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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Rafah invaded now! Action needed!

16-10-2003 15:42

The situation in Rafah has intensified further still. At midnight, yet another area of Rafah was invaded by the Israeli army. This time it was the Al Brazil refugee camp, again situated along the border with Egypt. It is a continuation of the previous raids on Yibnah and Block J, and the ongoing operation in Hay Salaam.

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Chavez -- Inside the Coup televised

16-10-2003 14:02

Chavez, Inside the Coup will be shown on BBC2 at 23:20 BST as part of the Storyville season. More information on this film [described as "The best television programme in the world this year"] can be found at the film's website:

Set your videos folks.

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Cardiff picket in solidarity with bin tax protests in Ireland

16-10-2003 12:50

Bin tax solidarity demo in Cardiff at Irish Consulate, 15/10/2003
A dozen protestors braved the cold in Cardiff to demonstrate their solidarity with the Bin Tax campaign outside the Irish Consulate.

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15-10-2003 02:40

Union leaders calling for President Sanchez de Lozada resignation, some areas of the military would also be joining the call. Thousands marching to La Paz to reinforce the mobilizations.

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November, Libertarian Social Forum in Paris

14-10-2003 13:38

Libertarian Social Forum : an event in the anticapitalist landscape.

From 11th to 16th of November, the Libertarian Social Forum will take place in Paris and Saint-Ouen (93), in parallel to the European Social Forum. Tired of institutionalized lies of reformist idea of change ?

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Bolivia: Map of the battle in El Alto

13-10-2003 20:12

What happenned in the streets of El Alto, at October 12nd

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Mayoral Elections in Colombia Result in Death

13-10-2003 03:47

Mayoral elections in Colombia have once again resulted in violence and death.

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News Alert: Bir Zeit University

10-10-2003 09:06

The Israeli Occupation Forces have closed the Ramallah-Birzeit Road. It is important to note that this is the first time the Ramallah-Birzeit Road has been totally closed, prohibiting even pedestrian traffic, since the start of the current semester on September 13, 2003. This year, the number of students accepted into the University reached over 1500 and the number of students reached a record high of over 6,000 students.

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Re:||Hash - thoughts on anti-EU actions in Rome

09-10-2003 18:27

These are some notes of the actions against the EU inter-governmental meeting to discuss a European constitution that occurred in Rome on October the 4th, one the biggest post Genoa street mobilisations by the Italian movement. The notes should be read as mere observations, they are the reflections of one person who has been in Italy for a only 2 months. The impossibility to create a general understanding of the Italian movement(s) should be taken into consideration, there is too much complicated history to make more than the most tentative understandings.

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Deciet and Manipulation in left ESF mobilisation

09-10-2003 10:42

This article, from the Weekly Worker, provides a fascinating insight into the shadowy world of Lefty politics and highlights the deceit and manipulation going on behind the scenes in the process to build a massive European Social Forum event in the UK in 2004.

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Bitter Iraqi vents anger by killing U.S. troops

09-10-2003 10:06

Interesting article on Iraq definitely NOT from an embedded journalist.

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Living on the Edge of Disaster: Being a Poor Working Mother in America

08-10-2003 14:36

To be a borderline poverty level working mother is becoming a reality for more and more single, hard working mothers. The edge of financial disaster is becoming familiar territory for millions of women and the families they struggle to support. A desperate scramble for survival is the way a growing sector of the America that is the real backbone of our workforce has to deal with.

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Second Manchester People's assembly/Social Forum

08-10-2003 00:02

The second People's Assembly/Social Forum took place on 4th October 2003.

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BBC article on Simon Chapman

07-10-2003 22:24

Article on Simon Chapman and the Thessaloniki

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Confidential Information Required

07-10-2003 01:02

Could I please ask for help in finding information on a former NF & C18 member, Matthew Collins, who was subject of a BBC documentary last year. In particular what he did for Searchlight magazine.

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Union of The Unemplyed Iraq split - report from Baghdad

06-10-2003 13:57

The UUI recovers from bribes and sabotage whilst frustrated ex-soldiers rage in Baghdad and Basra.

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F15 Anniversary

06-10-2003 02:57

The war is still going. Let's start organizing another global uprising for February 15, 2004.