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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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WSF in Kenya stormed by slum kids

26-01-2007 12:53

pics from Indymedia Belgium
Reuters reports that the people from the slums invaded the WSF in Kenya whilst refusing to pay the entrance fee. According to Reuters' account the kids then continued to raid the canteen.

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Protest against Mexican "president" - this Sunday and Monday!

26-01-2007 12:23

Fradulent Mexican "president" Felipe Calderon is visiting the UK this Sunday and Monday. His first major act since taking office in December, having stolen the vote, has been to crush the social movement in Oaxaca, which has been mobilising against a corrupt and murderous local governor.

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Big Day Out? Freedom, Choice, Love, Pride Not patriotism or nationalism

26-01-2007 01:41

Flying the flag
Unfortunately the media reports were not quoted accurately and we must thank the participating media for wasting everybody's time including the Prime Minister John Howard, Premier Morris Iemma, NSW RSL President Don Rowe, Keysar Trad (a confidant of the Mufti Sheik Taj el-Dene Elhilaly) and Burt Lane of the Australian National Flag Association...

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Notting Hill Housing Trust - The Founder - The Respected Reverend Bruce Kenrick

25-01-2007 17:08




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Unlawful eviction planned for Vortex Social Centre tomorrow (Friday 26th Jan)

25-01-2007 17:07

We need as many people in the building at to ensure the security of the social centre against the bailiffs. Please circulate this widely and let as many people as possible know.

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The Battle for Oaxaca

25-01-2007 17:02

A voice from the inspiring struggle of workers, students and social movements in Oaxaca, Mexico; Andreas Aullet will be speaking in Sheffield as part of No Sweat's national week of action on Thursday 15th February.

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Hell at Shell petrol Stations: London blockade

25-01-2007 15:43

car pushes its was through blockade
Two Shell petrol stations blockaded by activists words and photos

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No to Starbucks in Stokie

25-01-2007 13:57

Public meeting tonight @ Vortex Social Centre against letting the social centre get evicted to make way for a Starbucks in Stoke Newington.

All welcome.

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'Survivors' of truama and abuse caused by Ombudsman... Reply from LGOwatch....

24-01-2007 14:06

I am tryingto gather up further support and ask further advice and any action that needs to be taken urgently on this matter with Local Goverment Ombudsman's abusive behaviour is being monitored by Gary Powell and other at LGOWatch, in which is impacting on some of the most vulnerable disabled people and their familes and carers within our society here in the UK which is causing many 'victims' of basic human rights abuses.

With others within the disabled peoples and other movements in the UK I am asking for allies within the UK and global indymedia on this urgent basic human rights matter. Please read below....

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N London Social Centre needs help now!

24-01-2007 13:51

The squatted Vortex social centre has been fending off an illegal eviction attempt this morning. There is a call out for folks to help tonight and tomorrow morning

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Female Oaxacan Student kidnapped and tortured for more than 48 hours

24-01-2007 09:18

"on the 12 of january 2007, we left my house with two students i didn't know well as recently a friend had introduced us during the march on the 10th of this month, they asked me if i could provide them with accommodation as they had limited resources. the little chance we'd had to talk they said they were coming to carry out a field study for their thesis.

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Tyneside March Against Dawn Raids-Resistance to Deportations Continues to Build

24-01-2007 01:37

On 20 January Tyneside Community Action for Refugees held a militant demonstration through the centre of Newcastle to protest against deportations of asylum seekers and to launch the pledge of resistance to snatch squads. Over 100 protesters from diverse communities marched under the banner ‘Here to Stay. Here to Fight. Defend Asylum Rights!’ and demanded an end to dawn raids, the name given to the brutal policy of snatching failed asylum seekers from their homes in the early hours of the morning.

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Are Corrupt Trade Unions only in Ireland...?

23-01-2007 23:05

Irish Trade Unions and ICTU are covering up the corruption of the Trade Union Movement.

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seminar on Women’s Rights, the Veil and Islamic and religious laws

23-01-2007 22:08

a seminar on 8 March International Women's Day

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CIA report: governments complicit in systematic torture

23-01-2007 16:05

After one year's activity, the CIA investigation committee today approved the final report on its work by 28 votes to 17 with 3 abstentions. The report comes up for a vote in plenary on February 14th.

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John Taylor Caldwell 1911-2007

23-01-2007 15:57

The Kate Sharpley Library are sad to report the death of John Taylor Caldwell, veteran Glasgow anarchist and comrade and biographer of Guy Aldred.

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Holocaust could take place here!!

23-01-2007 14:25

Taken from YouGov polls.

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Manchester No2ID Meeting, Thursday 22nd February 2007

23-01-2007 12:05

Manchester No2ID Logo
The next Manchester No2ID meeting will be at 7pm on Thursday 22nd February, at
the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester.

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Manila. On the 20th anniversary of the Mendiola massacre

23-01-2007 10:30

Protesters clench fists as they march during the anniversary of the Mendiola massacre in Manila January 22, 2007. Demonstrators marked the 20th anniversary of the Mendiola massacre, commemorating 13 protesters who were killed and 80 wounded by a hail of bullets from policemen and soldiers

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Corporate Control of the Media

23-01-2007 08:54

If You Are Concerned
Sen. Bernie Sanders: If You Are Concerned About Health Care, Iraq, the Economy, Global Warming You Must Be Concerned About Corporate Control of the Media