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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Scientology's Gulags: inside the Rehabilitation Project Force

10-03-2008 13:44

The Church of Scientology is an authoritarian cult whose parallels with authoritarian regimes around the world are well-documented. Most members are kept under control through misinformation and brainwashing. However, like any totalitarian institution, the Church of Scientology has its way of dealing with problematic members. Welcome to the Rehabilitation Project Force.

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Pickets win re-instatement of migrant worker

10-03-2008 11:44

Following two successful pickets of Delaney’s restaurant in Belfast Dasa Kacova has won all her demands and been offered her job back.

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Tibetan Uprising Day: London 8 March 2008

09-03-2008 17:07

Demonstrators opposite Chinese embassy
Around a thousand marched from the Chinese Embassy to a Whitehall rally to remember the Tibetan uprising 49 years ago and to demand that Gordon Brown meet the Dalai Lama and end British silence over Chinese human rights abuses in Tibet.
Pictures copyright © 2008, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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Israeli Ambassador Cancels Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, in Face of Protest

09-03-2008 15:55

Israeli Ambassador cancels visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, in face of planned protests.

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Hollow Women of the Hegemon

09-03-2008 00:19

In honor of International Women's Day

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Liverpool Women Reclaim The Night...Sort Of

08-03-2008 23:32

On Saturday night, about forty women and some male supporters marched from St George's Plateau on Lime Street around the city centre, returning to the Adelphi hotel for some entertainment. The Reclaim the Night demonstration is thought to be the first in the city for over thirty years, and took place on International Women's Day.

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Academy school opponents re-occupy Wembley Sports Ground

08-03-2008 23:03

It is reported that Wembley Sports Ground is once again under occupation by academy school protesters tonight (Friday). The occupation follows an Anti-Academies Alliance conference at the TUC today and Brent Council's recent announcement that the Wembley Park Academy will open in September in temporary classrooms on the site of the sports ground.

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Bring the pipeline back to Shell: Solidarity with Mayo, Ireland

08-03-2008 20:08

Come & help bring the pipeline back to Shell HQ. GLUAISEACHT are mobilising people from all over Ireland to travel to London for St Patrick's weekend.

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Oaxacan prisoner David Venegas is released.

08-03-2008 19:37

After 11 months illegal imprisonment, David Venegas Reyes 'El Alebrije' has been released.

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Invitation to the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth Power Station

08-03-2008 07:58

This summer the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents outside Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent for a week of education,
sustainable living and direct action.

Everyone is invited to the camp, which is now part of an international movement, with eight climate camps on four continents planned for this summer.

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Indian Neo-Fascism: Its roots and shoots

08-03-2008 00:45

A tribal christian praying in a burnt down church
Talk and discussion on the rise of fascism and violence against religious minorities in India.

Sunday 9th of March, 2.00pm
Shaheed Udham Singh Centre, (Indian Workers Association Centre), 346 Soho Road
Birmingham B21 9QI

Speakers: Amrit Wilson (South Asia Solidarity Group), Raj Pal (South Asian Alliance)

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Update on four activists in court next week for unlicensed campaign collections

07-03-2008 20:01

Members of the Whose Streets? Campaign protest outside the council meeting 05.08
Controversial police role exposed by Freedom of Information Documents in case against four activists charged with unlicensed collecting at anti-deportation street event in Newcastle upon Tyne

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No to Crossrail hole campaign supporter East End Cuncillor resigns

07-03-2008 18:17

Khoodeelaar! Campaign supporter, and Brick Lane London E1 ‘area’ Opposition councillor [on Tower Hamlets Council] Louise Alexander resigns on health grounds….

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Notes from the UK Squatters' Meeting 9/10 February 2008

07-03-2008 17:27

This, the first attempt to coordinate a national meeting for some time, was held in a beautiful old nursing home with extensive grounds at Headingley in Leeds. There was a good mixed turn out with squatters represented from many of the major towns in the uk, some protest sites and some travellers attending. All in all perhaps 30-40 people.

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Dissident Island Radio - Feminist edition tonight

07-03-2008 16:30

Hello from Dissident Island! Since July we have been beaming a bi-weekly
radio show from the Rampart Social Centre in London featuring interviews,
radio plays, and music. Previously on the show we have had groups such
as No Borders, the AntiFa, and Bicycology. With International Women's
Day coming up on March 8th, the Dissident Island radio show will be
highlighting various new and established London-based feminist groups,
activities and actions.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 7th March 2008

07-03-2008 10:52

Resumption of Removals to Zimbabwe!
Over the past few days many Zimbabwean's recently refused asylum, have received letters from the Boarder and Immigration Agency (BIA), saying that BIA, "is expecting shortly to be able to enforce returns to Zimbabwe". Most of the recipients of these letter are living in the North east/west of England. Also Zimbabweans with refugee status have received letters asking them if they would like to leave the UK voluntarily for a cash incentive.

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Attack Struck at Heart of Israeli Hard-line West Bank Settlers' Movement

07-03-2008 09:07

The Palestinian attack today on Jewish yeshiva (rabbinical seminary) in Jerusalem struck at the heart of Israel's hard-line religious West Bank settler's movement.