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courts attacked in bristol

dolly parsons | 08.02.2010 17:34 | Repression | Social Struggles

Last night the magistrates court next to the bus station in the middle of bristol was attacked. all the reachable windows were smashed out and spray paint messages left on the walls "fuck the law not the poor!"

we know that the court 'justice' system is nothing but a farse designed and run to protect the wealth and power that rules this rotten society. we know that this system is our enemy, it does not protect us. we know that to achieve a world where we might control our own lives and find solutions to our own problems we must first fight to bring this world to the ashes that it so deserves.
this done in solidarity and anarchist greetings to everyone fucked over by the courts, probation, police, bosses, and everyone fighting class struggle against the power in the social war that is brought down on us.

dolly parsons


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