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Embargoed does Rise (For the people of Northern Cyprus)

Sol | 15.07.2007 19:09 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Human rights group Embargoed! had their stall open for the first time at the London anti Racism event RISE

Embargoed! believes that the political economic spoting and social embargoes against the Muslim Turkish Cypriots is immoral.

(Please please do not think we are against Greek Cypriots, we are definitley not and grieve for their dead as much as our own. But between 1963 and 1974 thousands were forced out of their homes hundreds were killed ( ). Given that both sides are guilty why is only one side being punished.

To keep one side in poverty and isolation does not make things better they make it worse. The Turkish Cypriots voted for a settlement, voted for reunification. voted for demilitrisation of the island of Turkish troops.

To combat racism against Turkish Cypriots and link with other like minded groups Embargoed took a stand at Rise. It was a great atmosphere as other Turkish and Kurdish group were at the event.

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Embargoed is supported by the communication workers union. Please help us end the unfairness.

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