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protest! free jose bove!

25-06-2003 14:01

Protest at the French Embassy
Friday 27 June 5.30pm - 7pm
58 Knightsbridge SW1
(nearest tube: Knightsbridge)

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Students to Defy a Government Ban on Street Rallies

25-06-2003 13:02

With hundreds of protesters jailed for demanding the ouster of the ruling Islamic establishment, Iranian student leaders vowed Tuesday to defy a government ban on street rallies and mark the fourth anniversary of a bloody raid on a university dormitory.

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Ulla Roder Faces Legal Hurdles Before Trial Even Begins

25-06-2003 12:58

The trial of Ulla Roder for damaging a Tornado jet at Leuchars airbase in March, is now scheduled to be heard sometime during the two weeks beginning 28th July, following another hearing on 22nd July to check whether she is prepared for trial, given the barriers she is facing in getting legal representation.

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Not endless Discussion, Real Disarment Now -Ulla's Story

25-06-2003 12:49

I looked at the seat in the cockpit in the streamlined white Tornado warplane, which I had just entered. In my mind I had the picture of a young pilot, boy, son, father; the many years of fear for the people of Iraq; for their survival; for a new world war nuclear war; fear of losing the little bit of freedom we people have left in this world, to a state which has officially declared that it wants "Full Spectrum Dominance" on earth as well as in space and which has shown all willingness and cynicism to use whatever means of power to gain this. All this made me lift the red and black bolt-cutters in my hand. Crash! I shouted out aloud in the hangar. There was no-one to hear, but it helped. "We don't want your war, Bush and Blair!" This for all the dead civilians in Iraq and all the children still suffering at poor hospitals, caused by 12 years of sanctions against civilians. Crash! The control panel was out of commission.

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GM Crops and Poverty

25-06-2003 10:46

The widespread adoption of GM crops seems likely to exacerbate the underlying causes of food insecurity, leading to more hungry people, not fewer. To have a lasting impact on poverty, ActionAid believes policy makers must address the real constraints facing poor communities - lack of access to land, credit, resources and markets instead of focusing on risky technologies that have no track record in addressing hunger.

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25-06-2003 10:18


DEMONSTRATE @Fairford Air Tattoo 19th July.
Coach tickets on sale now. See below 4 details.

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Iraq - at last the Brits are getting hit

24-06-2003 16:28

In two incidents, one of them definitely an attack, six British service personnel have been killed in southern Iraq. A number of others have been wounded.

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Sheffield Bus strike cancelled

24-06-2003 14:43

Bus drivers in South Yorkshire have called off four planned strike days following an improved pay offer from employers.

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Update of situation of some Thessaloniki prisoners

24-06-2003 12:57

Prisoners charged with silly illusions - Expertise in international terrorism!

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Zapatista Event

23-06-2003 18:19


First hand reports from the front line in Chiapas
public meeting, questions and discussion

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23-06-2003 14:09

As part of an international day of action against Swiss Embassies and Consulates around the world – a small (but perfectly formed) group of mixed pink and silver and black paid a visit to the Swiss Embassy in London this morning, Monday 23rd June 2003. We went there to voice our outrage at the political repression and police brutality during the recent G8 meeting

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First Mugabe, now Charles Taylor: Who's next?

23-06-2003 02:33

U.S. intelligence (CIA), British intelligence (MI6), Israeli intelligence (Mossad) and even Russian intelligence (FSB, formerly KGB) operatives are busy in regions throughout the world fomenting dissatisfaction among the people, in order to create confusion that will lead to the overthrow of government to be replaced by leaders who do the bidding of their paymasters.

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Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement

23-06-2003 02:31

The President has directed that a comprehensive review be made of current developments in Black Africa from the point of view of their possible impacts on the black movement in the United States. The review should consider: 1. Long-term tendencies of social and political developments and the degree to which they are consistent with or contradict the U.S. interests.

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Sheffield Bus Strike - more action planned

22-06-2003 23:51

Strikes by bus workers in Sheffield are set to continue after workers rejected the latest pay offer from First South Yorkshire.

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Thessaloniki: about 100 arrests, 25-35 are brought in front of the magistrate

22-06-2003 15:16

Thessaloniki: about 100 arrests, 25-25 are brought in front of the magistrate

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Detained Iranian students' whereabouts unknown

22-06-2003 02:21

Iranian security forces have rounded up dozens of students in recent days in a move reformist MPs say would exacerbate tension in the wake of a spate of recent pro-democracy protests.

Reformist newspapers today report the arrests were carried out by officials wearing plainclothes and the whereabouts of many of the detained students is unknown.

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22-06-2003 01:49


Please Distribute Widely.


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Timeline and update on Thessaloniki actions

21-06-2003 20:55

A timeline and an update on actions from June 11 to 21 (until round 7:30 pm on the 21st) at the Thessaloniki demos. These briefs originate from the Indymedia Switzerland website, and they have been translated from French.

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personal report Thessaloniki, Saturday 21st

21-06-2003 19:19

quick translation into english from Belgium Indymedia

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Some testimony from Friday’s action at Chalkidiki (Marmara)

21-06-2003 17:59

Accounts from demonstrators at the action on Friday, June 20 in Chalkidiki (Marmara), in Greece. Young people involved with the KKE and the KNE youth movement provide some background on the demo, and talk about social issues in Greece.