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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Council rigs questionnaire on fortnightly waste collection

16-07-2007 15:58

It was known the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor could not be trusted on the recent trial of fortnightly waste collection, and so it has proved to be.

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Town centre demolition hits more problems

16-07-2007 15:39

Following numerous dangerous incidents putting public and workers at risk, the demolition of Farnborough town centre appears to have ground to a halt.

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The human cost of the June floods in Britain

16-07-2007 12:31

The flooding disaster that struck villages, towns and cities all over Britain in June has been met with callous indifference by the Labour government of newly installed Prime Minister Gordon Brown and by the Environment Agency.

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Sheffield: Residents tell of losses caused by flooding

16-07-2007 12:27

A World Socialist Web Site reporting team spoke to a number of residents of Toll Bar in north Doncaster and Catcliffe in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

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Embargoed does Rise (For the people of Northern Cyprus)

15-07-2007 19:09

Human rights group Embargoed! had their stall open for the first time at the London anti Racism event RISE

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Police Bombing of MOVE HQ (New Profile)

15-07-2007 12:51

Eleven people, including five children, perished in a blaze after the state of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on a house owned by members of MOVE.

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Manchester NO2ID Film Nights

15-07-2007 11:29

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Manchester NO2ID will be spending some time at the silver screen soon - we have a couple of movie-oriented events for you to enjoy.

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Tesco Blockade

15-07-2007 08:30

Steffan Arrested
Tesco's store in Porthmadog was blockaded on Saturday and one protester was arrested for plastering posters announcing that the store was shut

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Hug The Odeon

14-07-2007 17:24

Hundreds of people today gathered to hug the Odeon building

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Shell & County Mayo: Don't Mention The Water Part 3

14-07-2007 15:43

Since Oscar Beard’s month in Mayo from mid February 2007, and the Indymedia UK investigation exposing the poisoning of the Erris drinking water supply from the Corrib Gas Project, a return trip in May revealed the extent to which Mayo County Council (MCC) and Shell E & P Ireland (SEPIL) would go to hide the problem rather than deal with it.

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NETCU to hassle Climate Change Protesters

14-07-2007 15:16

NETCU to shift focus onto Climate Change and will use same underhand and possibly illegal tactics they have used against animal rights

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Reel News G8 Special Promo

13-07-2007 16:34

Reel News 8, G8 Special DVD out on 5 July.

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Peter Sandy cleared of nearly all allegations

13-07-2007 15:21

At a hearing before the Adjudication Panel of England, Peter Sandy, until recently a Rushmoor councillor, was able to clear himself of most of the malicious allegations made against him by Rushmoor chief executive Andrew Lloyd.

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Fit to Govern: the Native Intelligence of Thabo Mbeki [Review]

13-07-2007 10:42

The latest book on Thabo Mbeki ' Fit to Govern: the Native Intelligence of Thabo Mbeki' by Ronald Suresh Roberts is denialist propaganda that should be countered by all progressive forces with the same amount of zeal and vigour as that expressed by its chief proponents.

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Local Protesters Blockade Shell Construction site in Mayo

13-07-2007 10:37

A number of Shell to Sea campaigners have established a non-violent blockade of the road leading to the proposed gas refinery site at Bellanaboy. Two protestors are locked on to an immobilized vehicle, preventing access to the site.

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Deacon Dave Returns to Palestine

12-07-2007 21:12

You are warmly invited to join us for a Palestinian fundraiser to help pay for the trip to Palestine. Naji will be cooking his wonderful Palestinian food, starters and main course for £7.50 or a donation.
New Roots Café, 86 Spital Hill, Sheffield; Friday 27th July
7pm Food - 8pm Tel Rumeida Project film

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British postal workers face political struggle against Brown’s Labour government

12-07-2007 16:57

Even as it announced the second 24-hour national postal strike commencing this evening, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) was doing its utmost to stab its members in the back.

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Squat illegally evicted in Switzerland

12-07-2007 15:40

On July 10th, "La Tour" was illegaly evicted in Geneva, Switzerland.
Here's a brief summary of events and a call for international

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JUSTICE single - release date announced

12-07-2007 13:20

Western Promise NEW single release

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Competition and the Legal System

12-07-2007 12:33

Competition is not always a fountain of economic development.. Certain academic findings are dangerous for the functioning of norm systems. The critic becomes the delinquent. Several wicked mosquitos may be criticized, not mosquitos ingeneral.. The right of association and the welfare state principle could be bulwarks countering the absolutizing of competition.