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Words on Water - screening by Camcorder Guerrillas

19-05-2004 12:50

'From being a fight over the fate of a river valley, the struggle against big dams in the Narmada Valley has begun to raise doubts about an entire political system. What is at issue now is the very nature of India's democracy.

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Police Get Away with Murder in Camden

18-05-2004 15:03

On 15/5/04 Kebba Jobe 42 was killed at approximately 2 pm by police using excessive force.

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David Irving no platformed!

18-05-2004 14:23

Fascist historian David Irving was no platformed on Saturday!

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Marshalls - Ripping the heart out of the Peak District

18-05-2004 12:23

A small group of dedicated protesters struck another blow at Marshalls PLC at their Mansfield Woodhouse storage depot on Monday 17th May.
A protestor managed to lock on to the gates despite struggling with security guards that Marshalls now have to employ, due to previous actions against them over their plans to quarry at the Nine Ladies and rip the heart out of the Peak District

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18-05-2004 10:42


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Exiled Tibetans gaining voice with photo collection

18-05-2004 00:19

Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang photo.
The first collection of photos taken by Tibetans living in exile in India is creating a voice through media coverage and two exhibits of the Tibetan Photo Project. Please see how you can help raise awareness. You can start by not buying the “Made in China” label that helps to finance China in Tibet.

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cambridge film poster

17-05-2004 21:17

this is the poster for this week's film at the loco. actually, there's two films and they're both well wicked. details are below. print out the poster, stick it up and then go to the movie!

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Sign our protest! Ambassador advocates separation of Roma children from parents

17-05-2004 17:39

In a TV Interview EU Commission's Ambassador proposed to separate Romani children from their parents to submit them to "the system values of the dominant society". Almost no reaction from the EU Commission. Join the Roma organisations in their protest! Spread this message!

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Palestine Demo Pictures

17-05-2004 15:41

Stall in York, building the protest and raising awareness as ever...
More pictures, from before and during the day.

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Today is the Day!

17-05-2004 13:29

To whom it may concern...

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Photos from The Wall Must Fall demo

16-05-2004 21:17

A group of people from Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign went to join the PSC demo in Trafalgar Square on May 15th. Here are the photos!

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Gays attacked at Palestine rights protest

16-05-2004 14:05

OutRage! joins the National Day of Action for Palestine
Lesbians and gay men from OutRage! and the Queer Youth Alliance joined
today’s demonstration in London to support the human rights of the
people of Palestine. But they also urged the Palestinian Authority to
halt the arrest, torture and murder of homosexuals.

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Indigenous Occupy Oil-bearing Lands in Bolivia

16-05-2004 12:00

Several days ago, approximately 4000 indigenous guaranis occupied oil-bearing lands of international businesses in the area of Camiri (Tarija, Bolivia).

(, 29/04/2004 17:21)
Translated to English by Sevvie

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Exiled Tibetans gaining voice with first photos

16-05-2004 01:29

Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang photo.
The first collection of photos by Tibetans living in exile in India is creating a voice through media coverage and two exhibits of the Tibetan Photo Project. Please see how you can help raise awareness. You can start by not buying the “Made in China” label that helps to finance China in Tibet.

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Palestine Rally in Trafalgar Square

15-05-2004 23:32

A good angle makes it look like loads of people
Some photos of the PSC organised 'The Wall Must Fall' Palestine Rally at Trafalgar Square and Downing Street.

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The Wall Must Fall

15-05-2004 18:03

Speaker at todays rally in traf square for Palestine, discussing the apartheid wall

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Freedom of speech and censorship...

15-05-2004 17:00

So someone mentions the local elections in Liverpool article on "ALTERNATIVE VOTES", and we inform one another of who's standing where ie the non-mainstream parties, ie the ones without megabucks or media/press backing. Yes so now I know there is a Communist standing, people know there are 6 not 5 SLPers standing, then of course we know there is Democratic Socialist Alliance, then we know there is a party called 'Liverpool Labour Community Party', OK so it's taken off the main page, which I disagree with, then it's taken off the Liverpool Newswire as if it didn't exist, so tell me something what makes Indymedia any better than the capitalist/establishment media/press who deny working class people coverage of our daily lives and struggles, like Thomas McKay who's facing eviction, who deny working class organisations fair and balanced coverage.

The article "Alternative votes", so tell me what makes Liverpool Indymedia any better than the Liverpool Echo / Daily Post, or the BBC or ITV? One of the fundemental UN human rights is the right to freedom of speech, providing it doesn't encroach on the rights of others, ie racist propaganda, anti-muslim, anti-catholic or anti-protestant, sexist, homophobic, ageist, or even that one our wonderful bourgeois (middle class) society chooses to overlook "CLASS PREJUDICE", so tell me Liverpool Indymedia, you block, censor and deny freedom of speech to parties who aren't part of the capitalist system, sure they're hierarchical, just like the family is heirarchical, ie a mother and a father, head of the household. Just like Indymedia is heirarchical, at least I can complain to the press complaint commission if I'm bothered, I can complain to the Liverpool Echo's editor, or I could organise a protest and encourage the press/media to give a issue coverage. So tell me Liverpool Indymedia who are the shadows in the dark deciding what postings get censored, and which one don't get censored??? Who do I appeal to, what's his/her name, etc...

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‘Development Flows from the Barrel of a Gun’

14-05-2004 21:12

Indymedia Cinema presents…
‘Development Flows from the Barrel of a Gun’
(Vikas Bandook Ki Nall Se)
India, 2003 (54 min)

This film presents and examines orchestrated state violence against indigenous and local peoples when they rally and protest against development projects on their lands.

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'Climate justice' bloc at Kyoto March, 15.5.04

14-05-2004 15:48

London Rising Tide street theatre, UN London, late '04
Rising Tide and friends will be at the Kyoto March on Saturday 15th May, bringing with us a feeling that the Kyoto Protocol is a business deal dressed up as a caring sharing world-saving treaty, and one which entrenches existing inequalities between north/south and have/not. Among other stuff, we'll have an 'OIL FUELS POVERTY' banner, so come over for a natter or even a friendly argue. Meet 3.30pm, next to the Imperial War Museum.

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Manchester Electricians - One Year On

14-05-2004 11:51

On Wednesday 19th of May the DAF electricians will have been on strike for a year.
For the last 52 weeks they have continued their struggle against DAF electrics and the collusion of UNISON with their employer at the expense of their so called members! There will be a meeting at the Friends Meeting House 19th May at 7.30 in support of them.