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UN World Leaders Summit

17-09-2005 15:28

The UN has failed in its attempt to define “terrorism” (in a universal sense) at the recent ‘world leaders’ summit – this attempt was doomed from the start. Terrorism remains an extremely valuable and useful term for propagandists due to its non-specificity. Right-wing governments and others utilise this term in order to impose draconian laws and constrictive social policies on domestic populations. In the unlikely event that a universal definition had been agreed upon the outcome would have been a number of ‘world leaders’ in the dock at the Hague ICC for crimes against humanity. I refer to the so-called “coalition of the willing” lead by Bush, Blair and Howard.

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Late images from the G8 summit and counteractions in Scotland

17-09-2005 08:46

View from bus station to police line - early morning in edinburgh
Those images were made in Edinburgh and Auchterarder during the events around the G8 summit. Due to some bad experience there has to be a disclaimer: The Pictures may be used for other than private purpose, but not without prior authorization. Feel free to contact me.

more protest photography

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16-09-2005 21:25

Since British Waterways and Bellwayhomes have lost their planning appeal we are now looking for the alternative plan. So on SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER we are opening the gates to you all to come and give your input on how best to build up a community boatyard.

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ID Cards take action NOW for your right to be a person not data to be bought and

16-09-2005 20:13

D Cards - Never mind the financial cost - what about the cost of denying the basic human rights of individuals - what about the European Convention of Human Rights?

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CALL 4 NODES - BE A PART, DON'T BE APART :: hackmeeting 2005

16-09-2005 19:06


This message is a call for YOUR participation into the 2005 edition
of the Hackmeeting which is taking place this October at Menorca (Spain).
We are looking forward receiving proposals for nodes of
work/activism/difusion/conferences and, as is getting usual, a network
of activities and encounters in and around hacktivism, cyberspace,
telecommunications and its technopolitical dimensions, during a full
(and free) weekend.
We've switched from the traditional call4papers to the call4nodes where
the attendants are not restricted to just papers but to a wider range
of media (workshops, conferences, 360º tables, expositions, posters, etc)
that build-up the so-called nodes.

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Military requests medics from Anarchist relief project

16-09-2005 16:52

The situation in Algiers got a bit more surreal this week when the U.S. military asked the anarchists for help in providing basic services to local residents. A medical military clinic commander asked the folks running the Common Ground Clinic if they could lend a few medics and doctors to the military until the military sets up a “permanent” health clinic on Newton Avenue on Monday.

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Notts NO2ID meeting

16-09-2005 15:14

Notts NO2ID meeting Thursday the 22nd of September at 7pm in the Malt Cross 16 St. James's Street Nottingham

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Fact-sheet on Iraqi oil union

16-09-2005 11:23

The GUOE is an anti-occupation, anti-privatisation and politically independent union of Iraqi oil workers, who are fighting to resist both the corporations and the US/UK occupation forces. It is a non-sectarian union, that aims to unite all oil workers in the South of Iraq, and has also worked to expel oil company bosses who were supporters of Saddam Hussein.

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Report and pics from protest outside arms dealers banquet

15-09-2005 23:17

Both carriage ways blocked
A roudy greeting faced the arms dealers as they arrived for their supper at the Park Lane dorchester hotel.

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ROger Lucey: A Living Legend of Anti Apartheid music

15-09-2005 18:26

This is about a musician, journalist, war corresponsal, filmmaker....and a hero for me, and their people too!! and her struggle against one of the most oppresive and racist government who has been the truth brights and the wounds are healing and i want you knows about him...

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From Keynesianism to Thatcherism

15-09-2005 13:32

The analysis of whether aggregate economic problems are more on the supply- or the demand side and whether they are short-term or long-term precedes all state economic policy. At the beginning of the 1980s, two important macroeconomic indicators already pointed to demand-side problems.

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Spodden Valley: questions to Councillors...

15-09-2005 00:54

Exposed asbestos photographed in January 2005...
Save Spodden Valley campaigners went to the Rochdale Council Township Public Forum last night. 3 questions were asked relating to public health and safety issues relevant for our town.

Here they are, together with some background information...

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Greece: Anarchists Riot Against the Government Harsh Economic Policies (video)

14-09-2005 22:43

Salonica Riot 10-9-05
Video from the dynamic reaction by anarchists against the harsh greek government's policies, especially in relation to the economy, employment and suppression of personal rights and liberties.

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Yet more dirt on BAE murderers

14-09-2005 22:32

DSEI exhibitor BAE systems must be the most shamefully corrupt of all the death dealing companies at DSEI.

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Good article about the state of the left

14-09-2005 16:01

Its from the ever fragrant Greg Palast, hes a good intervew (;

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Call for G8 photos

14-09-2005 13:17

A group of us are putting together a book of reflections on the movement against the G8 in Scotland this summer. We need photos of all parts of the mobilisation but particularly of the blockades on wednesday 6th July. If you have any photos you think are relevant write to:

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Third of consumers boycotting unethical companies

13-09-2005 20:25

A survey in 17 countries has found that boycotting of unethical companies is widespread. Most boycotted brands are Nike, Coca Cola, McDonald's and Nestlé.

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East End Adversaries

13-09-2005 18:29

Image of front page of DSEi paper
In the week preceeding the start of protests against DSEi, europes largest arms fair, 10,000 newpapers about the issue were printed and distributed.

The 8 page paper was delivered to an estimated 90% of streets in the Canning Town, Customs House and Beckton directly north of the Excel Centre in Docklands which hosts the event.

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Solidarity appeal from Poland

13-09-2005 17:24

Appeal for solidarity with polish activist facing persecution

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The state of our health

13-09-2005 10:49

Bristle 20 cover (B&W)
“Welcome once more to Bristle, the quality-assured organ of excellence for revolutionary transformation. This issue finds the Bristle Collective in celebratory & retrospective mood (and not just because we’ve got the fewest typo errors ever!). We are bristling merry in our spiky birthday suits, happy to be celebrating the young punks 20th anniversary."