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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Corporate Tax Rate Reduction Proposals–Are Some “Persons” Better Than Others?

26-02-2012 22:07

If history holds true, corporations will continue to get their tax reductions and their write-offs. And "close the loopholes" hoopla can be saved for the next election.

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Ethical human rights likely to be many children's and freedom's last hope

26-02-2012 14:34

Ethical human rights, development and globalization could well be freedom's last hope. Many human rights have been left out of New Zealand's human rights law. This article looks at two omissions, children's and family rights, which had terrible social consequences.

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The lies of a youthcare employee

26-02-2012 14:32

Exposing the lies and perjery of a youthcare employee, on the basis of a different riligion.
The courts and state do nothing to right this wrong.
The queen, who privatised childcare, could not care less.

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Swindon Anarchists Protest in Solidarity With Striking Hospital Workers

26-02-2012 13:52

For the past fortnight, cleaners and other staff at GWH hospital in Swindon have been on strike against bullying and racism on the part of their bosses at Carillion Plc. On Feb 24th, Swindon Anarchists held a demo in solidarity.

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Witness Bahrain - Interview with Medea Benjamin

26-02-2012 13:23


Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK was recently deported from Bahrain. She travelled there with Witness bahrain, an international solidarity movement that was set up to monitor and report on human rights abuses, collective punishment and suppression of Arab Spring democracy activists in the Kingdom, as the struggle approached its first anniversary.

In this interview she discusses the 'samud' (steadfastness) of the women she met, the arming of the Kingdom by Western Imperialists, and the need to take action against the companies who sponsor and promote the F1 Grand Prix which is set to take place in Bahrain in April. Also worthy of note is her account of how policing is undertaken by foreigners, who are loyal to the king and not the people.

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BP’s Olympic branding defaced throughout London

26-02-2012 13:13

King's Cross
23rd February – For Immediate Release
Today hundreds of BP signs across London were targeted by activists protesting against the company’s role as ‘Sustainability Partner’ of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Around the capital, protesters hit petrol stations, advertising hoardings, and BP-sponsored cultural institutions[1], disfiguring hundreds of the famous BP ‘sunflower’ logo. Advertisements with the company’s Olympic strapline ‘fuelling the future’ were altered with the addition of three asterisks to make ‘f***ing the future’.

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Militant Camp @ Arcadia Missa : Public events

26-02-2012 12:20


As part of the survival series artist Tom Bresolin will initiate a militant camp at arcadia missa.A week long social experimental performance camp. Involving physical and mental training to prepare for the inevitable apocalypse and collapse of capitalism

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UG#580 - The Failed Religion of America (Debt, Cruelty And Redemption)

26-02-2012 05:17

This week we look at what Morris Berman terms the centuries long programming of American society. We begin with a talk he gave after the publication of his new book Why America Failed, and conclude by learning how debt has warped the human psyche over millennia, by reading Cruelty And Redemption, chapter 4 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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UG#581 - Unmasking the Genocide of Business As Usual (The Hidden Worlds of Comm

26-02-2012 05:13

The show this week unmasks the moral pretensions of globalized imperialism run amok. Professor Anthony J. Hall speaks on the coming home to roost of USA's history of imperialism and globalization through force of arms. In our second hour, we begin reading A Brief Treatise on the Moral Grounds of Economic Relations, the next chapter of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years, on how the mentality and language of 'exchange' is used both to cloak such predatory hierarchical relations and to obscure our innate drive towards communistic relationships of mutual aid.

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UG#582 - The Cargo Cult of Money (Money = Hierarchy = Slavery)

26-02-2012 05:08

This week we keep our focus on the dark sides of the modern money system, hearing from monologuist Mike Daisy on why he considers money is a cargo cult, and Edward Griffin on the founding of the Federal Reserve system. We continue reading from David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years, reaching chapter 6, Games with Sex and Death.

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Reclaim the Fields Spring Gathering 2012 - details & updates

24-02-2012 22:11

The first Reclaim the Fields Gathering of the year will be taking place this March 9th- 11th at the Wilderness Centre in the Forest of Dean.

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Anonymous & Antisec Take Down GEO Group

24-02-2012 18:05

Anonymous have struck a blow against the Prison-Industrial Complex and eliminated the online presence of prison for profit scumbags GEO group from the face of the internet...

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Rare habitat under attack, Forest of Dean.

24-02-2012 13:22

Rare habitat under attack, Forest of Dean.
Join us for a nature walk, Saturday 25th from the Wilderness Centre Car park!

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SYRIA: “Human Rights” Warriors for Empire

24-02-2012 12:16

The largest imperial offensive since the Iraq invasion of March, 2003, is in full swing, under the banner of “humanitarian” intervention – Barack Obama’s fiendishly clever upgrade of George Bush’s “dumb” wars. Having failed to obtain a Libyan-style United Nations Security Council fig leaf for a “humanitarian” military strike against Syria, the United States shifts effortlessly to a global campaign “outside the U.N. system” to expand its NATO/Persian Gulf royalty/Jihadi coalition.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are swigging the ale with their fellow buccaneers. These “human rights” warriors, headquartered in the bellies of empires past and present, their chests shiny with medals of propagandistic service to superpower aggression in Libya, contribute “left” legitimacy to the imperial project.

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Occupy gets Serious: Chicago Factory (re)occupied!

24-02-2012 03:35

Workers have re-occupied the 'Republic Windows and Doors' factory that was occupied in 2008. The factory is now owned by 'Serious Materials', and so the occupation has earned the amusing and appropriate title #seriousoccupation on twitter. Circa 65 workers occupying the factory following threat of closure and loss of jobs, eerily reminiscent of situation...

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Sparks win electrician dispute - pay-cut company contracts dead in water

23-02-2012 20:49

Electricians today learnt that the new national agreement for mechanical, electrical and plumbing workers in the building engineering services sector (Besna - the Building Engineering Services National Agreement) which planned to tear up the long-standing Joint Industry Boards agreements and impose new semi-skilled grades which would have reduced wages for those affected by up to 35%, is dead!

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Sparks Electricians Claim Victory Over Employers

23-02-2012 20:19

Guess who's come to gatecrash dinner? Sparks in London last week.
This evening the rank and file Sparks group of electricians is claiming victory over the construction companies who sought to tear up their current contracts, and enforce a new settlement which would have cost many 35% of their wage packet, and severely deskilled the trade.

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Political Upheaval Looms Large in Greece

22-02-2012 23:56

The Greek class war is being fought ever more openly
There is no doubt that Greece is on the verge of a dramatic political change, following years of banker-dictated austerity measures which have slashed living standards for all but the super-rich. But there is much doubt about exactly what will happen next. Are Greek workers about to storm heaven, or will they be crushed under fascist jackboots? I think there seem to be four main possibilities.