyuk 300 miles northwest of africa's
largest squat Kibera reveals the west side of Kenya's hoodless generation next.

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France Calling: Stop harassing the Popov family!

21-09-2007 11:52

Yekaterina and Vladimir Popov a young couple from Kazakhstan persecuted in their country (considered as "colonisers", Russians are no longer tolerated by Kazakhs, who hunt them by all means, including extreme violence). They have been seeking political asylum in France for four years. The Popov's are settled in Vivier-au-Court (near the Belgian border); their daughter was born in Charleville-Mézières on 7th April 2004. They speak fluent French.

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Do plans for "New Town" signal end to Cambridgeshires green belt.

20-09-2007 21:29

Gordon Brown plans to build 3 million new homes in the coming years. It seems Cambridgeshire is going to be one of the first counties to be on the recieving end of these plans, but at what cost?

Full article, A game with no privacy

20-09-2007 18:25

Don´t forget: Behind each game there is a company...

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Protest against David Irving meeting in Coventry

20-09-2007 16:11

Tomorrow night (Friday 21 September), with the help of the British National Party, David Irving, the notorious Holocaust denier and liar, is booked to speak at the Royal Warwicks Club in Coventry.