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25-06-2009 11:23


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TUC joined the International solidarity action day!

25-06-2009 10:56

ACTION: protest at Iranian Embassy on Friday 26 June 2009, 12:30-1:30pm

Justice for Iranian workers – to include the human rights of all Iranians who have been deprived of their rights.

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Solitaire Arrives in Rossport

25-06-2009 08:06

The Solitaire, the huge pip laying ship, that will lay the pipeline in Broadhaven Bay has arrived. If you were thinking of coming to Rossport this summer now is the time. Resistance continues whilst 200 Gardai and the Irish Navy are drafted in to facilitate Shell's project.

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Zizek on Iranian protests

25-06-2009 01:31

"The following is a guest post from Slavoj Žižek, Apparently the mainstream media has not shown interest in publishing it. The piece is copy-right free and you should feel free to republish this on your own blog. "

one would be expecting a miracle to expect Ahamdinejad apologists, who have been supporting his govornment based on illusioins that a middle class uprising is in place in Iran. Mind you Sepah, the main supporter of Ahmadinejad is a multi- million corporation. most people in the rural areas of Iran, who many in the left believe have voted for Ahmadinejad, are from ethnic minorities who would either, NOT vore, or should they come to the polls is to protests to the pro-regime candidate. Ahmadinejad govornment has the control of the Media, the Police, Riot police, funded by a multi million corporation (Sepaah e Paasdaaraan) and the new regime-dependant corporations and middle class. Open your eyes, only a tyranny who has acknowledged lack of legitimacy, would kill cruch demonstrations in such a scale , to save their position. Is the British left really that blind?

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Lebanon: Short film on the siege of Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp

24-06-2009 21:19

Still of "Two Years Under Siege"
The anarchist media collective a-films has just published a new short film ("Two Years Under Siege"/10min) from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon.

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Iran in Rebellion in this Week's Socialist WebZine

24-06-2009 18:45

* Neda Agha-Soltan, Presente! Murdered June 20, 2009

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp presented with eviction papers

24-06-2009 18:34

At 17:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday 24th of June occupiers of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp in south Lanarkshire were handed eviction papers by a sheriff officer. The Solidarity camp has been summoned to appear at Lanark sheriff court on Monday the 29th at 9:45 am.

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Interview with El Libertario (Venezuela – June 2009)

24-06-2009 13:40

* From Madrid the anarchist group Star, linked to the Iberian Federation of Anarchists Youths (Federación Ibérica de Juventudes Anarquistas-FIJA-), has raised questions whose answers will let us know today and in detail what is doing and saying the known Venezuelan anarchist newspaper.

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Eviction Resisted at Lewisham Bridge School

24-06-2009 13:32

Up to 100 people gathered at the occupied Lewisham Bridge School this morning to stop today’s eviction scheduled for 10:30am.

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Holocaust Denier Nick Kollerstrom to appear at Conway Hall

24-06-2009 11:35

“Conway Hall is a landmark of London’s independent intellectual, political and cultural life.

For over one hundred years the Ethical Society had its centre at South Place in the City of London, where it fostered freedom in moral and spiritual life and thought. In order to have a wider range of influence and greater scope for development the Society decided to build a new home in Red Lion Square, Bloomsbury.”

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Germany: A quarter of a million people at the "education strike"

24-06-2009 10:41

A nationwide mobilization of school and university students: After the last major school students' strike in Germany in November 2008, there were large demonstrations across the country on June 17 in the framework of a week-long "education strike"

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Tamils March for Release of Prisoners

23-06-2009 19:11

Pictures from Saturday's British Tamils Forum march in London. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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Solitaire due in Broadhaven Bay, Mayo tomorrow

23-06-2009 18:25

Solitaire's destination declared - click on picture to see better
If you’ve been waiting for the most important time to come to Mayo: this is it. The camp really needs people here to continue last year’s brilliant resistance. The Solitaire will be here any day, so we need you here now! This is a crucial stage in the campaign: the time frame for work is very limited by good weather and action now against the Solitaire can really help put a stop to Shell’s project!

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bikesnotcars am*dam july3,4,5

23-06-2009 12:35

In the weekend of july 4th we declare a war on cars. In this weekend there will be a bike festival in Amsterdam. On different locations events, workshops, info stands, fun & games, parties, and direct actions to block and frustrate the traffic will be held. Cars lead to pollution, climate change, deaths and injuries. They are a nuisance, and are dominating the public space.Where the public space is not designed to facilitate the ever consuming shopping frenzy and industry it is designed to please fossil-fuel-traffic.

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Direct Action; Italy, Mexico & USA

22-06-2009 18:58

16th-22nd June


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Tamils March to save ‘imprisoned’ brethren in Sri Lanka (Sat 20th June)

22-06-2009 17:53

the message is simple
Over 100,000 people converged on the streets of London on Saturday 20 June 2009 to remember the tens of thousands that perished in the Sri Lankan state’s final onslaught against the Tamil civilians and to call for the release of 300,000 that remain under threat of death, disappearance, rape and torture in government-run internment camps.

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp Update: No eviction this morning, but drilling workers

22-06-2009 12:09

After a whole night of digging in and strengthening defences, the rumoured eviction this morning hasn't happened. However, the solidarity shown by the number of people who joined us over the weekend has been fantastic and allowed huge amounts of building work to happen, making the site well defendable.

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Hands Off Lewisham Bridge - Eviction Alert - Call for support

22-06-2009 11:43

An eviction notice has been served on the occupation at Lewisham Bridge.

Bailiffs are arriving at 10.30 on Wednesday morning.

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Eviction notice on Lewisham Bridge occupation Weds 10.30am

22-06-2009 11:41

Bailiffs are arriving at 10.30 on Wednesday morning.

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Around the Campaigns ~ Monday 22nd June 2009

22-06-2009 07:39

Sulaiti & Gabriel have left the UK
"Sorry to say they were removed yesterday to Ethiopia (despite being from Uganda).... her friend talked to her in Addis Ababa and she was okay... still waiting to hear from them once they are in Uganda. We went to Glasgow airport Wednesday to leaflet other passengers as a last effort to no avail. .

Anyway, sad news, but two people in to the Centre today have gotten Indefinite Leave to Remain for themselves and their children -- so some good with the bad."

Stephen for UNITY
Background: Sulaiti & Gabriel