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Baltic region anarchist newspaper Bez Granits - 2nd issue is out

11-02-2010 13:26

BEZ GRANITS #2 (January 2010)
In early January, 2010, the Baltic region anarchist / libertarian newspaper Bez Granits (No Borders / Without Limits) has published its 2nd issue.

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Defend the Yarl's Wood Four

11-02-2010 10:09

[Hunger Strike is still strong, 68 women refusing food as of yesterday]

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Colored Revolutions: A New Form of Regime Change, Made in USA

10-02-2010 23:13

Millions of dollars are being filtered from Washington to political parties, NGOs, student organizations and movements that promote US agenda worldwide.

Wherever a coup d'etat, a colored revolution or a regime change favorable to US interests occurs, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and its flow of dollars is there.

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UKCMRI tonight displayed pic of Peter Pan and treated Camden with contempt.

10-02-2010 22:53

Tonight's "last chance" formal public meeting & "consultation" at St Mary & St Pancras Primary School hosted by the UKCMRI saw Camden fuming & asking the UKCMRI not to patronise residents. Bizarrely a photo of Peter Pan was displayed while the speakers on stage studiously ignored "difficult" questions & residents. Safety, animal rights and community questions were dismissed & people ignored.

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Editorial: Iranian Expatriates in America – The New 'House Negroes' ?

10-02-2010 22:41

While this editorial is addressing the Iranian Expats in the United States tickled by a 'freedom' event held in San Jose, California this past weekend, the substance of the editorial is pertinent to all Iranian Expats worldwide, especially those chanting "Azadi" for Iran while silently spectating the rapid construction of police-state in their adopted Western nation.

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3rd international week of solidaridad with the Basque Country

10-02-2010 19:53

London Basque Solidarity Campaign would like to invite you to the 3rd
International week of Solidarity with the Basque Country. With different events In the SOAS (13-02-10) and the Goldsmiths College (16-02-10).

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Hunger Strike @ Yarlswood - Reprisals and demo

10-02-2010 18:34

This morning students and campaigners commenced a solidarity hunger strike at theLondon Offices of Serco. Protesters will entertain a constant presencefor2 days between 8am and 8pmto draw attention to the violent response of the centre staff and UK Border Agency (UKBA) to the peaceful hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, Bedford as a build-up to a London-wide protest held at the same location on Friday at 2:30pm.

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Defend Living Wage – Justice for UBS Cleaners - Re-instate Alberto!

10-02-2010 12:03

Justice for UBS Cleaners
Defend Living Wage – Justice for UBS Cleaners - Re-instate Alberto!

UBS has just made over £722 million in profit and it is robbing the cleaners wages to enrichen themselves! Cleaner and shop-steward Alberto Durango who was sacked last week due to his effective workplace organising. The cleaners are fighting back with a demonstration.

The demonstration is on Friday 12th February at 1pm outside UBS Capital, 100 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 2RH.

UBS Cleaners Support Group is a group of trade union local branches and community activists that are supporting the UBS cleaners in their campaign for a living wage.

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Announcement-Information from YFANET Fabric Squat

10-02-2010 10:38

Attack against YFANET Fabric. Information from the Assembly.

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Self-Harm in UK Immigration detention

10-02-2010 09:25

[Source for all data, 'Freedom of Information Act 2000']

Self-Harm in Immigration Detention January to December 2009

Self-Harm in Immigration Detention January to December 2008

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EDL Plan Another Bradford Race Riot

10-02-2010 02:19

the EDL are planning the mother of all race riots in Bradford
Following on from the violent racist rallies of football hooligans and hardcore Nazis up and down the country, accused of bottling out of their invasion into Bolton, the drunken racist thugs of the English Defence League have decided to go all out to cause a race riot at the city where the National Front triggered rioting nine years ago on 7 July 2001, Bradford.

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Haiti: The Aftershock

10-02-2010 00:17

Last month’s severe earthquake in Haiti could not have been prevented. The death toll may reach a quarter of a million. Some three million Haitians – a third of the country’s population – have been directly affected by the disaster. But the earthquake’s effects, the likelihood of far fewer people dying, and the extent to which corporate greed and power can – even now – make matters much worse for Haitians could all have been mitigated.

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Two events about Haiti in London, Thursday & Friday this week

09-02-2010 21:38

Thursday 11 February 2010: Public Meeting - "No Shock Doctrine for Haiti", venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, Central London
Friday 12 February: Video + discussion: "The Tragedies of Haiti: Reflection on the Earthquake and Interventionism", venue: Inca Arch, 202 Coldharbour Lane SE5

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Save Victoria Baths Campaign hand in petition to City Council

08-02-2010 23:07

On Monday Feb 8th 1.45pm, the petition was presented to Council. Meeting on the Council House steps, Mat Anderson from the campaign was accompanied by supporters and Councillor Tony Sutton [Lib Dems].

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Debra Bell’s Last Stand: Talking About Cannabis Play Final Hand

08-02-2010 22:12

It’s two years to the day that the void first published the seminal ‘Talking (bollocks) About Cannabis’ (1), highlighting the lies, half truths and shameless propanganda that lay behind Debra Bell’s anti-cannabis crusaders Talking About Cannabis (2).

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Campaign to "Make the Pope Pay. No state funded visit to the UK"

08-02-2010 20:08

Pope Benedict will be visiting the UK to the delight of the Nations's Catholics. However not all are impressed. A campaign has been launched to "Make The Pope Pay" as we have picked up from Vegan Miranda Pandaqueen's Twitter. They are saying that the taxpayer should not have to foot the bill for the Pope's visit including policing or security. They say the Pope and Catholic Church should pay.

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Animal Protection Party UK have no links to Animal Protection Party Germany 1998

08-02-2010 19:47

The Animal Protection Party Germany created in 1998 [beginnings 1993] was the first ever Animal Protection Party created out of concern for animals. Dr Gisell Bulla stood in Federal Elections in Germany 1998. The German Animal Protection Party have no links to the UK Animal Protection Party created in late 2006. The Animals Count Party in Holland were created in 2004 when Jasmin De Boo stood.

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Indymedia Radio at COP15 - 16 December 2009 Reclaim Power live broadcast

08-02-2010 17:51

Check out the live audio from the Reclaim Power COP15 day of action live radio broadcast...

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courts attacked in bristol

08-02-2010 17:34

Last night the magistrates court next to the bus station in the middle of bristol was attacked. all the reachable windows were smashed out and spray paint messages left on the walls "fuck the law not the poor!"

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BNP webmaster puts up new site.

08-02-2010 13:51

BNP webmaster puts up new site.