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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Glasgow - "The Worse Reid Gets, the Stronger we Become"

08-10-2006 12:27

Several hundred people converged on Glasgow's George Square on Saturday for a march and Rally organised by Unity the Union of Asylum Seekers as part of the 3rd International Day of Action for Migrant Rights.

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Big teacher is watching you!!

08-10-2006 10:18

3500 schools in the UK have introduced fingerprint identification for children

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A guide to public order for Sack Parliament

08-10-2006 09:13

Doubtless a lot of people will already have read, be familiar with the following advice on public order situations. However, it's a useful text to read, even if certain bits are slightly outdated (thanks to the recent SOCPA legislation). Still a good guide for outwitting the cops, and might be useful for people coming to 'sack parliament'.

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Oct 7, 2006: Report from Hamburg

07-10-2006 23:47

Short Report about the Northern German Demonstration on the 7th of October in Hamburg.

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Oct7 Migrants March: London's Demo Photos

07-10-2006 20:16

The front banner of the demo, behind which there was, amongst others ...
Over 500 people marched in London today as part of the Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls. The march was loud, colourful and had a festive atmosphere. But probably, one of the most positive aspects of the demonstration, was the diversity of people and groups that came together to defend the rights of migrant people, for the freedom of movement, against deportations and border controls ... maybe this march signalled the starting point of a new movement here in the UK.

Below there's a selection of pics that aims o show this diversity

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October 7 - Migrant Actions in Hamburg

07-10-2006 19:35

Short Report about the Northern German Demonstration on the 7th of October in Hamburg

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Gay-Glos Comes Out

07-10-2006 17:22

GAY-GLOS, the organisation formerly known as Gay and lesbian Friend Helpline, have launched its new name. Celebrating 16 years of supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people in Gloucestershire, the new name was chosen to reflect that the organisation is no longer simply a helpline.

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Friday's Most Forwarded News Stories from Pink News

07-10-2006 17:08

To view all articles in full visit Europe's largest LGBT news site,

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URGENT: UK Solidarity with murdered Bolivian miners

07-10-2006 14:35

Over the last two days dozens of miners have been killed or injured defending the Huanuni mine against privatisation, and on Tuesday a general strike has been called. In solidarity with this the BSC has called a picket of UK firm
Grant Thornton on Tuesday 10/10/06 at 12pm to protest at their role in sparking these events.

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Eye-witness account from Palestine

07-10-2006 14:34

talk: Palestinian, Manal Omar, from Oxfam, will be give an eye-witness account of her recent stay in Palestine.

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"The Government has Arab Legitimacy "

07-10-2006 11:10

"We were elected for the resistance platform we presented to the Palestinian people, we did not come with tanks, or with the coalition of Israel and the USA."

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Debate/Panel Discussion: Religious Rights vs Gay Rights

07-10-2006 10:57

Date: Friday, 13 October 2006
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: The Library, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL
Nearest Tube: Holborn

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Demo at Detention Center in Bologna, Italy, 6 october.

06-10-2006 22:33

Bologna, Italy, 6 october.

In Bologna,today a large delegation of anti-racist and autonomous activists from social centers TPO and Crash waited several hours outside of the detention center (CPT) of the city for the Ministerial Commision led by UN ambassador De Mistura and made up of representative of various Italian NGOs and associations (Anci; Caritas;ACLI; FCEI; ARCI; ASGI; CIR) that are working with the ministry of internal affairs, to study and report on the conditions of the detention centers.

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Labours employment policy??

06-10-2006 21:24

is Labour closing Job Centre?

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This Week In Palestine

06-10-2006 18:50

This Week in Palestine, service of the International Middle East Media Center for September 29 through to October 5, 2006.

The Israeli army kills eight Palestinians including three children, while Palestinian factions confront each other on the streets and twelve die, as the formation of a national unity government faces serious difficulties. These stories and more, coming up. Stay tuned.

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Rossport Flyer

06-10-2006 16:57

Here is a flyer for use on Rossport solidarity actions.
Its not quite up to date but better than nothing

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Rossport Solidarity Day of Action in London and Nationwide, Wednesday 11th Call

06-10-2006 16:14

Stop Shell
Shell do not understand NO, and when they don't accept no for an answer, the Garda (Irish police) are at their disposal.

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Protest Against Custody Deaths! London Sat 28th Oct

06-10-2006 16:09

The Flyer -- downloadable pdf available.
Sat 28th will see the 8th annual protest march against death in custody, in prisons and mental health institutions by the United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC). Last year it was attended by about 150 persons, i.e. literally the relatives and friends of some of the victims. So would be nice if this year some more people could be bothered showing up ...

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Media Lite on correct information over Sack Parliament

06-10-2006 14:53

London's finest right-wing tabloid the Evening Standard has produced some wonderful news stories and they've come out with another cracker today about Sack Parliament happening on Monday.

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Shell's Wild Lie - counter exhibition and speaker tour

06-10-2006 12:22

Shell is the third largest oil company in the world.
It is also the new sponsor of the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife
Photographer of the Year exhibition.